Monday, August 1, 2016

The last of the shop shoots. . .

Hello Monday! Hello August! This week even the weather seems to have taken a turn.  Since we aren't tied to the school year like so many people are we still have a bit of summer left even though I know it's going to pass by like a shot. In the meantime I thought I would post the last of the shots I took while coasting around markets in the south a few weeks ago. I always find inspiration and ideas wherever I go whether I end up buying anything or not. I loved these framed Audubon bird prints that had been framed in white that I saw in a vintage mall somewhere along the highway in Arkansas. There were several of these and I wanted them all!

Isn't this just the prettiest embroidered linen runner? It would be gorgeous laid over a crisp white tablecloth for teatime.

Some of you asked if we took a big car or trailer for hauling things back with us, but it just wasn't that sort of a trip for us. But this desk with gorgeous details would have been a big temptation if it had been!

I also found this Art Deco waterfall dresser full of vintage charm. 

This was the front door display greeting us in a huge market we visited in Augusta Georgia. I may have actually eyeballed every single item in this place that boasted over 400 vendors! 

I think I may have tried to talk myself into taking this garden stand home with me. I have owned and sold one exactly like this before and haven't completely gotten over it yet. So beautiful and decorative.

The styling is a real standout in this gorgeous booth we saw in the other big mall in Arkansas. I could have taken every single piece of the pretty white painted furniture. 

Makes me almost want to pick up a paintbrush!

Does the calendar turning make you inspired for something new too?

I hope it's a great new month for you!



Roosterhead Designs said...

Beautiful Jacqueline! Thank you for sharing these photo's and your inspiring thoughts.
Trips to markets are so inspiring and fun! Love that you shared with us.
I personally am not ready to let Summer go by so fast : ) and will hold August to her Summer place on the calendar! I can't help myself~
I was sick for several weeks and feel I 'lost' a bit of my favorite season along with it. So- I'm in no hurry : ) Blessings, Karen O

Marilyn Miller said...

Loving all the white I see in these photos. I must clean out before I venture to the antique mall again, but oh so want to go.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such pretty things - it must be hard to have such self-control! I do understand....I have to be very selective these days as my house is very small! Sounds like a fun trip with lots of eye-candy! I've already seen fall decorations in the stores and that is inspiring me....xo Karen

Merlesworld said...

My house is full but it's still hard to resist furniture.

vintageandart said...

Hi Jacqueline...what a fantastic trip you've been on, and how lovely to see so much eye candy along the way. l can see how tempting it would have been to bring many of those fabulous buys home. The candlestick in particular and the stunning table cloth would have been on my buy list.
Hope you're having a great week.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

So many pretty things. I think I would leave with and empty wallet. HA! HA!

Georgina Malcolm said...

I love that linen runner. Is it a flower you recognise ot just a pretty pattern?

Junkchiccottage said...

Just swooning over this shop. So many beautiful white chippy treasures.

chateau chic said...

Antique shops and malls provide so much eye candy and wonderful inspiration.
Mary Alice

Linda said...

Lovely as always Jacqueline...
have a great week...
Linda :o)

Rose L said...

So many lovely items. I can see some being used for wedding & reception settings, "photo booth" wedding set-ups,etc. Bringing the inddor outdoor, too, for celebrations of various kinds.

Summer said...

These are beautiful ♥

Cindy McTigue said...

Many pretty items. The table runner is gorgeous. Looks like Wisteria.


Pat Cantwell said...

Love your photos of travels, dear friend!
The soft subtle palette is always so tranquil!
Thank you for taking us along with you!

Curtains in My Tree said...

My house is more than full, it's overflowing cluttered but I would love that white chippy metal candle stand
It's so fun to see inside of malls I haven't been to . Thanks for sharing these pictures

srpprcrftr said...

Seeing these photos makes me miss Bowling Green, KY are, so many treasures there.
Not long after we bought our house out in country I discovered a wonderful town with lots of antique/vintage stores, oh my had such fun there. Town is called Smith's Grove,, is just few miles north east of Bowling Green. I bought a wonderful old waterfall chif-a-robe there among other pieces. We still use chif-a-robe in our room.
Hubs put shelves in side where closet part was for more storage, has great mirror on front on that side also. On right side are 5 nice deep drawers. I love that old piece, it's pretty good size also. Sure would love waterfall high boy you showed.
After living in KY and traveling Midwest and east coast with trucker hubs few years ago learned those are great areas for the treasures we all love.
Found much in Helena, MT and areas around also. Just not where we live now, just a few antique stores in downtown Grand Junction but prices are prohibitive for seniors living on our SS. People are greedy, everything here, including thrift stores, is expensive.
If it hadn't been for my health in KY climate we'd still be in KY, we loved our place there, was my dream house, sure was a lot more affordable. Our youngest daughter/family live in town just 6 miles to east of us here so we have that saving grace or we'd be moving back to MT. We've lived in few places but MT is still our favorite. Sure enjoyed your post and seeing goodies.

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