Thursday, July 28, 2016

Goodbye to July Blues

I have been wanting to display this French blue platter ever since I bought it a long time ago. And now it's perfect with my new blue dishes, so I have stowed it in my wicker garden stand that I use to keep cheery things close by.

The wicker stand is sturdy and holds quite a lot so it is a good storage piece too. And July is the perfect month to keep the cool blues within sight.

August is just around the corner, I know, which fills me with nostalgia at first. I love summer so much. But there are many beautiful days left ahead in the season.

But changing things up is a nod to the difference in the air at the change in the calendar. No question that there is a shift that takes place.

Just a tweak here and there gives me something new to enjoy in my dailiness. (Yes, I am enjoying being back home!)

The linen basket all ajumble. Another handy hardworking storage piece.

Love the birds!

I have also added a vintage snippet to the wall display. 

Little vintage gowns and tops are full of charm, and as happy as flowers.

It's so easy to rearrange the show when you have a ready theater hanging right on wall. I found these adorable lacy pins at a local craft shop and have been waiting for the perfect moment for them too. 

I always have plenty of jugs and weeds to add into the mix.

Enjoy the views!

Where did the week go?

I hope it is a lovely last weekend of July for you!


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  1. Gorgeous post! I am never disappointed when I visit your lovely post... Have a great summer...


  2. I love your blue transfer ware china, it look gorgeous with your linens. Awesome pictures:) Have a lovely weekend:)

  3. Jacqueline the oval blue & white platter (w/birds) is simply stunning; so . . . exquisite~ What a gorgeous display you have arranged and created. Takes a nice deep breath for me and a happy sigh* : )
    I truly love my visits here- (though I have been very sick for a month & need to peek backwards a little : )
    Love the beautiful hefty baskets and your 'hanging' display.
    Enchanting! XO Karen O

  4. Lovely pics - and your new collectibles are gorgeous!

    I hate to wish my life away, but July has been record breaking hot and soooo humid, it's been too awful to do anything outside. Blech!

    So, I am welcoming a change in the air soon - summer is staying for a while though. I just want to garden, that's all! It's so neglected!!!!

    Have a wonderful day, hugs.

  5. Love that blue dish with the birds on it! It looks great with your other dishes and so pretty in all of your vignettes.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. I adore all of your collections but there is something so exquisite about blue and white.

  7. Love the shade of blue I am seeing here. Also loving the birds on the platter. Now you have given me an idea for a vintage picture frame I have hanging and wanted to change. I love the ribbon line so that it can be changed from time to time. Thanks!!!

  8. You have so many pretty blue and white pieces...I love them all. Dainty and sweet.

    Yeah...let's get over July! ;-D


  9. I never tire of the blues, and yours are gorgeous. Love your idea of "storing" them in the wicker plant stand to be ready for use at any time. The vintage clothing looks adorable hung in the open always have so many fun ways to display your lovely collections.
    Mary Alice

  10. I have a great weakness for blue and white transferware especially something that I haven't seen before. The bird platter is so beautiful. I'm sure it makes you smile. Have a wonderful weekend. xx Jo

  11. Yes Jacqueline as JDA living as it is here, I so favor that soulful connection to a basket full of linens here.
    Love your blue and white, if I can find a favored blue and white area rug you will see this patina of colour adding into my home, I love how colour-less it is yet full of it at the same time, it's the same way I feel about Black, grey, and beige.

    Always a beautiful seasonal change here, but the one I most look forward to is your winters...loving the greyer days, frosted Windows and your whites.
    I am looking forward to cooler days these 110 degree plus days and nights are so zapping the energy and art right out of me.

    Your vignettes are alive with the greeting of August right around the corner.

    Thank you for your beautiful comment on my home and art


  12. Beautiful, I always love crisp cool whites with blues. Adore the birds, I recently purchased some brown transferware with similar birdies on them.

  13. I love the platter too! You have such an eye and as usual, incredible photo composition! Dianne

  14. Beautiful blue platter. I have as much a soft spot for blue transferware as for brown and this one is a delight. In the cabin I've just posted about, they will be giving away all the inside things as it is sold this summer. Since I'm not direct family I didn't feel I could ask for the Johnson Bros. full historical set -- but after all have had their picks, Mary said to come back in September -- and have at it. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. I need more china like a hole in the head. But... I have a feeling I'd cave if I was in your shop to be sure!

  15. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous blue and white dishes, dear friend!
    I agree, the bird platter is exquisite!
    "Cool" hues, indeed!
    Our last week of July, the temperatures drooped to a pleasant 90's for the highs and we enjoyed two refreshing showers!
    I, too, am looking forward to August Days ahead!

  16. I do love the blues - of any season! Summer blues are softer and my winter blues are deeper. Sea and sky inspire me, and I loved this post!

  17. What amazing gorgeousness Jacqueline. I love blue and white and these beautiful dishes and linens sing to my heart too.
    I've pinned lots and I'm delighted to be featuring this post at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow. Hugs to you xxx

  18. Jacqueline, oh my goodness I'm in love with your beautiful dishes and blog!! I feel I've found a kindred spirit! I would be honored and over the moon, if you would consider sharing this with me and my readers @ Shoestring Elegance! I have a What to do Weekends party going on right now and would love to be able to showcase all this beauty!
    Thank you!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)
    I'm your newest follower.
    Here's the link!

  19. Oh my Jacqueline! Your blues make me happy. LOL Gorgeous blue pitcher. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  20. OHHHH!!! I am in LOVE with this blue and white pattern! I've never quite seen anything like it. what is the name of this china pattern? Simply delightful. I am a lover of blue and white since childhood and these take my breath away... Love the intricate scalloping on these pieces too... Pam, apples of gold,


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