Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer In Sepia

I only nudge the colors a little at the approach to fall. The tones warm up as the temperatures drop, but you will not often find strong hues in close proximity in our small rooms. There's the great outdoors to accommodate that beauty. And it will all come soon enough.

Already the frenzied days of the recent past are melding into the end of the season blur. The summer calendar now as filled in and scrawled as a little kid's drawing. And I often do feel like that youngster in the middle months of the year.

Sepia is the color of nostalgia. The hue of letting go. The cast of light at the end of August. . . .

I have made a few changes in the indoor scenery with that changing light. The top of this oak cabinet is a common stage for shifts in the season. I am loving farmhouse style these days and have gathered up some vintage finds in that direction.

 I have an old fashioned collection of pretty runners to save me from dusting. (Housework is the last thing I want to be doing!) And it's always nice to see a fresh version laid on top of things. 

I don't do much strictly seasonal decor in the house, so you are just as likely to see a wreath in the rooms in warm weather as any other time of the year! And anyway, I needed something to crown the tin tile here. The directions to make this paper wreath are here. (I just found these gorgeous ceramic eggs at the fleamarket yesterday and I'm still admiring them.) The enamel pitchers are also summer finds.

The art of Mikel Robinson that I posted about here earlier is also a new addition to the room. (Ravens are one of the Mr.'s power animals.) And isn't that a crazy wonderful vintage frame that Robinson does?

Rather than big color changes in fall, I gravitate toward more texture. Two big fleece sofa pillows came home with me on my last visit to Ikea.

The nice natural linen sham in back is also from Ikea. (This big deep sofa doesn't motivate me to housekeeping either! Haha!)

A few new laces passing through seem to be always on display in this room too. I couldn't resist snapping that beautiful trim!

I have had this vintage plywood magazine rack for a dozen years that never really fit in anywhere before. We finally painted it to solve the problem. So handy at the arm of the sofa ready for anything.

I would gauge the age at around the turn of the last century.

A big doily makes a nice quick and easy cover change for a simple lampshade. And yes, September, sweet sepia September, will bring plenty of quick changes all on her own.

A bon voyage to August!

Have a great week!


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  1. I love the atmosphere of your home. Beautiful pictures:) Take care.

  2. Next time my husband states "You can't paint everything white..." I'm going to refer him to your blog. I'm loving those IKEA pillows and that painted magazine rack.

  3. I always luv scolding through your posts. Like you, I add texture instead of a lot f color for Fall these days.
    Happy today.
    hugs, Gee

  4. I am a year-round wreath woman, too. It looks so lovely. The muted browns and cream and white is perfect for the transitional season.

  5. Lovely! The wreath and furry pillows is the perfect touch. You always inspire me to look at what I have in a different way and re-arrange.

  6. Your photos and styling are always so beautiful ♥

  7. Beautiful new touches to usher in September!
    Love the photo's and your beautiful style of
    writing Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing~
    (I need to check out the wreath instructions: )
    ~Karen O

  8. I love sepia photographs. I haven't thought about it as a decorating color, but it is beautiful the way yo put it together. Perfect for the coming change in seasons. dianne

  9. Jacqueline,
    Your photography always holds a tranquility over me, dear friend!
    Love your Sepia tones throughout!
    The art of Mikel Robinson is a "perfect" piece for the upcoming Autumn months!

  10. I adore the sepia tones of your decor for Fall. Your home looks so cozy and comfortable!

  11. Everything is ever so beautiful. I love the picture of the crow. :) Jo

  12. Wow! You have Beautiful blog! :) xxx - Ala

  13. Your decorating has a peacefulness that can't be denied. Everything is soft and calm. My mother would love this and would have a doll or two mixed in. She's always liked laces, linens and dolls.

  14. Gorgeous photos one more beautiful than the other. The Raven picture and frame I a KEEPER!


  15. You have a lovely room. The pictures are beautiful. Hugs,

  16. Soooo pretty Jacqueline. Love seeing your subtle touches of fall coming.

  17. I just love all of your gentle sepia tones, Jacqueline! Everything looks so soft and cozy with your textured pillows, farmhouse touches and beautiful crochet lace. Very inspiring! Wishing you a lovely last week of August. xo Karen

  18. Hi Jacqueline! What a lovely serene post. And I've been looking everywhere for white enamel, black trim pitchers like yours with no luck. Did find an unusual enamel bowl with handles from England at a local vintage market. I know you don't do online sales but if you ever want to sell a pitcher, please keep me in mind. Enjoy Labor Day weekend. I don't intend to labor! Pat

  19. A visit to your home is such a treat for me Jacqueline. It just wraps me in it's warmth! You put such lovely touches everywhere. So beautiful!

    I loved the trip to The French Corner. I adore shops like that. Everywhere you look, one can find a treasure. I saw a few things I wish were mine :)

  20. I would so happily sink into that sofa to drift off for an hour or two. Such a gentle and serene atmosphere you've created.

  21. I've always loved the atmosphere of your home, Jacqueline! I think I know why? Nostalgia! Nostalgia is for me one of the great emotions!

  22. Love your decor but add some fall color! The warm hues would be beautiful !

  23. Oh,I love your fluffly pillow! I got a photo prop that looks like that. I will pull it out and try it this winter. It is looking cozy in your house!

  24. Love your subtle changes in hue as the new season approaches Jacqueline. fabulous idea with the doily over the lampshade too... might have to borrow that idea one day, for the right doily of course. Always an absolute delight to take a wander through your dreamy home.
    Thank you for sharing this as Shabbilicious Friday. I'll be featuring you at tomorrow's party and pinning too.
    Hugs my friend ~ Kerryanne


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