Friday, August 12, 2016

Fitting In A Few New Finds

Sometimes a stop at the thrift store yields only one or two items to make the trip worthwhile. This tatted doily is one of those things. I even like the ecru colored thread with which it is worked. Such intricate and dainty loops to the pattern!

One of my favorite teacups sets it off.

One thing leads to another when I am casting around for objects to tell a vintage story, so a few other things got a shift around in this room too. An ironstone pitcher is a great stand-in anywhere.

I wanted you to see all of the wonderful details, so a bright window ledge sets the stage.

The mantel needed a change, and I have been looking for something simple to drape across. Sometimes I need more of a basic farmhouse look rather than something delicate and lacy. The second linen piece I am showing here from my recent thrifty trip is plain but with a tatted edge too. I almost passed it up thinking it might not be special enough. But what was I thinking!? The little patch of linen tones down the dark wood.

I wanted to show the texture of these two hefty and beautiful coverlets as well. I will use them either tossed over furniture or on top of a table. 

The one on top is an antique weave that I found on my trip to the south. The newer and larger piece underneath is all cotton, and was only five dollars. It will be a workhorse piece that I need not ever be worried about.

An ironstone tureen lends its pretty lid for this vignette.

I'm still loving summer whites in the living room.

A closer look at the mantel cloth and the simple objects lined up across. . . .

So many pitcher portraits!

I like this light and viney transferware pattern to span late summer through fall.

I use a sweet little berry dish as a saucer as often as not. So pretty against the lovely handwork.

It's already autumn on the newsstands, of course, and I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat while flipping through this issue. There is a lot of white in it for fall, so right up my alley! I love all the silver loving cups on the cover too. 

This sets the stage for the last days of summer, and leaves room for the turnings of fall to be tucked in here and there.

I have so much enjoyed and appreciated the comments on my last post and other recent ones! Some of you sweet ladies have been cheer leading in the comments since I first began blogging six years ago. Bloggers are the nicest people on the planet! And I have a special thanks for Glenda who is a wonderful and enthusiastic Cabin & Cottage supporter and others of you who comment but have no return link to respond to. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!

You all add so much to the joy of my days. . . .



Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH so pretty, Jacqueline...I love the beautiful doily and all of your wonderful treasures! Can't wait to see that magazine!

Salmagundi said...

I'm in the middle of savoring my August "Cottage Journal", too. I also have two other new magazines to read -- "Country Home" which now seems to come out only once a year; and "The Cottage Journal's Country Cottage". And, now, I'm drooling over your thrift store finds along with the brown transferware. Think I'll go sit down and read! Sally

20 North Ora said...

Love the doily! Tatting has always just amazed me. I've never had the nerve to try it. Beautiful photos.


BarberryLane Designs said...

Very pretty and peaceful post. I shudder everytime I come across some handwork textiles that are so cheap and think of the loving hours put into their creation. I find I grab them to honor them, more than to add to a collection for fear they may be lost forever. Lovely photos, and great use of such little handwork treasures.
Thanks, Sandi

Marilyn Miller said...

The summer whites, plus the tatting just sing to my heart. Gradually I add in white, but if I do it too suddenly my husband doesn't like it. I am finding it so calming, just as in your photos you room is calming.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Absolutely lovely, sweet friend. Wonderful new treasures for your perfect settings. Gorgeous.

Hugs. ♥

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Thanks for taking the time to show us something tattered and torn still holds beauty. The tea cup looks so much like my Grandmother's that I treasure.

Laura said...

So so pretty Jacqueline!
Isn't hunting for sweet treasures and bringing them home just the best?

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Bernideen said...

A beautiful posting!

The Charm of Home said...

Jacqueline, I have an Aunt that can tat. It is beautiful isn't it. She tatted a bunch of snowflakes for the Christmas tree and I inherited them. I should make them the focal point of the tree this year. That would be pretty. Everything looks so pretty reflecting in the light.
THanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

Georgina Malcolm said...

Does anyone do tatting any more I wonder? Neither of my grannies knew how to tat although between them they did knitting and crochet, weaving and patchwork.

It looks so intricate. All that tiny detail. And likely made by someone with no electric lights. Amazing work.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

You make white and brown so beautiful. I think I am going to get my brown teacup and pot out early. I usually put them out for the fall.

Glenda said...

Thanks ever so much for the shout out in today's blog. I do so enjoy everything you do. Another favorite of mine, Junk Chic Cottage, often posts in your comments. The two of you slay me with your decorating styles. In fact, I'm so inspired that it is time to get off this computer and start CREATING. Keep it up, both of you.

Jeanie said...

So very pretty, Jacqueline. Crisp and cool. I'm sure you could do with a little cool as much as we can here! I'd just like to crawl in for a few minutes!

Dianne said...

The tatted doily is absolutely the prettiest one I have very seen! I love it. Dianne

Rose L said...

Love the tatted doily. I am not sure if anyone tats anymore. Might be a lost art.

Kay said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

Anne's Attic - Design said...

So many beautiful finds! The doily is my favorite. To think that someone spent so much time making this lovely piece is amazing. Thank for the tip on the magazine. I will head out and get me one. I am so ready for Fall. Jo

Pat Cantwell said...

Amazing finds, dear friend!
The tatting is exquisite!
I have a piece or two that were "Mr. Ed's" Mothers, but I don't remember ever seeing her do any of it. Perhaps it is handed down from other family members.
Your transfer ware is magnificent!
I'm pinning right on into Autumn here on the Prairie. . .one room at a time!

White Lace and Promises said...

It's been awhile since I've popped in. I always enjoy your posts and photos and whites and ironstone and linen and... I especially love this one. You are so right. The ecru doilie is perfect! What a lovely post!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Jacqueline,
It has been awhile since our paths have crossed, and so happy to see whose
post this was......loved all your beautiful photos as always. Your mantle
looks amazing, and love your linen with the tatting, which is almost a lost
art unfortunately, so that was quite a find. I have tatted baby shoes that
my great grandmother made for me as a baby and they are just so beautiful.
Alway love your pitchers, as I am a lover of white pitchers and creamers
myself. Thanks for the lovely post, so enjoyed it hon,
Blessings, Nellie

Carolyn said...

Soft and pretty as always!


Art and Sand said...

I have often wondered where you put it all!

I love each photo and might copy one or two ideas around the house today.

Roosterhead Designs said...

Oooo dear Jacqueline what a fresh and pretty post! Thank you for sharing pics of your latest finds - and I am so glad you didn't pass any of these by : )
I need to see that magazine ~
I am a lover of white year round; I think it fits any occasion so beautifully.
and I just recently started a small collection of white pitchers; so mas glad to see your mantel graced with such a pretty mix. So lovely.
wishing you a great week ahead. I for one am still enjoying the summer : ) XO Karen O

SimplySingleSenior said...

I have a weakness for lace and tatted doillies. I have some that were my grandmother's and also many found at estate sales. I never tire of them and use them all over my house. These look beautiful with your transferware. I just found your blog and am so happy I did!!

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