Tuesday, August 9, 2016

White Roses & Vintage Lace

White roses are a bit of a Cabin & Cottage signature, and it seems I haven't had some in a while. I thought I would share them with you before they get too far gone.

It's been a hectic few weeks around here trying to get in the last licks of summer. I always go into denial this time of year trying to tell myself that there are still weeks to go before I have to give up the bliss of long, light filled days, warm nights, and the pleasures of outdoor living. (I know so many of you long for fall!)

So much of this past summer went unrecorded. (Believe it or not.) I am one to give myself over to a country drive, a picnic, or a trek in the mountains with loved ones rather than try to capture each moment. Sometimes I say to myself, "You really should get a picture of this," but then the moment passes, and I wonder if it is only laziness, or the idea that there is simply no holding on to some of the most precious facets of life. 

But how nice it is to return from a short journey to the comfort of home! It is a cliche, and I have only recently just said it again here. But the music of my life is carried by the beat of the familiar and beloved things that I return to again and again. 

The same kinds of things enter and leave in a regular rotation, like seasons, around my rooms and table. I both sell and gift the linens and china that I love. I have spread out a new vintage cloth I recently came across to see it's unfurled beauty in the morning light before it may move on its way to yet another life.

This surface is too well used to leave it for much longer than a moment as it poses beside a few other friendly objects of affection as the day rolls on. I thought you might appreciate a glimpse of it too!

I am expecting a last summer visit this afternoon from a few schoolgirls on their way back to class for another year. They change so much over twelve months time. And I am waxing nostalgic again. . . . 

Here's one last vignette with a hint of fall in it to please those of you who are already glad to be moving on. A bit of natural linen with a lacy edge, and a couple of favorites, old and new, to cheer me on through the changes coming up.

Thanks so much for your visits during our off beat blogging season! I know it has been a full calendar for many of you too. But it is so nice to know that you are checking in with me now and then. 

I hope it is a great new week happening out there for you!



  1. Simply beautiful Jacqueline! I always enjoy your white roses' vignette's : ) and appreciate a glimpse @ your linens & pottery/ironstone too~ Your displays delight my eyes And heart!

    Since Summer is my favorite season, I am in no hurry to say goodbye!
    I am still enjoying time in the back yard (after work:) and the warm sun on my face.
    But yes, the days are already getting shorter and evenings here in CO are cool; & mornings even chiily! Blessings to you, Karen O

  2. How pretty this all is. The roses are spectacular...and the beautiful linens and lace...sigh! Lovely

  3. None of my roses made it with my traveling so it's a special delight to not only see your beautiful whites but -- as always -- see them in the loveliest of settings!

  4. The last days of summer always a bit sad.

  5. Exquisite as always. Love your quote about the music of your life. I've saved it. Beautiful!
    The tea pot is calling to me. Oh, so pretty! Glad you are safely home after a wonderful journey.

  6. Jacqueline - exquisite, as always! Your blog is always so serene, communicating a spiritual calmness. I like to think the lovely ladies who once owned your treasures are calling out to those of us who appreciate their sweet things. I'm with you, let's hang on to summer as long as possible!

  7. You say you are glad that we check in with you "from time to time". That hardly describes it for me. I anxiously check daily to see if you'll be in my inbox. Some days you are, and some you're not. And your posts are shown first on my FB. I am so moved by your blog, your photos, your excellent taste (that pretty much mirrors my own). Sometimes I tear right into it - and other times I put it aside to savor when I will have more time. I truly would love to see your booth there in NM but must admit, while I love road trips, I much prefer traveling east from here (Midwest, between Chicago and Milwaukee) so it is unlikely I will ever make it. So I will settle for your updates. Keep the inspiration flowing.

  8. Ahhhhh Jacqueline. Gorgeous white roses and the linens are fabulous. I am with you about being sad summer is coming to an end soon. I am a summer girl too and love the long days of bright sunshine filled days and cool breezes in the evenings. Have a great day. Enjoy.

  9. love the beautiful details of the tablecloth! All is so pretty and classy!

  10. That is one beautiful tablecloth. Is is filet crochet or embroidery on netting? At any rate, it is gorgeous. I, for one, an looking forward to Fall to escape the heat! Sally

  11. Beautiful photos, Jacqueline...always wonderful eye candy for me! Your beautiful tablecloth reminded me of one I have...I need to get it out! Love the white roses...

  12. Hi dear Jacqueline, I am one of those that have been busy and have missed my visits here so I will go and catch up when I leave this comment. It's been at times a long season as well as short if that makes any sense at all.
    The heat has been trying at times, and being one of those winter girls I look so very forward to greyer days, and cooler crisp mornings where the dirt is frozen with a dusting of frost. I seem to come alive artistically in cooler weather and start to plan for the holidays that approach. I always find it so quiet here during your winter days and a whole new beauty arises with shadows of grey casting over your whites.

    I know you will miss your white roses, yet the pine and greenery take a beautiful second place here at Summer's end.
    It's sometimes my favorite time when summer ends and the roses that bloom have a shorter life span and very little life left in them, it seems to be a whole other beauty. Again this setting in your dinning area has always charmed me! The darker woods up against all your white collections feel so country cabin like, and the smell of baking feels certain that something tasty is almost ready for the sampling.

    Nice that you are visiting with ones that each passing of the years you see such growth and change, I am most certain they find comfort and home grown love from your visits as well.
    I am looking forward to fall here and all your home will gather up to for myself it's been a busy summer, working, and working towards the ending of projects, and job related as well. I have been setting tables of hand tossed pottery, and bringing new old pieces to life in my cottage, creating for my etsy, and finding peace in the outcome.

    Hope to see you as well, it's hard to play catch up with so many following each other over at their instagrams, Facebook and then little time to see what's going on at blogger. I must say my true love is blog visits, there is just so much more soul in what is so very real about the time one puts into their blogs.
    Wishing you plenty of beautiful days and nights on your patio before you find yourself spending more days inside.


    See you soon

  13. Jacqueline,
    Absolutely lovely, dear friend!
    I, too, have such a love of beautiful linens!
    Many time, I take my camera for photos of travels
    and outings with family, but instead of trying to
    capture the moments in pictures, I chose to be in the moment!
    I think my family appreciates it, too. . .I hope so!
    Autumn is my favorite Season of the year,
    so, yes. . .I'm already preparing for it arrival!
    Savor your last few days of Summer.

  14. ***Sigh****

    Much as I loathe the humid swampy heat of summer, I am in no hurry to see it go. Many of the schools have begun already - but I never decorate in autumn colors until the corn stalks in the fields have gone brown. So I think your whites are perfectly awesome. ♥

  15. oh,My That table cloth is beautiful.


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