Friday, September 4, 2015

Soft Looks For Fall

So many of you commented that you enjoyed a softer look for fall that I thought I would show you a few of my recent choices.

I'm in my work room/nursery/guest room getting ready for ironing, so come right in! It's a rare cloudy day, and I have too many reflections to work with, but this is what we got! You have already seen my dish choices if you have been visiting the blog, but I am also incorporating more deep linen colors this time of year. By "deep" I mean natural undyed linen and off white threads and fabrics.

I'm loving the sepia color of this pair of French prints I found. The white frame with just a touch of gold is perfect for them!

Lots of silver casting light around makes me happy in the cooler months.

I actually went hunting for floral prints, and was lucky enough to find  a couple of them in perfect muted tones and colors.

And these are the new pieces that I'm ironing! I want to say that I do love a rumpled look every bit as much as a smooth ironed finish, and so you should see them before. . . .

The larger item is an over sized towel of the type one would hang on a nice washstand to show it off. (Or actually use!)

Just look at that fantastic inset!

And yummy trim to finish it off. . . . (it's a good three inches!)

Pressing will really make the details show better, and I would only hang it for use if it was ironed.

I am showing this small runner on a dark background to show you the rose detail that the iron will bring out.

Battenburg lace is always lovely. . .

but only after pressing will you be more able to see the heart motif! This is not an especially old piece, and it has a small dark stain that did not soak out. But it is a very long valance that I will use as a shelf runner, or turn into a basket liner. Five bucks!

Russet and yellow, with a softness. . . .

Deep color mixed with lots of white keeps things light. But I will always have soft gowns and garments hanging in here anyway!

Check out that billowy drape!

And sweet hand-worked details. . . .

Now back to work!

I hope it's a fantastic weekend for you!


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  1. Thanks for letting us join you! That tureen is really lovely and all that pristine lace. Sigh!

    And thanks for popping over into my basil filled world today. Life is so darned good these days!

  2. Love the tureen and it's perfect patina. I have a couple of floral prints that I have stashed away for another day. I love the ones you have pictured together. Such a pretty post as always.

  3. Love all your soft muted tones for Fall, very warm!! Have a great holiday weekend!! xoxo

  4. I love all these beautiful, gently-hued things.

  5. You have some really beautiful linens, I'm tempted to start buying more myself.

  6. I was in Agoura today at Bungalow buying chalk paint and I thought of you. I saw so many beautiful linens.

  7. Hi Jacqueline, Lovely soft fall looks. The crocheted linens and doilies are beautiful. I could not live without mine.
    Hope you enjoy a nice holiday weekend.

  8. Such handmade lovlies! Yes, please fall, come whispering in soon.

  9. Hi Jacqueline,
    Love all your pretty natural fall colors. You always have the prettiest lace. Have a great holiday week end.

  10. Such a soft pale fall over here. All that lace work is so comforting to my soul. I would watch the countless hours my grand mother would sit and crochet doilies and trim on pillow cases, along with the daunting hours in table cloths that would take years sometimes in creating.
    Your linen and crochet collection must be endless.

    Beautiful weekend to you.


  11. Getting out my old vintage linens and crochet. Time to display them or move them on to someone who will love them more. I love getting ideas from your displays.

  12. Happy Weekend to you, Jacqueline. I'm slowing putting out a little fall ~ velvet pumpkins and brown transfer ware to be exact. ;-)

  13. Beauty is in the details. isn't Jacqueline? I love that you love what I love. Whenever I see a piece of linen at a market or shop my heart rate actually goes up. Your linen collection is amazing and I'm so thrilled that you would share them here.
    I hope you have a great week!
    sending hugs...

  14. I love to visit and see your linens i adore old linens.. Recently I have been in the basement at mamas house and so many beautiful linens were ruined from my great granmother so sad that Mama didnt properly care for them i love all the softness that youve shown. Im ready for change in my living room and i think a lot of beige will take over the greens and yellows now maybe beige with golds. Hope you've had a lovely weekend with love Janice

  15. Jacqueline,
    Textiles always give me inspiration. . .
    whether when making accessory selections or papers for my creative works.
    Yours are exquisitely detailed, dear friend!!!
    Ironing isn't work for me. . .I truly, love the sensory experience of it all!!!
    Happy Labor Day, dear friend!!!
    Caring and sharing your lovely home is a Labor of Love. . .Thank you!!!

  16. Such beauties, as always! love to peruse your blog, so relaxing for me!

  17. Love the lace and linens, but I absolutely am in love with the two flowers pictures. Wonderful!

  18. Always love to see the beautiful you are presenting, and this lovely post is no exception. Thank you for all the pleasurable eye candy you give us, J!

  19. This is my first visit to your blog. Love the lace and muted colors, so pretty.

  20. What a soothing palette Jacqueline. I love it so much. Thankyou for allowing us a peek. Love, Mimi xxx

  21. So many beautiful details in your photos. I love the pictures and laces - gorgeous!


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