Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shabby Chic vs. Granny Chic

I think that the Queen of Shabby Chic might approve of  these adorable hand-painted tea cups. They look like something that might feel right at home around her place.

And this little Limoges dish could also serve as a model for her wonderful Shabby prints, don't you think?

It's the mark I'm always on the lookout for!

So shabby chic!

This wonderful windowpane apron hanging in my window today? Not so much.

Even though Rachel Ashwell has a place in Texas called the Prairie, this gorgeous antique apron is not really the sort of fussy thing you will find showcasing her style, or available on her website. But I'm going to stick my neck out here and call it prairie style!

Even the apron strings have a bit of old crochet on them! I spent a long time (months, in fact) debating with myself whether I wanted to keep the tea-stained condition in which I found the apron, which seemed more "farmhouse" to me, or to give it a soak. I think you can see which idea won out! 

All of these bits were priced at under a dollar at the flea market. Even though the little plate is not a saucer, I think they look wonderful in my window together!

Isn't that hand painting wonderful? And you can see right through the porcelain.

This apron would make a beautiful curtain in the right little window. . . .

Alongside the teacups was this sweet little sugar bowl. It's obviously the same pattern, but it had a little different maker's mark from the rest of the cups.

I just LOVE the color combination, including that pale yellow stripe at the rim. So cheery!

Now, this little doggy figure that I found at the same time (and who stole my heart) brings this vignette all the way to granny style! (I qualify on all counts anyway!) It's been a long time since I added a little pup to my collection. And I just love the viney fence behind him!

And there you have it! Granny chic! Though this isn't my main decorating style, you will find it tucked secretly away here and there around my place. . . .

because a sweet little dish can just make my heart sing!

The days are just flying by!

So many fall weekend events coming up to choose from!

Happy days ahead!

So nice that you stopped by!

Granny Jacqueline 

; 0)


  1. Beautiful dishes...and I LOVE that dog. I've got some Granny Linda chic going on around here lol.

  2. Those dishes are just beautiful - so dainty and delicate looking. Great finds. I think a lot of us have the Granny chic in our lives. I also adore that apron - imagine the hand work that went into that. It's almost a lost art.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Pretty things and your "granny chic" definition made me smile! ~julie

  4. I like your distinction between Granny and Shabby. He's a mighty cute little dog, isn't he? And I simply adore the china. So very pretty!

  5. Very sweet cups and sugar bowl!! Let me throw this in here......many china companies make 'blanks' and sell them to 'china painters'. It could be that these hand painted pieces were painted by the same person and she chose the sugar bowl from a different manufacturer.

    My friend Deb from Marionberry Cottage.....sells hand painted china by a woman named Irene.....the lady buys the blanks wholesale and then paints entire sets!! And they are gorgeous......

    Same thing with Hiesey crystal, they made blanks and sold them to other glass companies, many times unmarked, and those companies then put their own decorations or etchings on them and called them their own. Okay, that's more than you wanted to know!!! xoxoxo

  6. There is a fine LINE between GRANNY and R/A shabby chic STYLE ! Jacqueline, and I think the queen of shabby would totally be in agreement with your shabby choices. I had added a puppy a springer spaniel years ago, and now I wonder what I did with it ? Time for me to hunt another one down, perhaps a greyhound in keeping with our little miniature greyhound.

    I love that you show of the backs of the plates, not that we don't believe you when you say as to what they are but for those sweet beautiful stamped labels..... I want to let you in on something, over 15 years ago or even more I had an interesting small collection of plates queenly stately stamped on the bottoms, and the best crazing and stain to the old ironstone, I loved everything about the back bottom sides to them due to the crowns that were stamped or the bold beautiful old faded labelings that I HUNG the plates on the walls and displayed the plates of casaeole lids backwards on the walls and in the cabinets to show off the backsides that I found to be so much more interesting :)

    Seeing that you always show the bottoms remind me of my attraction to the backside of the pieces more so then the fronts themselves.
    Yes, chic, granny I not so sure :) and every R/A shabby Chic book is filled with the same vibe here.
    Love the apron curtain Prairie style and fitting to its description.

    Have a beautiful weekend, and keep showing off the backsides :)


  7. I love those delicate cups ,so gogeous. It is about time Rachel Ashwell did another book!! Maybe you should do one!!

  8. I think those little cups are just so sweet. Love all your charming vintage finds!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. Lovely items! It seems each is different yet similar.

  10. I haven't been for a visit in a while, and I've missed your beauty-filled blog. So peaceful and lovely. Those cups were great finds!

  11. Love your Granny Chic. Such sweet cups.

  12. No matter what you call you chic Jacqueline it always looks good! So glad you join Home Sweet Home!!

  13. Hello my dear! Thank you for the beautiful and inspirational post! We would love for you to share this post at our WIW Party today! Hope you can join us!



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