Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gathering Up The Threads

I'm back home again among my own things and finding myself surprised once more about how little it takes to turn toward a new season. Merely a change in color can do the trick, as nature herself demonstrates.

Most of what shows here is always within arms reach in my own dining room year round. It's all in what I choose to emphasize. But that's true in all aspects of life isn't it? (Even my chairs are always ready for fall!)

But there are a few new things to celebrate another September, and this delightful embroidered vintage tablecloth is one of them! Can you see that gorgeous crocheted edge all around??

Someone valued this cloth at ten dollars. But really how can you put a price on such a thing? The heft is wonderful, as is the stitching.

Individually, the colors are not what I would choose, but scattered thinly across the table they are understated, and a perfect reflection of gently falling leaves. I can't tell you how much they cheer me!

All in perfect condition.

Another newcomer is this entertaining jar in rustic colors with a nod to all things French. No doubt it is a reproduction, as its lack of crazing and age proves it cannot possibly be as old as 1892. Love it anyway!

I did manage to come across this old ironstone bowl in my travels, all mottled and crackled as it should be.

I love the interesting rim details on top and bottom. A keeper!

Everything settles in together as though it had always been there. Gathered up snug and cozy like a few more strands of nesting material woven into place.

Isn't that what we all start to do in September?

I hope you are enjoying gathering up all the threads of summer too!

I so much enjoyed all of your supportive comments on my last post! Thank you so much! It was just so heartwarming to me. I'm looking forward to getting back to you, and celebrating another new season together!


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Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a beautiful tablecloth...and the edging is so pretty! It makes me want to go and find some pretty fall linens!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

your cloth with the acorns is right up my alley. Love it.

chateau chic said...

You have such a great eye for spotting the best linens, Jacqueline! Love the subtle nod to fall on this wonderful piece. You have a way that seems effortless of drawing from your amazing collections to create so much beauty on your tabletop. Always an inspiration!!
Mary Alice

Parlor Room Ponderings said...

I have a love for linens as well. And I agree, there is no price to be paid for such beautiful detailed handiwork. It makes my heart glad as well. Lovely post! Diane

sarah said...

Such loveliness. I really like the gentle colours.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Love your sweet little wooden acorns. Great companion to the beautiful linens.

Pat Cantwell said...

You have found an amazing table cloth, dear friend!!!
The subtle hues of Autumn are a perfect complement to your style!!!
I had never really noticed the acorns within the design on your dining room chairs, until now!!! Thank you for drawing my attention to them!!!
The acorns and soft subtle hued Autumn Leaves have made their way into my home decor, as well!!!
Thank you for always inspiring with your gentle ways!!!

Little Farmstead said...

Beautiful, as always. Love the French jar and what a charming tablecloth... ~julie

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

You did it again. You brought back a memory for me. One summer when I was at my Aunts farm, my Mother bought this small round tablecloth that had leaves on it to be embroidered. We worked on it each night for a week. I am not sure what ever happen to it.

Art and Sand said...

I never tire of looking at your lovely linens and beautiful dishes.

Junkchiccottage said...

So pretty Jacqueline.

Jeanie said...

Very fond of the acorns, the "chevre" pot, the loveliness of it all. And that it is a very subtle fall entry. I'm not ready for fall, so subtle is perfect for me!

Anonymous said...

Love the embroidered leaves. The wooden acorns are neat. What great finds!!

Marilyn Miller said...

I love a bird nest in amongst the white and china cupboard. Lovely embroidered cloth.

Cathy said...

where did you get your gorgeous acorn and oak leaf metal chairs? I love them!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

To Cathy:

I couldn't find a link back to you! But I'm glad you like my chairs! I found them ever so long ago at a thrift store. I just sold the little matching glass top table a few weeks ago. I need my bigger wood one. But the padded metal chairs are so comfy and fun! Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah said...

Welcome home, Jacqueline. Your post is as lovely as ever. I would have snatched up that crock as well. I'm always searching for interesting crocks, and this one is wonderful. Great find!

Georgina Malcolm said...

What a pretty cloth. It would be fun to have one in bright greens for spring.

Thanks for your comment. Drop by again soon as we have many exciting crisps in the tasting pile. Driving through France to Switzerland is a wonderland of new flavours - all fun to try!


Cheryl Porada said...

Love the soft touch your style brings to autumn decorating. You're such an inspiration.

The Charm of Home said...

Beautiful. I love the "new" tablecloth with the leaf stitching. Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

Katie Mansfield said...

Gorgeous. Where did you get those adorable acorns? I'm in love with them.

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