Sunday, September 27, 2015

Impromptu Still Life

Everything on the patio seems to take on a life of its own this time of year. A bit taken for granted, I'm afraid. But even the neglected pots can take on a seasonal appearance. I'm kind of liking this failed pot of English Ivy.

I was taken by this view from the kitchen door that caught my eye in the early morning sun. Mr. C&C painted this dresser yesterday, and it spent the night airing out. I love the outdoor room that this unintentional scene makes where even the painted floor cloth adds to the ambiance.

This sweet dresser had a pretty good chippy pale pink paint on it that I wanted to respect, but in the end I felt it needed freshening up. I'm so glad I did!

Seizing the moment, while our random objects have come together so nicely.

Still wonderful weather here in the land of enchantment, as you can see!

Happy Sunday!



20 North Ora said...

Pretty photos. Cute chest of drawers.


Pat Cantwell said...

Amazing how 'styled' your empty pots appear to be!!!
I agree, sometimes, I take a 'step back' as I view beyond the open doors!!!
thank you for the gentle reminder to see beauty all around us!!!

Kay said...

You have such a talent to make "random" objects look so beautiful together!! That chest of drawers is so dang sweet!! Love it!!
Everything is beautiful! Wish I could beam myself over for balloon festival soon. Enjoy those beautiful southwest autumn days! We actually had a gorgeous day here, too. Hoping it lasts a good long while!

Burlap Luxe said...

The stillness in life all around you feels so fulfilling. Beauty extends itself from indoors to out, it's such a beautiful feeling to surround yourself with beauty take calms and adds stillness to our lives.

Love the state in your wall niche.
The pots, and the beautiful pieces of's like reading the pages I'm Jeanne d arc living magazine.


Roosterhead Designs said...

Lovely scenes Jacqueline~
Everything "giving way" to Autumn.
Hope you'll give us a glimpse of where
you place that beautiful white chest of drawers! : )
Beautiful photo's~
Thank you for sharing.
Karen O in CO

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

Lovely images Jaqueline. I love the mexican look wall behind the pretty white dresser

Art and Sand said...

I always love looking at what you have so beautifully displayed.

Jeanie said...

It comes together like a poem, Jacqueline! Simply lovely.

Salmagundi said...

You can even make a paint drop cloth look beautiful. I envy your ability to make the mundane look important. Sally

Sea Cottage said...

This is so beautiful Jacqueline. Every detail is so lovely and speaks of Autumn to me. I never knew you have seven children. I just read tour profile for the first time. Your life is so calm now...well it appears to be, so I would have never guessed. I have four that kept me very busy for many years. I home schooled them. Only one is left while attending our community college. We do not have any grands yet. Something to look forward to. Happy October to you.

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