Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New China & Dried Flowers

My new found ironstone mug and saucer are all ready for chilly mornings ahead. They make an impromptu vignette with other recent finds that always seem to start out on my dining room table.

A small wicker flower basket that I came across is perfect for all the dried weeds and flowers that I collect in fall. But right now I am gathering together a few display ideas with the dried bouquets I already have.

Still on the table are a few rose china dishes that I got at a great price that seem perfect for fall too, I am drawn to a bit of dusty pink in September. Just a touch. And I like the spare pattern these have against a soft ivory color.

I bought the grass a long time ago. I'm glad it lasts forever because I am always shocked at the cost of dried bouquets!

Better to keep the few fresh bunches that I get throughout the year when I can. I made an effort to dry my white roses in a sort of garland when I hung them to dry this time.

They are simply perched on top of this fab fruit basket I scored a few weeks ago for now. (I seem to go basket crazy this time of year!)

All the pale colors seem happy together with the touches of gold on this overcast day. We are due for our first fall showers this afternoon. Can there be anything more delicious?

Time to get the tea kettle on!

I hope you are also having a cozy start to your week!

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Pat Cantwell said...

I adore the softness of this Autumnal color palette, dear friend!!!
The garland effect of your dried roses is elegant!!!
Your cup and saucer "find" is perfect for coffee mornings, tea in the afternoon and possibly hot cocoa in the cool of the evenings!!!
Enjoy your Autumn Showers, dear friend!!!
Wishing you a wonderful first week of Autumn!!!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

How very pretty! I grew that grass one year - it's called 'Bunny Tails' - perfect name, isn't it? Your vignettes are always so inspiring....x Karen

Roosterhead Designs said...

Oh *sigh* : ) What a cozy post!
I do love the soft rose (Federal) china; it is so pretty
and yes, the amber accents on the leaves is lovely. Just right.
Thanks for sharing your ... DR table with us! Nice collections
Karen in CO

janice15 said...

O my such a lovely post. I'm gone on those federal teacups they are indeed very soft sweet and pretty..going to see if I can find me a couple. Happy Autumn with love Janice

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

It is ALWAYS nice to stop for a cozy break at your place! Sweet new Rosy china and LOVE the fruit basket and the white basket too (it looks just like a funeral basket minus the handle I think / and like that idea)... I must get busy and think about drying some blooms too, first I have to accept the coming season...

Mardell Grayhek said...

Simply lovely. I can almost feel myself in the midst of it all enjoying a fine cup of tea. I Love that rose cups and saucers are made in America!

Katie Mansfield said...

Your dried roses are just simply gorgeous. I love the white for fall. The grass is wonderful too.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

So pretty. I starting hangs my roses to dry this week too, I love them in bouquets, your combined with the beautiful china look spectacular.

Monika Bourderioux HAND MADe CREATIONS said...

Very cute porcelaine cups. I foud similaire this week as well and with roses as well, but french one. I would like to have one mixed collection in the feature and to use them. And your roses are fantastique

Jeanie said...

Wicker basket. Acorn on the plate. Sigh.

That's all. Big, refreshing sigh.

Karen Larko said...

Now I want to dry some roses…..

Art and Sand said...

Beautiful, as always!

Since I began blogging and reading others, I have learned to use weeds, greens and anything I can find to bring color into the house.

Junkchiccottage said...

So beautiful Jacqueline. Have a wonderful day.

Rose L said...

Pretty rose cups! I like ones with inside decor as well.

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