Wednesday, June 3, 2015

White Inspirations~On A Blogger's Table In Summer

 I  have a lot on my table these days. There's the shop. And my blog. Friends and family. And life. These are not separate things for me. Priorities shift each day right alongside whatever creative pursuit is most dominant for me at the moment. And it really is about the moments.

I can hardly keep indoors these days. So on this day I take my plans and projects right outside with me. This involves just a few basics. A pleasing surface, a few creature comforts, and my usual inspirations in the form of an Internet connection, books and magazines. Even the IRS counts these as legitimate business expenses! Just how lucky can you get?  

A canopy overhead blocks the sun, lets in the breeze, and creates a natural stage for thought or relaxation. Yard birds and the occasional crowing rooster adds to the ambiance. I can barely tear myself away from this phase of summer.

My commute is just steps outside the door, while the outdoor rooms free us from the confinement of four walls and become an extension of home this time of year.

Nature becomes part of the decor.

A notebook and calender. My specs and a hand lens. A few tools of my trade.

Small painted terracotta saucers anchor the cloth in the breeze. I came across a set of six at the thrift store and planned to use them as drink coasters knowing that I might find more creative use for them along the way. What could be more perfect?

A gorgeous special publication by Victoria magazine. Right where my head is lately.

And a beautiful new book of White Inspirations.

In terms of new ideas, the sky is the limit. But after a time, a roll of thunder and the lift of the breeze tells me the session is coming to an end.

 The changing light enhances the surrounding beauty. 

I take a few quick shots of images that please me and move on.

 My tea is nearly finished anyway. . . .

What's on the table for you this summer?

Whatever it is I hope you're finding lots of inspiration.

Thanks for sharing a part of your day with me!


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  1. It all looks idyllic! We're still waiting for summer to begin in the UK - it definitely hasn't been sitting out in the garden weather for the last few weeks.

  2. I know exactly what you mean; I took my work pad out on the porch this morning and enjoyed the cool spring rain while I worked, it really didn't seem like work at all and I was surrounded by the birds and squirrels that showed up for their morning treats. I love your blog; I've been a linen collector for 51 years and you always post such beautiful treasures.

  3. Your outdoors is such a beautiful extension of your home in the summertime, Jacqueline!! You provide such lovely inspiration!
    Mary Alice

  4. White roses are so beautiful, they seem to exude peace.

  5. Such a wonderful place to sit...I´d love to sit there with you and have a tea.The roses are so enchanting.Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.Have a great weekend.

  6. Love how you captured the tablecloth with the fallen petals! Your wonderful creativity really comes through in your photography!! Happy June to you. Sally

  7. Jacqueline,
    Exquisite setting for your work, dear friend!!!
    The white rose has me swooning. . .for "Mr. Ed", it would be the white peony!
    I, too, am drawn to the scenery beyond the Patio doors this time of year!!!
    After too, too many months of brown dry arid earth, I have green and lush views!!!
    Enjoy those gentle showers as blessings upon your corner of the World!!!

  8. This summer will be all about new beginnings and change for me and my little shop. Our owner has decided to close our building and move on to enjoying more of his retirement so I'll be looking for a new space or a new way to sell my wares. I'm trying to keep it positive but for now I'm going through the stages of sadness.
    Your posts are always uplifting and inspirational. Makes me realize that there is always peace and happiness in the smallest things.


  9. I love life outdoors, especially if it includes sipping tea.

  10. Jacqueline, it all looks like perfection to me. Your style never ceases to please my senses. Exquisite!!!
    I picked up a copy of the Victoria Magazine yesterday, but haven't had time to sit down and savor it. Soon!
    Looks like I need to make an Amazon purchase though. The new book looks entiching!

  11. Hi J,
    Love your place in the shade! The tablecloth of petals... perfection! A glass of tea and a lazy afternoon of reading, just right! Our sun will return soon & I have been missing my sun tea on these rainy days...
    I saw that new Victoria Magazine on the newsstand and thought of you :-)

  12. Peaceful and beautiful as always Jacqueline. Have a wonderful day.


  13. There is a lot on my tables also this spring .
    I am still trying to move along lots of things I have cluttered my house with through the years.
    Seems like this has been a year long event and not completed it yet.
    We have had lots rain and everything is blooming beautifully here
    However no white roses just red


  14. That tablecloth.....those saucers.
    I want both !

  15. What a beautiful -- and I suspect extremely fragrant space your "satellite office" is! Like you, I love working outside whenever I can. In such a lovely spot, I might never want to come in!

  16. Aaahhh! Yes! Sounds and looks so lovely! "Summer breeze makes me feel fine"--I bought the CD just for that song. Not much feels better than a summer breeze! Yesterday was very nice here, too, with some sun, white fluffy clouds, and a beautiful breeze. I can hardly make myself do needed work inside because I want to be out! Your outdoor office looks divine!

  17. It is beautiful! I love that glassware you have pictured here. It is gorgeous against that table cloth! Thanks for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  18. Your all white with the new books for me to discover inspires me.
    I love getting your post in my e-mail. What a cheer up with my coffee.
    You might want to take a look at my post. I went to the Vintage Marketplace yesterday and I got some beautiful all white images.

  19. Jackie Girl! I have that Victoria magazine "French Cottage" right at the head of my bed.... Such wonderful ideas, and inspiring spaces that make me want to tear through my home add some pale French colour and faded area rugs and live all things French.
    I love the French feel of my home cottage, but new depth, and muted colours are so inviting these days....anyone can do white, yet colour is something creative and carefully chosen for all the rightness.
    I look at it often and walk around saying I think I need a pale root beer rose toned area rug, and more ticking stripes and a big grey blue French armoire. Then I see another page all white and rethink all over again why do I want colour.... Maybe more rustic tea stained with the whites..,, does that count as colour?

    Love your outdoor living space. If I had your home I might be adding some Indian rugs French in style! Geeze so many ideas, likes, and loves.

    See you and your beauty soon.

    PS. It's you who inspire me to want to add a dark wood piece here and there in my home.


  20. Ah.......classic Jacqueline - this is like a breath of fresh air to me. Thank you. Life has been CRAZY! Not much time to read blogs - can't wait till things slow down. This past week I had my daughter's bridal shower, two days' worth of wedding florist appointments, babysat my youngest niece, and tomorrow heading to Indianapolis for the weekend for a tea party, back Sun morning for nephew's hs graduation party. Whew. I don't even want to think about next week. I miss blogging, but life goes on, yes?

    Don't forget me, I will be back soon I promise. Hugs. ♥


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