Sunday, June 21, 2015

Serving Up Summer

We spent a good part of the official first day of summer under the cottonwood trees. Even on hundred degree days the mornings are nice.

I felt like having a few iconic country things around in celebration, like this chippy old farm chair. I like to find them just this way with the old paint just barely hanging on in places. 

When I gathered up this painted watering can a hornet flew out. I found that odd until I saw that a paper wasp's nest had begun inside. An old watering can (or two or three) is a country basic too.

My Queen Anne's Lace (or Cow Parsley as I love it called) is still hanging on even in the heat. But after all it is basically a weed.

I recently found a number of serving things for out under the trees of summer. A ceramic pitcher in a classic ironstone form (but much lighter), for instance.

I found this enormous beautiful vintage tole tray just yesterday. The booth lady suggested that it could be a table top all on its own, it's that large. I love the way that painted trays are sometimes autographed. And barely a scratch.

A new little bundle of linen came home too. A towel with an elegant scalloped edge and monogram. 

A delicious linen hand towel with interesting lace.

And an oh-so-artfully worked pillowcase with trim a foot long!

And now we have the quintessential serving cart to join the circle. It begs the soft southern lady accent to go along with it, don't you think? I found the china trays on it for a bargain in the same place. Now all I can think of is lawn parties with frothy white cakes! Even the man of the house noticed how pretty it all was as he stepped out for lunch under the cottonwoods!

The pink and grey details on this transferware platter have a Frenchy feel to moi. (No mark.) 

So airy soft and summery.

With graceful tendrils in the corners. 

But I never even noticed this eensy bee detail until I saw the photos. It surprised me every bit as much as a hornet flying out of a watering can!

Nothing very special has happened. But I am left with delight at the first real day of summer, and I wonder at how many of those days my vintage companions have served up before . . . .  

Happy first day of summer, y'all!


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  1. Oh what a glorious garden party you would have in your backyard with all of your wonderful and pretty vintage goodies!! Love the way you make your garden feel like an outdoor room.
    Mary Alice

  2. You have me craving petit fours and lemonade! That metal cart is the real deal. And the linens are gorgeous.

  3. I love the chair with the cow parsley - I don't think I will call it Queen Anne's Lace ever again. And, I always love to see your beautiful linens.

  4. My Queen Anne's Lace is just coming about it's the first season for me.. I never could find it before.. I'm really excited.. your's looks lovely.. and your white chair.. And well your tea cart is really nice.. White lovely cake's yummmmmy.. I love love all your crisp fresh looking linens. Have a great new week with love Janice

  5. Lovely evocative photos, you have some beautiful linens. I really love the serving cart and the two trays, the transferware one is so pretty. I love the jug with the Queen Anne's Lace too.

  6. Sitting under the shade tree on the first day of summer, surrounded by your lovely treasures....perfect way to spend the day.
    Your photos have a feeling of peace and serenity.

  7. You make your hundred degree weather seem as cool as a cucumber and so very fresh! How totally delightful!

  8. Beautiful as always. Love that cart very sweet. Have a great start to the summer season.

  9. Loving the Queen Anne's Lace in the creamy pitcher. That new painted tray is a beauty and can serve in so many ways decoratively and functionally. That cart is darling with its details and the trays are too. I love seeing the lacy linens shown together in a display. I always thought they looked so nice mixed with a vintage trunk. I guess I should look for these things myself and try to create a dopisplay like that.

  10. Lovely way to start the summer. Your pics are gorgeous Jacqueline and I love the tole painted tray. I have the same white chair that was my grandmother's and the last chair from her dining set in the 1920's. I recently painted it a pale aqua for my kitchen. It was white forever. Love your lace and linens.
    Happy Summer.

  11. Hello Jacqueline,
    Your blog rolls everything into one bundle of all things that I love!
    The chippy furniture, the flowers (Cow that!), and oh the linens!!! I can just imagine opening up your linen closet. I would probably pass out from the beauty!

    Also, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Yes, I'm trying to introduce a little something different and more to my shop but it has to be something I absolutely love. Like the Jeanne d'Arc Living Clothing.

    You are one creative gal yourself.


  12. Everything is so lovely. My favorite is the pillow case with mile long lace...gorgeous! I wonder how many hours it took to do all that needlework. Thanks for your cool dip into summer. :-)
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  13. So many lovely things! I especially love the lace-trimmed pillowcase, such luxury :-)

  14. Yet another beautiful post, Jacqueline. How I love Cow Parsley - soft and airy like your gorgeous linens. It is hard to believe it is in the 100s at your house, when everything is so pretty!

    The wildflowers are starting to bloom here. And I am enjoying the last little bit of quiet and calm before the summertime projects begin. So much to do ~ so little time.

    Have a lovely one, Jacqueline.

  15. It is all so very beautiful over here. Your garden looks to be a refreshing retreat from the Summer heat. All the white linens are breathtaking.

  16. Jacqueline,
    what wonderful treasures you have found as usual! The color on that tole tray is fabulous! It's a hot one here this summer also, high 90's every day. You make summer feel cool, refreshing and tranquil!


  17. Oh I do want to come to your lawn party.

    love the tole painted tray

  18. Dear Jacqueline I haven't visited in a while but decided this cold afternoon to rest with my laptop and catch up. I'm so glad I did,I had forgotten how much I enjoyed seeing all the lovely posts.
    I so love yours with the soft hues and beautiful laundered lace. You know I even love the Mexicany (I know that's not a word):) wall with it's sandy colour,I love walls in gardens. I've tried growing Queen Anne lace but it never survives. It's funny how you said it's a weed.It's so pretty. xx

  19. Love the shade of your tree a perfect setting for a garden party, and all the little salvage of white adds that much more to its romance.
    Jacqueline we can never predict a day here without to much wind, making settings like yours impossible to plan ahead. So on a clam day spur of the moment we will throw an outdoors garden gettogether and hope for the best.
    Such a great yard to relax in and all the privacy it demands.


  20. Your yard looks lovely. I adore Queen Anne's Lace and mine will arrive next month. Can't wait!!

  21. Just gorgeous! Love that chippy chair :)

  22. A chippy chair, fresh flowers and linens... what more could a shabby heart ask for Jacqueline. I could spend all day in your garden admiring your pretties.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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