Sunday, June 7, 2015

Desert Roses & Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks are in bloom all over the city of Albuquerque in June. But I can always depend on finding their cheery color on Church Street in Old Town this time of year and wanted to share them with you. The shady garden walls on the north side of the historic church protect this lovely patch of flowers from the hot desert sun.

They bloom amid the cactus just outside the dooryard of a popular cafe on the street. A hint at just how hardy hollyhocks can be.

The pink hues are my favorite. . . .

But white is second in line.

Gorgeous against the blue window frames popular in New Mexico. 

Whatever the color, I love to see their stalks growing in masses along the smooth adobe walls surrounding the buildings.

A few rose varieties thrive here too where they are a bit more shaded from the afternoon sun.

A little less attractive, perhaps, is the bloom of this prickly pear cactus. A number of varieties are in bloom now as well.

I have always found hollyhocks a challenge to grow, but they often seem to grow right out of the sidewalk in the most unlikely places!

Another hardy bloom is this simple but reliable desert rose with it's sweet pale pink color.

A beautiful nameless rose of vibrant color.

Hollyhocks and roses are such a natural together. How often have you seen them pictured beside each other in scenes of a quintessential cottage garden?

This is one of my favorite spots to visit on a summer day in the city.

I hope you enjoyed coming along for the stroll!

Have a lovely week ahead, my friends!


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  1. I love them - so very wonderful!

  2. June is looking amazing where you are, all the blooms! I love Hollyhocks too and have all but given up growing them, just buggy and rusty for me... In the second to last pic the curved adobe walls look like hand painted water colors, soooo pretty! Love the blue window trim too against the blue sky! It is always so nice of you to take me strolling in Old Town, it's a distant memory but always feels familiar:-)
    Happy New Week!!

  3. Each photo looks like a painting, and the blue window trim is so pretty agains the sand colored walls.


  4. Hollyhocks are such a hardy flower. They seem to grow anywhere easily too here. They go through just about all seasons flowering profusely.
    I have never seen stocks so tall as those white ones,lovely

  5. Oh, my goodness! Simply gorgeous flowers/gardens.

  6. I love hollyhocks and have planted quite a few, but they are not blooming yet. These are so pretty. thanks so much for taking us on this great walk.

  7. Good Morning Jacqueline,
    Lovely flowers! I love the pink roses!!

  8. The hollyhocks are just beautiful. They are one of my favorite flowers, but we have trouble growing them. They've all died out in my yard, and we haven't tried them again for awhile -- they seem to get a fungus or something. Let me know if you succeed growing them. Sally

  9. I have always loved hollyhocks and roses. They are so beautiful. Just lovely.

  10. These are all beautiful flowers. I find it interesting to see the hollyhocks growing in with the cactus. The desert roses are beautiful. Have a wonderful week.

  11. I love hollyhocks, they are a real old-fashioned cottage garden plant. It seems really odd to see them growing with cactus though - not too many of those in English cottage gardens:)

  12. Jacqueline, I think I walked by most of those when I was there week before last. I wish hollyhocks would grow as well here, but they do not. Loved spending time in ABQ exploring! There's so much to do, and we didn't have the time for everything. You live in a lovely town.

  13. Your pictures are so beautiful...I love hollyhocks,but they don´t like my garden.I planted them several times but they are always gone in the next season.Thanks for sharing those enchanting images.

  14. I just love hollyhocks, but they don't grow as well here in Portland. The mildew quickly attacks them, but I still keep them. They are beautiful with roses too.

  15. Hollyhocks .... Are beautiful...lovely photos ..Happy Wednesday with love Janice

  16. Jacqueline, such beautiful flowers. I have not had any luck growing them at all, but I remember there always being some in my grandmother's garden..Happy Thursday..Judy

  17. Jacqueline,
    The hollyhocks and roses are just beautiful. I think I have seen some hollyhocks that are a bright purple color that I find very pretty. I was thinking about planting some and realized that the majority of my flowers are already purple!!! You have shown me some beautiful options to consider!

  18. Hi, Jacqueline!Love this post on Hollyhocks.Way back in the mid seventies I lived in Albuquerque and remember discovering a secret garden in Old Town (behind a shop) where the hollyhocks were thriving .I grew up in Wisconsin where hollyhocks grew like weeds along back fences! I now live in Northern Ca and never see them.I'll have to ask at a nursery . Love your blog,Annette

  19. Oh, I love the Hollyhocks... My Momma and Grandmothers have always had Hollyhocks... Growing beautifully and freely alongside their homes... It wouldn't be the country or summer without them. Wherever hollyhocks grow...I know I always feel at home...

    Thank you for sharing! God bless, Net

    It's a Wonderful Movie

  20. These flowers are gorgeous! I love their old fashioned appeal! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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