Monday, June 1, 2015

A Page From June

What happened on the first day of June before I kept a log online? I couldn't tell you. Did I stop to celebrate? To appreciate its beauty?

But I have a vivid memory of my tenth year and the happiness of June as I sat on the curb in front of our house. It was early morning on the final day of school. I was thrilled to be wearing new summer clothes, feeling the cool morning, and doing nothing more than sitting alone and watching the shadow of a tree mark time across the pavement until time to leave. The sense of freedom was exhilarating. Enough to cross the expanse of decades of hours since that hour and touch another day in June. . . .

This summer month seems made for youth and beauty. And besides a page from my personal past there are these wonderful pages from June recorded by Edith Holden in her Nature Notes of 1905. This volume is lesser known than The Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady which, though published earlier, was originally crafted one year later than this journal.

Edith never meant these drawings for publication. They were a teaching tool for the students she trained at the turn of the last century when drawing and watercolor was part of every genteel young woman's education. I would have been thrilled to have learned from her!

My copy is an American first edition, and one of my prized possessions. The perfect thing to share under a bower at the turning of time into June. It calls for the cool summer cottons reminiscent of an Edwardian lady from the English countryside. For fresh roses and laces. And for the memory of a season of youthful freedom under a shade tree. . . .

Happy first day of June!!!

Wishing you many lovely summer days ahead!


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  1. That was just lovely, Jaqueline! To go back and recapture the days of our youth! I love the Edith Holden's work also.

  2. Absolutely lovely, Jacqueline.
    And what a treasure to own! WOW!
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Lovely!!! I have her diary book and it is opened on my tea table, I change the pages with the month. Never tire of her paintings and words.....happy June to you!!!

  4. I've had both these books for many years and I love them. They are so evocative of the period.

  5. Beautiful!!! Happy Unofficial Summer!!

  6. Such a beautiful post, Jacqueline! Oh, I would have loved to learn watercolor from Edith Holden, too! You have brought back wonderful memories of that first day of summer as a child - I can still remember that exhilarating feeling of having the whole summer stretched out before me! Love your white roses <3 xo Karen

  7. Good day Jacqueline, love the book, I had one years ago when all the trend was english cottage, I have know idea what I did with it, or if it had sold in my store years ago, but I sure wish I had it now.
    Love your soft romantic summer like vignettes, and that soft Batist blouse had me totally wishing it were mine, all the rage and fashion trend in romantic prairie.

    Thank you beautiful for your visit.

    Beautiful week ahead of you with all that inspires you soulfully.


  8. Happy June!
    What a perfect beginning...
    June does feel like youth and carefree days... Oh I would have joined you in a heartbeat for one of Edith's classes!!! I have a set of watercolors I will tinker with someday...
    Sheer Laces and Rose, dreamy and romantic...
    A very fine bunch of Roses too!!!
    Wishing you the best of June's one to make memories to remember someday in the far future :-)

  9. What a beautiful treasure to have. Love swooning over your pretty pictures too. Have a great week.

  10. Happy 1st of June, Jacqueline. Your images are dreamy. I scrolled up and down, savoring each image several times. This post is one I'll return to in the heat of summer for it is one that will offer a cool, refreshing feeling. Thank you for sharing this book. It is unknown to me, though I have a copy of the Country Diary.
    Thanks for your thoughtful note in response to my note.

  11. I wish I still had my copy of A Country Diary. The illustrations are so very wonderful.

    I send glorious "Happy June" greetings. I loved your shared memory about the last day of school. Oh, the anticipation of wondering what summer would bring!

  12. I remember my delight when I found Edith's Nature Notes. And of course I treasure my copy of The Country Diary. A dear friend also gave me the video series based on her book, which was enchanting. May I be so bold as to recommend a site you might enjoy if you like Edith Holden - I'm not her, I promise! It's just that she always reminds me so very much of Edith and so I thought I'd share the link :-)

  13. June is the birth of summer and so full of beauty

  14. How fortunate you are to have this book. It's absolutely gorgeous. Lovely photos as always - warmer temps are headed our way. We may even reach 70 degrees this week! :)
    Enjoy this beautiful day.

  15. What a lovely post to welcome June! I don't have this volume but I do have A Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. I never grow tired of looking at the pictures and reading it. Best~ Mickie

  16. Hi Jacqueline, what a beautiful way to start June with dreamy photos and gorgeous treasured book!!
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration.
    Hugs, CM

  17. Such a lovely gem to treasure always!
    So happy I stopped by, your pretty pictures are brightening a dreary day here!

  18. Beautiful, as always! I fear I would've been a great disappointment to Edith had she tried to teach me watercolors or to be a genteel young lady. Not that I wouldn't love to be able to paint, but I am definitely artistically challenged!! Glad her paintings were published--they are so beautiful!! Oh how I love May and June!! I remember summer in the south (Memphis) very fondly. Also Albuquerque. Oregon, not so much---today it's raining, dark, and chilly--as so many summer days are here. Still, things are green and flowers are blooming and that I love! Thanks for another beautiful post.

  19. such lovely, romantic photographs.

  20. I love ... the book ... the illustrations ... the roses ... your lovely linens ... and June.

  21. Beautiful post.....every photo is so pretty and I love the book.


  22. You inspire me to go to the rose garden and bring some indoors.

  23. A beautiful post, Jacqueline. What a treasure that book is. Wishing you many happy days of June and beyond..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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