Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lazy Days On The Lawn

Hello bloggie friends! I'm back from a bit of a hiatus from posting due to our annual Granny Camp! Always a lively event. Half the time we spent on outings, and the other half summering around the house.

We are enjoying the last of the spring roses still blooming in the yard in a staggered fashion. Nothing like a little kid action on the lawn to slow you down and get you into the lazy pace of the hot weather! We are due to be in the hundred degree temps by the end of the week! 

Our activities have been more about museums, mountain streams and water sports than about tea and cookies this time as the girls get older.

But there are also plenty of meals al fresco under the trees.

I am still finding bunches of Queen Anne's Lace at a small price at the grocery to cheer our days, and there is nothing like a floaty bit of lace on the table to cool things off.

The mister hooked up to the water hose has been a big hit. Setting it up next to a chair can keep you cool on the lawn forever!

And there has been a lot of lawn sitting.

In between my magazine pages I took a few new flower portraits. The pink and yellow tea roses are the ones lasting longer this season.

A little French mustard pot keeps a small bunch together as a nod to the latest new magazine I found. 

This is an entertaining one-off issue by Cottage Journal that I found on my trip through Costco.

A few pages on linens in the back. . . .

. . . with a great quote.

A few pages from our blogger friend Courtney's home. . . .

. . . with her iconic images.

Just the thing to linger over on a summer afternoon. . . .

Thanks so much for your visits and comments on my recent posts. I have lots of catching up to do. I still love seeing what you are up to when I get a little blogging time. But I hope you are enjoying a little summertime change of pace too!

Happy Days!


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  1. Beautiful memories being made... beautifully restful images and thoughts of summer days...thank you for sharing! Xo ~julie

  2. Such lovely photographs,it all looks idyllic. I like the look of the magazine, just the thing to go with a long cool drink and a chair in the shade. I can't even imagine what a temperature of 100 degrees feels like, hope you manage to stay cool during the hot summer days.

  3. Such beautiful photos. Roses & lace go together, such charm on your lawn. enjoy your long lazy summer days.

  4. Beautiful days with family and times spent on the lawn. The roses are lovely. I am still enjoying mine too. A little lace goes along way. Have a wonderful

  5. It sounds like you have had a wonderful time with your grandkids Jacqueline. The weather there looks and sounds perfect to me as we are still (and mostly always will be) in the low 70's when I prefer the low 80's! Gorgeous photos of the roses. Enjoy.

  6. I love your lazy days, lovely family and can practically smell the elegant and pretty roses from here! Being with the grands can be a wonderful time -- especially when the love the fun and pretty things you do! Keep enjoying!

  7. Your layered tea garden table with linen of white looks so summer fresh. I love the backdrop of your Adobe stucco wall so peacefully private.
    As for the magazine I so need to see if our Barns and Noble carries it. Courtney's home is so well manicured inside and out with a perfect balance of old to new it will be nice to see it featured.

    Love of course the feature on linens, this arrival was meant for you with your big collection of linen.

    See you soon, enjoy your summer weekend.


  8. Jacqueline,
    Your linens are always so pretty. Love all your gorgeous pictures. Swooning over all of the beauty.
    Happy Thursday.

  9. Such beautiful roses, they are like the shining dreaming heart of the world, aren't they? :-)

  10. Hi Jacqueline,
    I always love coming here cause you always have something pretty and delightful. Lovely roses and pretty linens a great combo...........
    Glad you had a fun time with your grandies, bet they loved being with their
    grandmother too.

    Hope you have a lovely summer, just a few days of spring left, but it feels
    like deep summer here already. lol

    blessings, Nellie

  11. You have exactly the right idea on hot summer days, J!

    Golly your roses are beautiful- every pic is gorgeous.

    I got a lump in my throat about the gbabes growing up and not into tea as much......going through that myself with my nieces. The years fly by....but just remind them a lady is never EVER too "old" for tea time. No way!

    Stay cool - it's been raining and sooooo danged hot here I can barely go outside. Too cold in winter, too hot in summer and spring is about 2 weeks and fall is about 4 weeks - seriously, what the &^*$@# am I doing here???? One can never go outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs. ♥

  12. The images of your summer yard and roses are such a delight...beautiful!! I'm sure your Granny Camp is a time that your grands look forward to each year...what wonderful memories you're creating as well!!
    Mary Alice

  13. Interesting and beautiful as always. Will look for the magazine. I don't find many that I like.

  14. It's so wonderful that you plan this special time for your grandgirls. they will treasure these memories forever. And your roses and lacey tablecloths, always beautiful!

  15. What a gorgeous post! Love your style Jacqueline and your photos are stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful style at SYS. Have a great week!
    XO Barbara

  16. Beautiful Jacqueline! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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