Saturday, February 28, 2015

Buckets of Snow

If you're finished with snow look away! I'm sure we have a lot less snow than you probably do, but when this all appeared overnight I saw that my collection of watering cans and garden buckets had been transformed.  

Snowcone anyone?

And the urns and pots look all dressed up for a snow ball.

How pretty can you get?

My piles of junk now look like an art installation.

My buckets of snow.

An old rustic stool with a puffy white blanket.

And all around the house. . . .

It's snowing more already, but ours won't last long. Gone by the time March comes roaring in.

Thanks for coming by to see our version of the white stuff! 

Happy Weekend Ya'll!



  1. I love all the shapes and styles of snow decorations. We seem to like the same kinds of things in our gardens - the snow really makes everything pop. We have sunshine in the PNW today - one year ago yesterday we had 8 inches of snow - sunshine is better.

  2. I had hoped for some snow this year, as I think it is so beautiful. However, I wouldn't have wanted what they are getting in the North East, just a little snow would have been nice. But no snow here in Portland, OR. I love seeing your snow though, it is quite beautiful.

  3. Well, I WANTED to look away- I really did! BUT- your photos were just too beautiful to be ignored. GREAT pictures, my friend! Happy March! xo Diana

  4. Oh, the joy of living in this part of the country where it snows and the sun shines - sometimes at the same time. We had 8 inches Thursday night and most of it has already melted. Love it. Sally

  5. So pretty how all the snow has settled.

  6. Hi there Jacqueline!
    Oh my!
    Is this a lot of snow for you.....ever?
    I have been in Florida since early February...
    Lucky enough to miss the mountains of snow...
    And sub zero temps....
    We have had very cold weather here...
    Promises to improve starting tomorrow....
    Stay toasty....
    Linda :o)

  7. Beautiful pictures, Jacqueline! It looks like you got about the same amount of snow we got here in North Carolina on Wednesday. It was a beautiful, soft, wet snow -- great for building snowmen. :) We were glad to get one pretty snow for this winter.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  8. Its so so pretty but you have the right setting for it with your lovely patio covered in vintage pieces.

  9. I saw on the news that you got some of the white stuff....your pics are so pretty, love the iron bed frame with the dried vines and dusted with snow.......earlier, I posted on my blog some snow pics up here in N.Y. xoxoxo

  10. Jacqueline,
    Your snow buckets are gorgeous. I really do not want to look at this stuff anymore but I have to say your snow is really pretty how it dressed up your court yard. Loved seeing your pics of snow buckets. So pretty.

  11. Your garden is so beautiful in the snow. Jo


  12. I so enjoyed seeing your so pretty pictures of th snow

  13. Ohh I am excited to see the white stuff, always! It's beautiful, little in life feels more magical than a blanket of pure white snow!
    Lovely pics! buckets full:-)

    the moisture has to be just what you needed to get the garden popping?

  14. Jacqueline,
    Garden Art at it's finest, dear friend!!!
    I L O V E SNOW. . .so~o~o. . .I was mesmerized!!!
    Luckily, this late in the Winter Season, the SNOW will quickly fade away!!!
    I think of it as "melting into Spring"!!!

  15. Jacqueline, what a sight. Do you normally get this much snow? It looks so pretty especially on your adobe wall. The first snowfall sure makes everything look spectacular. We have yet to get any but we did get lucky and had some rain, thunder and lightening a couple of days ago, but back to sunshine now..Happy Sunday..Judy

  16. It does look pretty....would you like me to send you some more???
    We still have 6 ft. banks in our yard.

    Have a good week!

  17. The snow looks very pretty on all your garden elements. You are lucky that it won't last long. We have lots to share just like Carolyn does. :)

  18. I will be very happy to see the snow go away here in Michigan but on your porch and in your yard it looks so lovely all I can think is that if I had that view, I might not want to wish it farewell so soon!

  19. Hi Jacqueline, it's so pretty, but we've had enough right? Your pics are gorgeous. We were away on a getaway when it hit here in the Dallas area. However in the Hill Country we were iced in too.
    Today we are having rain turning to sleet with freezing temps.
    Spring hurry up!!
    Hugs, CM


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