Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nature's Gift

The weather is a hot topic as you've noticed! Or maybe I should say COLD. At any rate, it's just doing what it wants and is having its way with us. I thought I would continue showing more of the southwest part of the country that we live in.

These images are of the community gardens in an open space in Albuquerque that few folks even here know about. It is wonderful when flourishing, but even now a little time spent hiding out with the furtive birds will fill your soul for awhile.

People rent ground to grow things here. And there is always an unseen hand filling the bird feeders. Canadian geese and Sand Hill cranes hang out in the fields all winter, but they have almost all headed north again. 

I am thinking that the empty arms of the garden structures are like an abandoned grave site in an old western movie. But that's only my spring fever talking in my own old western town.

If we had rain it would be all green. Our temperatures have been in the high sixties for some time. But the gardens must wait for the yearly irrigation canals to be opened and flow from the river. And it is too soon for that.

Someone has turned dead branches, still rooted to the ground, into a bird feeder, and today it seems an artful object lesson for life. Something vague about lemons and lemonade, or use what you have, or building on the foundation of what has come before. . . .  

I wanted a big seed head like this one at the start of winter for decoration but left it lying amongst the weeds for birds instead. This may have been the very one. Finding it again now that the seeds are gone feels like the universe answering a good deed. 

The gardens are full of hidden pathways and benches the patrons have made for everyone to enjoy. An excellent pew for contemplation or a picnic among the butterflies, roadrunners, and rabbits that make a home here. I love a romp with our little girls in our secret garden here in summer.

Someone I never met will come soon to prune the roses, plant some peas, or a row of onions. There is an honor system where no one ever harvests what is not their own. . . .  a little heaven on earth.

I tell people that I went straight from cabin fever to spring fever! But I am thinking of all of you still stuck knee deep in freezing temperatures and snow, and sending warm wishes your way.

Happy Weekend!



  1. What a wonderful and gentle place to visit, full of peace. I'm sure it's stunning when it's green but the browns have a softness, a genuine earthiness that is so beautiful.

    I fear those cranes and geese are in for a rude awakening if they think they are returning to spring in the north. I'm pretty sure there isn't a one of us who wouldn't rather be in this sweet natural sanctuary than up here right now!

    Thank you for taking care of them...

  2. What beautiful winter pictures-full of serene beauty. The pictures are wonderful. xo Diana

  3. Love your nature Jacqueline, wonderful pictures of your prairie.


  4. ah so serene......and filled with so much love and care for Mother Nature....what a wonderful secret garden you have.....we are knee deep but its not bad this past week.....some sun some melting ? did I say melting..? but snow on the way so working with the Mother and trying to enjoy our season...a total of 9 deer in one day which is a beauty it itself.....guess she wants a time to be calm in all our lives for some reason.....making the best of it here on cape cod..
    stay warm its almost over * lorraine

  5. Beautiful scenes full of sepia tones - nature's palette mimics your own...<3 Lovely that you found the empty sunflower seed head - a sweet gift from the nature diva's! So lovely that some unseen angel keeps the feeders filled. Hope your weekend is sweet. xo Karen

  6. Places like this are such a blessing

  7. I have visited New Mexico twice in the summer and once in the winter. I think it is a beautiful state.

  8. Jacqueline,
    What a wonderful beautiful and peaceful place for you to visit. Loved all your wonderful pics in your post.
    Happy Sunday.

  9. Lovely shots... so quiet. The gardens (furrows) are so big, here community gardens are just tiny little plots.
    I am excited you are sharing photos of your neck of the wood, I like feeling like I have walked there along with you :-)
    We have rain coming mid week... I will try to blow it your way :-D
    Hugs & Happy Sunday!

  10. Jacqueline, you have shown your winter landscape in such a beautiful way. I'm so glad to see it because I was beginning to think that yours was nothing but meth labs! JOKE!! Huge Joke!! We are binge watching Breaking Bad and almost through it and I can't tell you how I LOVE it! But am glad to see that it is purely fiction. Happy Weekend..Judy

  11. Thank you Jacqueline, for the sweet tour of your secret southwest! It is a different place than the northeast and other areas. My desert southwest/AZ is different than yours, however, still beautiful in it's own way! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  12. please show pix when there are gardens... i love these and would love to see it in full bloom... god bless and thanx... hugs2u

  13. love the neutral colors and texture:) i'd love to see it in full bloom. here it's 0 degrees with 7" of new snow!

  14. What a nice change to see ground, instead of mounds of snow. I love all the images you shared, Jacqueline. I had the sense of walking along side of you in the quiet beauty of your secret garden.
    Thank you for sharing this peaceful place.

  15. Beautiful! Just beautiful!!!
    I miss it so!
    However, we did have some sun today and around here, our lawns and fields are all lush green--from all the rain and mild temps. And I must admit that I do like that beauty, too. I mean the green, not the rain. I had to mow the lawns yesterday! (not complaining!) But, as you know, that sun is a rarity. Thanks for sharing the beauty there.


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