Monday, March 2, 2015

Adding A Touch Of Farmhouse Style

Until I encounter the French grain sack original, my new Downton Village stand-in will do the job.

I thought I would like a few more cushions with graphics on the sofa, but for now this is as much pattern as I want. A little goes a long way.

I like this space without too many distractions. Usually with just a few necessary items close at hand on the table.

It's a reading room by day, and for watching the real Downton Abbey at night. . . .

There is ticking on the reverse of the pillow, and I may add some more of that. A stripe is a little less busy, and I like the old farmhouse feel.

The old French armchair has stayed in this room since the holidays and I had to try the new pillow out on it too!

I think the Dowager Countess from Downton sits on a similar chair in her study. I tossed a vintage cloth with a net lace hem over the seat for the photo. One of my more recent finds.

A couple of wicker covered wine jugs add to the country farmhouse illusion. The graphic behind the twig wreath is another Jeanne D'Arc Living paper design. I got both the paper and the Downton Pillow here at Vintage Market & Design.

Welcome to March!
Hope it's a great new week for you!


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  1. What a beautiful room. Love all the different textures.

  2. So beautiful Jacqueline,
    I too am in this same mood of adding French prairie farmhouse to my home, maybe a bit more colour.

    I love the rug that sets the foundation for your farmhouse feel, all your beauty is evident in how it all works together perfectly.

    See you soon beautiful home.


  3. Love it, your farmhouse feel for March is awesome.

    Going over to check out that shop now.

    Have a wonderful week, J.

  4. I love the new pillow... and your decorating style...
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. I love your new pillow. I also enjoyed the glimpse of your white brick and wood beams... simply beautiful! ~julie

  6. I can see myself watching "Downton Abbey" in a beautiful room like yours. I am going to have a hard time waiting to see it again in January of 2016.

  7. Just lovely. The pillow is the perfect accent for your very soft and romantic room.


  8. Your sitting area is just lovely Jacqueline! And, I can't believe that we have to wait until January 2016 to see any more Downton!! Crazy!! Blessings, Cindy

  9. Love the new pillow! I'd like to spend time in this room with it's lovely ambiance.

  10. Hi J,
    I just love visiting you in your sitting room, so cozy! Your sofa looks gorgeous, the perfect mix of ruffles and fluff, I would never get up!!
    Love the pop the new pillow brings to the mix... How have I not seen that rug? pure gorgeousness!!
    Beautiful style!
    Oh... and love those sassy leopard readers too :-D

  11. Love the new pillow Jacqueline. The room is so cozy and serene. Love the touch of farmhouse feel to this room.

  12. Love the pillow. I think it adds just enough to the sofa.

  13. This room is just so beautiful, and the added addition of the pillow makes it even more perfect. Your photos always have a sense of peace and serenity about them - you truly have a gift for capturing the mood of a room or vignette.


  14. Beautiful colors in white and old natural. This room is styled with grace. When i watch Downton Abbey, my favorite TV-serie...i dreaming, its so beautiful and also the room in your house is gorgeus....greetz Marjon

  15. the downton pillow--love! and the new chair is beautiful, jaqueline!! the wicker jugs give great contrast to your charming whites, too:) thanks for sharing the vintage market site!

  16. Jacqueline,
    Oh, what loveliness, dear friend!!!
    I, especially, adore the final photo with another subtle ticking pillow to accentuate your Downton Pillow!!!
    Looking forward to observing the view here on the Prairie turn from brown~to~green during this month of March!!!

  17. Jacqueline, such warm and beautiful space. Love the pillow


  18. I love the little touch of striping and the grain sack pillows with your room, Jacqueline. Everything you put in there always looks beautiful. Sadly, we will have to wait until next January to see more of DA. Your decorating will keep the memories alive..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  19. Beautiful, Jacqueline. I always feel a little more special when I pull my pens and pencils from a lovely old cup or creamer or similar. They look perfect here!

  20. Today I saw that very same pillow in an antique shop and I immediately thought of you.

  21. Such a soft, serene room to read or watch Downton. Love all the sweet details, especially your new pillow xo K

  22. Your new pillow is a perfect fit for your gorgeous space

  23. What a lovely room! And I think that Downton should be non-stop :)

  24. This room is so inviting, and cozy.
    All of the pillows on the sofa are so squishy and soft looking. I love the white brick wall, and the beams overhead.
    You really know how to put a room together for a perfect look, and feel, Jacqueline.

  25. I love the look of your grain pillow. This is a standout..
    Come and see me sometime.

  26. That is a great pillow Jacqueline! I love the colors and textures you have going on in your house! Thanks for sharing at HSH!

  27. What a beautiful reading room ( since Dwonton Abbey watching is now officially over for a year LOL )
    LOVE the pillow !

  28. I absolutely am in love with your blog! Just my style! Where did you get those adorable glasses with the leopard print frames? They are fab!


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