Monday, April 8, 2013

Linens in a Sunny Window

Sometimes as I pass through a room on my way to some task, it just hits me. The sunshine streaming through a window and casting something in a fabulous new light. 

What can you do but stop in your tracks a moment, before it's gone forever? 

A basket full of delicate linen can have that effect on me. 

I'm never really far from my infatuation. But I'm sure spring fever has a lot to do with it today. 

I admit to also being a tad under the influence of Pretty Pastel Style, by Selina Lake. Have you seen it? Even taken even in small doses it can definitely feed the fever. . . .

"Colours are moody, Colours are personal. Colours--like names or scents--carry all kinds of associations. Pastels are no exception." (Introduction) And what could be more perfect for spring?

Okay. Back to work!

Have a sweet week ahead!


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Stephanie Ruby Feldman said...

I now have a new book that I wish to buy!In answer to your question... Yes. There is a weathered green wire basket that sits on my sofa table, inside it is some greenery, in front is two little wooden birds with a white antique finish to them... in the very early morning hours the sun comes through the window at the top of the door, and it highlights this little collection of items. The dappled sunlight, mixed with deep shadows ALWAYS make me stop, smile and drift off to a calm state of has to be a favorite little spot of mine and a favorite time of day and yes it does take my breath away in a good way.

Pamela Gordon said...

I love your basket of linens in the sunshine. Beautiful. The book looks like it would be very interesting and I adore the kitchen photo you shared. Have a lovely week! Pamela

Katherine Wolak said...

You have such fantastic linens!!! I love the colours, the gentle weaves and the light hitting this is charming!


Bella said...

Hi J,
Two of my favorite things at your place lovely linens and that gorgeous sunlight you capture so well... Beutiful linens and nice to see the color cross stitch work... I am feeling the need for color! That book, I am gonna check it out tonight!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So pretty! The stitched linens are beautiful. And that book, though not my style, looks sensational. Who doesn't love pretty, inspring photos? I have her other book and love it! Best wishes, Tammy

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

So pretty, Jacqueline. Those are moments that should not be passed by. That looks like a great book..Happy Tuesday..Judy

Things and Thoughts said...

Wonderful,lightful photos of your great linen collection Jacqueline!
Thanks for showing us all these lovely things!

iris said...

très belles collections de lin
des petites nappes brodés
avec des roses j' en ai brodées
c' est plus des sets qu' une nappe
je les ai en bleu et en rose
tout plein de couleurs pastels
comme je les aime
votre bouquet de branches printanière
est superbe aussi
ce livre à l' air très intéressant
dommage qu'il ne soit pas en Français
bonne journée
edith (iris)

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

I love to see things in the light of a window. They look surreal and enchanting. I had never thought of putting linen there. I usually put glass. Lovely idea. I love too the way you have displayed your booth with all the gorgeous items in the previous post. xx

ImSoVintage said...

For me, the best part of spring is opening windows and letting the fresh breezes gently blow the curtains. I love the play of sunlight on the room.

On Crooked Creek said...

For "Mr. Ed" and I, it is the view on our back deck! My friend came for Tea recently and helped me re~vamp our back deck for Spring! Now, we both stop in our tracks as the light comes across it each morning, beckoning us to come outdoors, breathe a breath of fresh air and linger with morning coffee!!!
Your linens and photography are gorgeous! This vignette in an Antique Mall booth would stop me in my tracks, for sure!!!
Blessings for a marvelous week to you, too, dear friend!!!

Cynthia said...

Beautiful pictures and just gorgeous linens. The sunlight does give them a nice glow.


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jacqueline, Such a beautiful way to start the day. Thank you for the gorgeous linen and cross stitch inspiration. I have baskets full like this too. Think I will share them with the sunlight!! The book looks interesting. I have not seen this one yet.
Happy Collecting!

Marikki said...

Dear Jacqueline,

You have beautiful blog:)
The book Pretty pastel style looks so interesting:)

Have a nice week for you!

Many greetings from Finland,

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh I love that too! The sun shining in on lace curtains too!! So pretty, and soothing!


SizzleandZoom said...

Fabulous photos around the new(to me) book. I will be looking for that.

Kay said...

Oh, Yes indeed I love sunshine streaming through a window! It is too rare here, but when it is shining, if I am not outside in it, I follow it from the east to the west in my house, occupying myself in whichever room it's the brightest. It brightens my mood and lightens my soul and brings me peace like nothing else!! So thank you for the many photos of sunlight streaming in your beautiful home. Love beautiful linens, too! Kay

chateau chic said...

You have the most lovely linens, Jacqueline, and I always enjoy seeing how you have them displayed! Thanks for showcasing the book. I think I need that one in my collection of decorating books.
Mary Alice

Bloggymom said...

Beautiful linens!!!

I may have to go and find that book.

Haworth said...

What beautiful pictures, Jacqueline. The sun is lovely on your linen basket. It truly capture the sweet spring fever that's drifted over us recently with these gentle balmy days.

Maggie Ann said...

Lovely thoughts and pretty things. I got my love of needlework from my Mom's side of the family and it is so nice. I enjoy these works of art, preserved and handed down lovingly.

8)(8 said...

So pretty!

Meg Hall said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kukkaiselämää - My flowering life said...

You have such beautiful linens! Stunning pictures! Happy weekend!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Thanks for telling me about this charming looking book...looks like I need to check it out. Enjoy this spring day. Also, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment about my question.


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