Monday, April 22, 2013

Tatting, Tidbits & Teacups

I've been turning over teacups and tea cloths lately. . . . This delicate spring vine china pattern will also look lovely at Christmas. (It's not too early to be thinking about that is it?) I found two sets.

I brought my recent vintage finds out into the bright and fresh spring air to show you. The week ahead promises to be warm and windless and sunny. What more can we ask for?

Hints of notions, and my new ironstone bowl. This stuff really doesn't turn up here much, so when it does I squirrel it away. We use it everyday. Wears like iron, and just as heavy. Love this embossed style.

I pick up linens and laces usually just one item at a time. I'm always thrilled when a pristine snippet of tatting comes along. Since I have never learned the art, I find tatted lace the most fascinating of all. You can see the technique here on the left versus the crochet in ecru on the right.

I turned up a set of four beautiful French plates this week too. Perfect for spring!

One of my thrills of the hunt came in a little plastic bag with a spool of silk taffeta ribbon tucked inside, accompanied by some old and tiny envelopes of hooks and eyes. A booklet on tatting was also included. There were small embroidery hoops (one of them wooden) that I'm not showing here. Don't you love the old graphics? I don't think I would be more thrilled if I was panning for gold!

I found the tatted piece a few days later. It's a smallish Irish linen table runner in the exquisite condition you see here. Already clean and ironed. One dollar. Some days the junking muses smile on us. Yes?

The crochet runner underneath it all has a smooth linen panel in the center and a substantial worked hem. You see it folded in half here as it drapes off the table. Also nice and heavy.

The cross-stitched underskirt is a thrift find too from years past. Its hem is in shreds as I found it. But it still cheers me up to no end every time I bring it out. It seems just perfect in spring.

I hope you have some little lovelies waiting ahead for you too this week! I'll make a wish for that with all the dandelions popping up on the lawn!


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Pat Cantwell said...

Oh, dear friend, all of your "junking" finds are exquisite!!! I agree, the Graphics are splendid!!!
Thank you for your well wishes...I have a Road Trip planned for Saturday!!!

val's alentejo said...

The ladies in the north of portugal still do hand made tatting.. I have somewhere some serviette rings that one of my friends made me over 40 years ago.
I love the table cloth with the very large beige crochet surround..its beautiful.
you have such great stuff there Jacqueline.
happy Monday
val x

Becky from TN said...

I believe tatting is almost a lost art. It is breathtakingly lovely but I never learned to do it. I do love it so.
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful finds....I simply adore the Limoges plates....they are just spectacular and the dried roses certainly accent their beauty.
Your collection of lovely linens is wonderful.
Thanks for a fabulous start to a week! Have a Happy Monday!

Pamela Gordon said...

Jacqueline, the first thing I thought of when I saw the teacups was Christmas. :) Love the linens. It's so nice you can display them on your patio now. Enjoy the sunny week. Pamela

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh I love the tatted runner! My dear mother in law did tatting, and I just did a post about the greeting card she made from it. come by and see!


Olga said...

Wonderful finds! I'm too fascinated by tatted lace. It's so delicate. I wonder if it's difficult to learn tatting. I love that crocheted table runner in ecru as well. Looks so lovely. I'm going to bookmark that photo. Perhaps one day I'll try to make something similar.
Have a nice week!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Lots of treasures you found! I don't think I'll ever get used to all the beautiful items we can find thrifting. You always find the most lovely linens edged with fancy stitching. Darling teacup, too!

Town and Country Gals said...

you found the most beautiful things! I love the little vine pattern, it can go either way, spring or Xmas, and the dishes, sweet! Your linens are beautiful, always fun to get them out to enjoy.

Maggie Ann said...

A beautiful post! Of course I love the tatting and would love to see inside your tatting book. It looks fascinating. I have been tatting up a storm this week and loving it. You would enjoy it I'm sure ...once you got the hang of it. That tablecloth is so pretty...I can see how it would cheer a person up that loves needlework. For sure....=) love all your photos...

8)(8 said...

Very beautiful!!!

8)(8 said...

Very beautiful!!!

SizzleandZoom said...

I love the white runner. I would have picked that up in a heartbeat.

Burlap Luxe said...

Any thing tattered, whites, grey's, naturals, and all your beauty touches me soulfully inspiring me to be on the look-out for linens.

Thank you for sharing what graces your home.

Lululiz said...

What a delightful post, I thoroughly enjoyed all the beautiful photographs.

Sherry Hahn said...

I remember you finding the Brambly Hedge too Jacqueline. I was so excited to see it! Is it harder to find in the US? Most of the Ebay listings are from the UK. I will be on the lookout for that teapot. I also ordered a used book. I have never read the stories but they look charming!

Ral @ARTbyRT Seascapes and Island Life said...

your photos and subjects are soothing, thanks for sharing a beautiful blog, Aloha Raliegh

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Beautiful linens and teacups! I love your dried roses too. They make a charming picture on your pretty china. Have a lovely week.


Algodão Tão Doce said...

Acabei de conhecer o seu blog,achei lindo, maravilhoso!!!Me visite:
Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


Beijos Marie.

Art and Sand said...

You have a knack for finding the most beautiful linens. I really need to start a collection.


Love all of your pix! But the French Plates were superb!

Haworth said...

What wonderful finds, Jacqueline! Especially the beautifully tatted runner and the notions. (As you know, I'm a sucker for vintage packaging!) I have ivory bobbins that a friend's aunt passed on to me but have never tried doing it myself. (One bobbin still has tatted lace hanging from it... I didn't have the heart to take it off.) So glad you're having sunny days. We've been blessed with an entire week of sun and blue skies and I couldn't be happier. Wishing you more of the same in the days ahead. And thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words. I wish you lived near enough for a cup of tea!

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