Friday, June 29, 2012

Vintage Red White & Blues

I'm far from alone in loving the look of old cars. And I love all those ads that use an old truck or auto grill to catch your eye for something else they're selling. I'd love to have my own '42 Chevy in oxidized green (or any other color) with its fat round fenders sitting in my driveway, or to tool around town. We're still in Blaine, Washington where this beautiful small bay side town is readying for a good old fashioned 4th of July celebration. Here are a few beauties in patriotic colors that we found parked around town.


Guess which one I liked the best! *smile*
Don't you love old fashioned celebrations?
Hope yours is fun!


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  1. Wonderful! I'm charmed by the red and white station wagon!

  2. I like the old cars and truck and like seeing the northwest area also

    reminds me of Portland Oregon

  3. I am guessing that pickup truck :-)
    We and I say we because my husband myself and daughter all love going to those vintage car shows.We have a big one in our town every summer and we don't miss it.Always so fun to look and dream about the cars of yesteryear.Thank you for those fab photos.Looks like you are having an amazing time!

  4. I adore you images so much and couldn't begin to select a favorite! It's a great collection!

    I'm back from an extended blog break and hope you will join me for Potpourri Friday, in progress! I've missed reading your beautiful posts!

  5. Love these classic cars and trucks. that red/white Chevy station wagon reminds me of our family car back when I was little. Except ours was mint green and white! Have a great weekend, J, and Happy 4th!!!

  6. My husband owns 2 old Caddys....and he adores them....I will show him this post and watch him drool!

  7. This post is for my husband and son, they love these vintage vehicles!!

  8. love the old truck, jacqueline:) i wish i lived in a small town! happy weekend!

  9. What a perfect post for summer! And the Fourth!

  10. The perfect post for a patriotic vintage linky party- well done.

    I adore vintage cars! My husband's brothers own a vintage car restoration company and are very involved with it.

  11. Love old cars but have a soft spot for trucks! Great red, white and blue hydrant too:@)

  12. Nothing like a good old-fashioned small town 4th of July celebration! The white truck is definitely my favorite.

  13. Great post! Makes me long for my little home town.

  14. Jacqueline, I think your old fashioned 4th of July sounds like fun. I hope you'll share lots of photos. Have a great visit. ~ Sarah

  15. love the vintage vehicles!
    I bet you liked the white truck.
    The Honey and I like to go to the car show when it's in town.
    Love seeing them.
    the hydrant brought back a memory I have as a child, in 1976 ...the 200th anniversary of our Fair Country...our little town painted all the water hydrants up to look festive and patriotic. I remember the one on our road looking like like a dog with a fire helmet on! ...sweet memories, Pat

  16. My husband and I love old cars and trucks and that white one is wonderful

  17. Hi J,
    Well you are making Blaine look good, the Bedford Falls of the Northwest! I'll have to add it to my places I must trek to someday list!
    I see those old trucks for sale around here... and always like you, see it sitting in my the driveway :-) I'll flip you for the white one ;-)
    I heard Clint Estwood has the one from Bridges of Madison County and drives it around Carmel CA...
    not quite as old, but stylin'...

  18. Those cars and trucks are so great, Jacqueline! They remind me of the cars people drove when I was a small child. All that chrome and the white walls! I hope you had a terrific holiday there.


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