Monday, April 2, 2012

There's No Place Like Home

It's good to get away from familiar territory now and then and give the old scene a rest. I enjoy travel, but the comforts of home are hard to leave. I have to remind myself to keep as much coming in to feed creativity and energy as I put out. 

And mission control will stay pretty much intact until I get back. 

Now when I say change of scene, I'm talking about exposure to the unexpected, like this poster in a diner that turned out the only place to eat in miles of open road on a Sunday.

It almost made me wish I could come back again next weekend and see a few fresh faces. . . .

And have a few new experiences. . . .

But it doesn't take too many joints like this...

With views like this...

To make you appreciate getting back home to this.

It was 84 degrees and gorgeous when we left, and we came home to wind and rain and 54 degrees! But there's nothing like home sweet home, eh? 

As Karen Blixen would say,"I like my things. . . ."

Once I flipped a new page on the calendar, my world was right again.

Good thing I brought along those ruby slippers!
I hope your week is turning out well too!



  1. Welcome home! Your roses are gorgeous. So was that place good?

  2. Oh dear...just after the hanging...does make your diggs beautiful as they are incredibly appealing. We vacation at our vacation house. Travel does not charm me any longer. My garden does charm me. I told Joe I am officially a nerd now. I watch PBS, read all the time and garden. Happy I am.

  3. Local places are always fun to try. They may or may not be good, but it's better than another generic meal at a chain that could be in Anytown, USA.

  4. Hi Jacqueline: You are so right. There truly IS no place like home..Happy Monday to you..Judy

  5. Jacqueline, it's always such a pleasure to see your vignettes. I can escape right into another world. ~ Sarah

  6. I completely agree - it is fun to check out new horizons..........and it sure does make one appreciate home.

    There is NO place like it anywhere else.

    Have a wonderful week.

  7. I agree, home always looks so good again when we've been away!
    Mary Alice

  8. We're heading through NM next week on our way to Texas ~ hoping to find some picture-worthy scenery. I'll honk when I go by (:

  9. Yes,no place like home. Lovely pics

  10. You are absolutely right to say that you like your stuff! I find this corner of your house so romantic and relaxing. Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!! Happy Easter.

  11. I don't get out of my element very often but, I like my things, too. Yours too!


  12. My dear Jacqueline: Home Sweet Home. I love your home. I can understand why you find it too comfortable to go away. I don't think I would ever want to go away if I have a place like yours. It would be like being on a vacation everyday. Holidays can be wonderful but it's an expensive way of proving that there is no place like home! Best wishes, ASD x

  13. Your beautiful tableaux and photographs make it easy to see why you enjoy coming home after being away. I feel the same way when I leave my cottage and return. (And Karen Blixen has always been my hero! She understood, as do you.)

  14. Dearest Jacqueline,

    How true. There is no place like home. How wonderful it is to go away or visit friends and family..but nothing compares to opening the front door and being home once more.
    All your lovely familiar things around you..
    A lovely blog once again.
    Happy Tuesday. Enjoy it all

  15. That sure was a huge change in temperature!

  16. the old saying "there's no place like home" is so true and your's is so pretty.

  17. Love this post and I am in full agreement with you...Home is most definitely where my heart and my happiness resides. Sometimes when we travel I feel a bit guilty for anticipating my return home at the beginning of the trip...Sometimes even before we leave :-)




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