Monday, April 30, 2012

On the Veranda

I always think of a veranda as a much grander affair than our two small porches are. Yet they are still pleasant enough for taking in the air, and covered enough to have a little protection for furniture. One can enjoy a gentle drizzle from beneath the eaves, but a real downpour would drive us indoors. A few cushions make it comfortable on the old wooden church pew for taking coffee in the morning or after a meal. Here, in seclusion, we are surrounded by birdsong, a few shade loving plants, and in the cool hours of the day we enjoy a bit of shuffling through the paper or a magazine. . . .

Today I've been enjoying the long awaited Romantic Prairie Style magazine out here. A cozy porch is perfect for reading about blogging friends, studying gorgeous photos, and just savoring a wonderful  style. I'm so excited it's finally here! It's just jam packed gorgeousness!

Without a handy window ledge, the porch is a good place for rooting my Swedish Ivy.

So nice for you to hang out with me on my little veranda today!
Stop by any time!


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  1. What a great magazine rack! Love the shape and the cut-outs.

  2. What a wonderful space for a well needed respite!

    Love it - the colors are natural and easy and calming and nice!

    I would be DELIGHTED to sit there with you anytime, Jacqueline!

  3. Gorgeous green and white vignette Jacqueline. Even your plants are in your color palette. I discovered the Prairie magazine while waiting around for Joe in Lowes yesterday (good news is I finally bought a dryer for the yellow house). It is chock full of much to fall in love with and I am not finished with it as I traveled today.

  4. I haven't heard of the magazine here, which doesn't surprise me as we are so far away. I just can't get away from the lovely green on the striped cushion. It's so lovely with all the green leafy plants and white lace. xx

  5. You are as in love with your little tucked away place as I am with mine. Don't they bring joy?
    I am constantly changing mine and playing with the space. Rain..yes..mine has a tin roof and it's great. I have to go back now and look closely at every little plant.. :):) What a sweet space you have.

  6. Hi J,
    Nothing beats a cozy nook! I am still looking for that Prarie Style magazine, no luck here, YET! I love seeing all the pretty greens and flowers tucked around... just as lovely as can be! I have an old magazine rack in the attic, you have inspired me to bring it outside... the best place to read these days :-)
    Nice visiting today :-)

  7. I would just love to be sitting on your veranda reading that new magazine!

  8. What a cozy sweet space to relax in! I have been looking for the magazine with no luck! I look forward to relaxing on my patio under the umbrella with it in hand and an iced tea in the other! Have a great week sweet friend!


  9. How important it is to take time to just be. To sit, listen, enjoy a quiet moment. Such a lovely setting you have created for just that...

  10. The porch is one of my favorite places to relax, there are rocking chairs on mine. Your porch look beautiful, I love the green and white. I need to find a copy of that magazine! Have a great week, Laura

  11. Jacqueline: It was beautiful on the veranda today. Do you think the magazine is on stands in California? I haven't seen it yet..Happy May Day to you..Judy

  12. Beautiful and so interesting blog! Regards.

  13. Your veranda looks a pleasant place to sit and I like the look of the magazine. I love that green/cream striped cushion too. No cover on my terrace so it has to be dry to sit outside and yesterday for the first time this year I actually sat out there for a while with a cup of coffee and a book. Today it's raining again:(

  14. Looks like a wonderful quiet place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. I work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I wish I could sit there with my laptop and work away - what a pleasure that would be.
    I've never seen that magazine - I'll have to go on a hunt for it. And Swedish ivy - it's been years since I've seen it. I remember ages ago when I used to root it too. What a sweet memory you've stirred up.

  15. Your theme of green and white on your veranda is lovely. It makes me want to be there and gave me some ideas on what to do with mine.


  16. love the green, browns, and creamy whites, jacqueline! i just got that magazine--its awesome, isn't it? have a great week out on your pretty veranda:)

  17. Just love the plants and pots! Joan

  18. Love your veranda. So cosy.

    Hugs from me

  19. What an amazing place to sit and relax.LOVE all the white too.

  20. Jacqueline,
    Oh...what a lovely spot to slip away and rest from the day's busyness!!! I could almost smell the aromic rosemary and thyme, dear friend! Hm~m~m...I'm going to check out that new magazine! I just finished reading Romantic Prairie Style , the book on Sunday!

  21. How lovely! I adore the pops of green! Tell a veranda like a piazza (hope I am spelling it right!)?

  22. Nothing so lovely as a veranda, porch, or whatever you have to sit at the end (or beginning) of a day, and enjoy the beauty and peace around you. It is time for our big wood porch swing to come up now and I love to read on it and watch the sunsets.
    It totally got BLOWN OFF this past fall in all the horrible winds we had here...and it is one HUGE BIG HEAVY swing. Sheeeesh.

  23. I loved hanging out on your veranda - thank you.


  24. You're so lucky to have such a lovely place to hang out, Jacqueline. I love the touches of green, especially at this time of year. I would be out there each morning, or evening, with my tea, enjoying the start—or the end—of the day. I hope you're having a lovely week!

  25. Your veranda is so lovely and perfect ... and truly romantic! Romantic enough to be in Romantic Prairie Style magazine too!




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