Friday, April 13, 2012

Anatomy Of A Tablescape

Sometimes my life forgets that I have a blog to run here, and I run out of time for my tablescape. I did what all resourceful bloggers do. I took pictures of what I was doing while I was doing it. Bloggers blog. . . . all the time.

You may see some version of this tablescape soon. I say "some version" because I never know exactly what will happen in the end. Sort of like life. . . . So I thought I would walk you through my process of tablescaping.

I start with a concept like, I haven't used my Limoges in a long time, or,  I want to do a post with that tablecloth. Then I decide on a mood. This one was airy, feminine. Something for a ladies lunch, or a bridal shower. It is that time of year. . . .

That means somethig gauzy and layered and ruffled and lacy. A sheer underlayer. So I go hunting the house for that.

This is still an idea phase. It seems long because I'm talking it through, but it's just a quick peeking in drawers and in the linen closet for possiblities. Maybe over time. I pulled out some pale pinks and hated them. They took away from my dishes instead of enhancing them. I can only tell when I look at them together.

This sheer embroidered voile is perfect, and the dishes remind me of a runner I have with similar colors and scale to the plate design, so I'll try to incorporate that to bring in more soft color, detail, and interest. I won't know what works until I start laying it all out.

This extra something (je ne sais quois) can take a table from okay to special. The something is really essential. So I hope I can actually use it in the end.

My choice for napkins.

For napkin rings.

All ready and waiting like a bride in the wings. . . .

I know I will use these knives. They support "airy" better than silver does. The rest of the flatware doesn't matter.

There's a bit of polishing to do. The camera catches everything. (No wonder I run out of time!) Speaking of . . . it often helps to snap a few frames when you think you're finished, because a photo can show you things you didn't notice before. Pros often do this with polaroids to check lighting and framing.

My place cards will be a plain mauvy envelope. (I could write a special note inside. Or give a gift card.) The table elements are busy, so I want something simple. The solid block of color, pale as it is, grounds everything, and keeps my "airy" from floating off the table. I actually tried a floral printed card, but it was too much competition for the patterns even though the card was small.

Finally, I have to choose a setting to stage my table. It will depend on the weather (inside or out?). Today is windy. What time of day it is when I have time to shoot (where's the best light?). What space is available? I have family in for the weekend. The loud and sticky fingered kind. The dining room is out. . . .

I also have to visit the florist for my centerpiece as I have something "airy" in mind. (No, I did not say airhead!) And I have to clear the nursery for my little visitors. So it's all up in the air! (Perhaps I should have chosen a different theme.) Ah, it's all for good fun anyway!

But, hey! I hope your weekend is wonderful!
 Thanks for popping by!


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Entertaining Women said...

This is exactly why my guest rooms/staging rooms are constantly in a state of flux. Well illustrated. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

CJ Foss said...

Love that you walked us through your process. Sometimes the process takes a few minutes, and sometime I build it in my head for days, then throw it together quickly. Your linens and china are the perfect airy look for a ladies lunch.
Very happy Spring! Thanks for sharing. ~CJ

CJ Foss said...

Love that you walked us through your process. Sometimes the process takes a few minutes, and sometime I build it in my head for days, then throw it together quickly. Your linens and china are the perfect airy look for a ladies lunch.
Very happy Spring! Thanks for sharing. ~CJ said...

I love the hand sewn little afternoon tea cloth..embroidery.. its so sweet.
You have a wonderful collection of linen Jacqueline.
lovely photos
Its all fun . I enjoy reading your posts
thank you
happy Friday

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Jacqueline: Lovely as usual. Those napkins and napkin rings are so special. What bride-to-be wouldn't want those at her table..Happy Friday..Judy

Anne said...

You have the prettiest dishes and linens.You have some great shops around.Your setting looks lovely.And are those vintage roses?They are perfect napkin rings.

Haworth said...

The process of arranging a special table is certainly an art and takes more time than people might think! The mauve place cards will be just right with your lovely limoges, Jacqueline. And I hope the embroidered runner finds its way into the tablescape... it's so pretty. Have a lovely weekend!

wendy said...

You certainly have an eye and talent to put together such beautiful things. My goodness, turning setting the table into a real Art Piece.

I have never owned a napkin ring in my life.

Michele said...

I shiver with anticipation for the reveal - your elements are divine.

You are a true master of art, my friend! LOVELY!!!!!

Nancy @ The Headmistress said...

Everything, EVERYTHING is just beautiful: the lines, china, all of it! I usually have lots of color on the table, but have recently begun to experiment with lighter and pastels, though I'm nowhere in your league!! Thank you for sharing this lovely post!

Sarah said...

Jacqueline, this is full of beauty as usual. Love the delicate linens and the napkin rings.

Pamela Gordon said...

So pretty! I love the pastel flowered runner and those pretty lace edged napkins. Have a super weekend. Pamela

Dianne said...

It's fun when creative people share their process. i am always pulling stuff out and playing with it and even my husband gets involved, but you have such lovely things to play with! I hope you post the reveal too so we can see how it all came together. Dianne

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Simply lovely -- I adore your vintage linens. What a pretty china pattern too.

Sylvia said...

I feel kind of privileged to know your secret (your process) of tablescaping - thank you. You chose the most delicate and beautiful linens, not to mention the tender china pattern; THE similar colors and the design of the plate and the runner left me speechless ...I found myself staring at this image, going throughout every single detail of both

Blondie's Journal said...

It's interesting and inspiring to watch you go through the steps of making a beautiful table...and hear your thoughts at the same time! As always, I find your linens just lovely. The napkins rings...sigh! Now, let's see the rest!


Boriville said...

Love the laces and pretty flowers.

The Charm of Home said...

So pretty! Love the napkin and napkin ring roses. gorgeous!

pembrokeshire lass said...

I always enjoy your tables apes and wish I could do the same! I have some lovely tray cloths etc that my mother in law crocheted. I used to use them but have put them away perhaps it's time to take them out!?! You really are an inspiration. Joan

SImple and Serene Living said...

What a pretty look for a spring luncheon. Your linens are lovely.

Heirloom treasures said...

You are a real tease Jacqueline, I was reading and looking at your pictures in anticipation. Then I find you didn't show us the finished table setting. Don't you know I can't wait to see the end result. LOL
Seriously,everything is just lovely xx

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

such gorgeous linens and china.

Rose Garden Malevik said...

Hi Jac.
what a wonderful Post :)
Just LOVE these romantic :)
and do not miss......




it is FUN :)
Håkan ( The Roseman)

Olive said...

So interesting your timing of this post because I did a sort of "almost tablescape" yesterday morning. It was great fun and I still need to edit the images. I have only done one other in 2 years of blogging. My roses are blooming so it seemed a perfect time to set it up on the patio. I do not have your treasure trove of linens but I hope you will enjoy the post on Monday. Your linens are lovely.

Elegant Economies said...

So beautiful! What a genius you have for tablescaping!I would LOVE to have a BIG closet to store all my stuff....til then I have to search the entire house, too! But, it is fun!

On Crooked Creek said...

Oh, dear you intice me to return! Soon,very soon, my dearie!

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Jacqueline, that runner is definitely a beautiful complement to your plates! What a gorgeous tablescape this will be ... someday!

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

What beautiful linens! And the dishes are gorgeous. A true eye-candy of a post.

debi said...

What a fun and beautiful post! I'm seriously swooning over your beautiful dishes and linens.

d e l i g h t said...

So stunning! I love the napkin rings. Lovely photgraphs!

Anonymous said...


Misti @ Living On Cypress Hill said...

Those napkins and rings are beautiful!! I wish I had a variety of things so that I could create different looks from time to time. Very informative post! :)

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