Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cherry Blossoms and Snow

Just a teensy reminder of who's really in charge. . . .

We were lucky. Often our Easter storm is inches deep. We didn't even freeze overnight with this one. Everybody's happy. We're back up to the 70's by tomorrow!

Can't wait for those cherries! Maybe we'll get to them before the robins and grackles this time. We always seem to be out of town when the fruit comes on, but they're early this year. Wish us luck!



  1. Is this not the craziest weather. I ate the best home grown tomatoes in November, now all the iris are in bloom here (TN) 2 months early.

  2. Very cool images or rather snowy.

  3. Thank goodness it didn't do more damage! I was watching my cherry tree like a hawk last Saturday morning when there was a threat of icy rain, but mercifully it came through unscathed. *phew*

  4. I love these photos! Your header is lovely, too!

  5. Frozen blossoms.


    : - (

    Even in all that you found art.


  6. Hi Jacqueline: I hope you get some of those cherries. Our blossoms around here usually get rained on and blown about, but we always seem to have the good fruit anyway. Yum! Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. The blossoms are beautiful the snow not so much! I hope you get buckets of cherries.

    Easter Blessings,


  8. How beautiful those cherry blossoms are. I always wanted to have a cherry tree in my yard, but I don't have space to plant it.

  9. Love your cherry blossoms in snow shots, Jacqueline! Gorgeous.

  10. I love white so much that even the snow at this time of year is beautiful. Sometimes when we complain about the weather we forgot WHO we are complaining about. Yes, He lets us know who is control. Noone creates more beauty!

  11. crazy weather. hope your cherries come in okay. it is going to cool off here tomorrow, but only into the 60s for the next week. that is more normal for us.

  12. I enjoyed your beautiful photos....and I know if those blossoms could protest the snow they surely would. But its as you say...what God sends, we have...and thankfully ....'God is love'

  13. Beautiful. At first I thought the snow was cherry blossom petals that had fallen. I think we may wake up to the same thing in the morning minus the cherry blossoms! lol

  14. I love the trunk...what a great picture with the snow on it.
    When I lived in Utah, we had lots of blossoms on our trees, my apple tree, apricot tree, and Yes, a cherry tree. such a beautiful sight.
    Nothing like that here where I live now.
    I have pussy willows..!! Does that count

  15. You have cherry trees!!! I'd be sitting on my chair shooing the birds away to get fresh cherries before the birds get to them!

  16. Beautiful photos Jacqueline,
    The snow is falling late. My sister in England is nearly snowed in, after a few weeks of summer weather.
    Here in Portugal its the same. I have the heating on again. Its miserable ,rainy and damp.
    Soon you will be showing us your bowl of cherries.
    happy wednesday

  17. That is plum crazy!! This weather is nuts, you have snow and texas has tornadoes...Hope it's not a sign of the summer ahead!!


  18. Yes, indeed, that little lesson in contrast does show us who is in charge.


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