Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Few Tulips and A Little Vintage

Are white tulips ever pure white? I don't know. But they are one of the most ethereal of flowers. I look forward to buying my first bunch each spring.

I thought they would look nice displayed against an antique glass washboard, and a few things suggestive of fresh laundry.

I just found a group of four of these vintage dish towels with the green and yellow stripe. The towels have embroidery that I'll have to show you again sometime. For now just the greens are working for me inside my enamelware pitcher.

A tuck of linen and lace, and a few wooden pins continue the story. . . .  

This linen round draped over the zinc wash bucket has wide lace that was fashioned with a tatting shuttle. An all but lost art.

The book is Spring Story from Jill Barklem's Brambly Hedge books.

 An antique linen baby top made very simply with only one button at each shoulder.

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful Easter week. It's been a little nerve wracking out there for some of us. My little Dallas, Texas family went through the tornado chaos, but are all okay. I hope you and yours are too. Ya'll take care now!


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  1. They are beautiful. The white tulip has always been my favorite. Next, the daisy. Against the lace they look even more lovely. Very pretty post. Deb

  2. When my white tulips bloomed I thought the same thing..pure beauty.

    Glad your family in Dallas is ok, so was mine thank goodness.

    Have a blessed Easter.

  3. Thank goodness your family is safe following those terrifying tornados! Very scary.
    But what is lovely and delicate are your beautiful images today; gorgeous!

  4. Such a lovely spring vignette! I love tatted pieces, as my mother in law made many things. She passed in this past December. I have all of her tatting shuttles too! Maybe I will try a little display like this. Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely Easter.


  5. I'm glad to hear your family is alright, Jacqueline. Those tulips look like they're blushing! I love the way tulips sort of faint and fall over when they're "going by"... very ladylike! That lace is so beautiful. I inherited some old bakelite tatting shuttles but have never tried using them. One still has a lovely long piece of lace hanging from it. I hope the rest of your week is calm and that you have a beautiful Easter weekend!

  6. Hello Jacqueline,
    I'm so glad you and your family are well! I saw it on our Weather Network and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the tractor- trailer flying through the air! Absolutely terrifying!

    On to a more pleasant topic...Love your whites! The tulips are gorgeous and the little spoon, linens and lace are so pretty! Lovely eye candy! Thanks for sharing and I wish you and yours a Happy Easter!


  7. Just beautiful, absolutely serene and perfectly displayed.

    Sorry about your TX family - I am praying for them all.

    We have had some REALLY odd weather, that's for sure!

  8. This is a sweet post. I love old buckets and washboards and all things vintage and laundry. Of course tulips are perfect with any setting. My heart goes out to those in Texas affected by the tornados. So sad. I'm glad your family are safe. Blessings, Pamela

  9. Hi Jacqueline: Great post! Only you could put together one like that. Perfect combination..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. Everytime i see tulips I think of my son...he just loves them! The white ones are especially lovely!

  11. I am yet to buy any Tulips Jacqueline Anemones have been on repeat for a couple of weeks but I promised myself some next week.

    The Tulips you chose are very pretty with that delicate blush adding to their demureness.


  12. You always put together the most beautiful arrangements, and photos of it.
    Tulips just make everyone smile I think.
    MY SISTER TATS. I have several doiles and things in my house that she has done. You are right, not many people know how to do that anymore.
    I am glad your Texas family is ok. What a disasterous bunch of tornadoes.

  13. Those tulips are beautiful! We just bought another plant stand for the kitchen today, but right now it's just bare. No flowers yet. Your pretty photos make me want to stop by another store to find something to put there tonight. Tulips would be pretty there.


  14. I am so glad to hear your family is safe.These spring storms are so scary.We are heading into tornado season here.
    Lovely photos of those white tulips.

  15. Storming off and on here now. Not an issue for me but our yellow house is very close to the Masters golf tournament in Augusta and it was shortened today. Driving around here is just awful. So glad your family is okay. Love the bucket, pitcher and tulip mix. I found a vintage galvanized bucket at a thrift this week. Happy day. It is so sad that I cannot grow tulips, might give it a try anyway. These white ones are so pretty.

  16. You can never go wrong with white tulips... I bought a bunch about a week ago, and loved every second of their bloom. They are so graceful and as you said ethereal...
    I just adore your fat little white bowl with the fat little spoon too.


  17. Love this post , the white curtain makes a beautiful backdrop...
    Come by for a visit...
    Blessings Lori

  18. Jacquline, I was just thinking how this time of year has the most Heavenly Flowers! All the whites, sooo pretty. And do you know I sell a little mesh bag of antique clothes pins in my booth? My customers love them! I filled a vintage bowl full of the pretty little bags.
    Your photos are wonderful as always, and thank you for the kind compliments on my furniture! You're a Doll!

  19. your pics are just charming, as always:)

  20. Hello Jacqueline, This is gorgeous! LOVE the soft textures - the tulips are perfect - you have a great eye for combining the elegant with the vintage.
    I hope you have a great day,

  21. What a beuatiful vignette!! And your white tulips...just gorgeous. You have such a remarkable way with putting things together that make the simple so extraordinary and elegant. Love it. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!


  22. So pretty! I love how you tuck in the children's books! Also another thing we have in common! Love it! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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