Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We've traveled a bit to see family this season even though air travel has become somewhat of an athletic marathon. Over time it takes its toll on the luggage too, and it was time to retire my beloved Palm Springs carry-on, or at least get the zippers redone.

There's no such thing as TLC for beautiful suitcases and trunks anymore I'm sorry to say. But there is some pretty rugged stuff that is also aesthetically worthy if you're willing to pay the price.

We have been known to eccentrically hand carry a vintage piece or two, but a month long jag of travel on planes, trains, and automobiles, calls for something a little more serious and a little less folly.

Trouble is, mainstream manufacturers are making everything either in black, or in ugly. You have to tag bags conspicuously in order to distinguish your black bag at one glance from the rest on the luggage carousel.

But beautiful new luggage can bring back a little of the romance in modern travel, and make it a golden age of travel again.

This was my choice from Hartmann. Not quite Louis V, but much more accessible. And it still looks respectable nestled in among the other world-wise vintage leather cases once it's home. It makes me feel ready for a jaunt into a brave new year. . . .

I also returned home to the Country Living  "white issue." These YUMMY custom leather tags from were featured inside.

I'm still getting oriented and finding my bearings at home. The deck is still swaying on dry land! Thanks for all your good wishes for the New Year. I have a lot of catching up to do!

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  1. Love the Safari Hat!

  2. Is all that old luggage yours? Love it all and love the new. Welcome home.

  3. I swooned over those tags too and you have a fabulous vintage collection of luggage. I have two vintage suitcases that my friends do not get...ha.

  4. Oh I liked those tags in Country Living too! After looking at the luggage I am ready to go traveling!!

  5. Jacqueline,
    Oh what a marvelous luggage collection! I adore the tweed look and found one in the background exactly like my Grandmothers...which she called her "grip"! Lovely post. Your new luggage is stunning!

  6. I agree... for the price there is no luggage more classic looking than the Hartmann tweed and leather.

  7. Love the old ones, but the new ones are very handsome and more practical. And that tweed fabric is wonderful.

  8. Very handsome bags, Jacqueline. You will be traveling in style!


  9. I love the old suitcases. They had a lot of style. Your new set is lovely.

  10. Jacqueline, those new suitcases are so chic... but I still think the old ones have more character and personality! I have a curiosity: where did you find the round leather one? It remembers me of the bags that are made here in my country to carry our tipical infusion, the MATE (they´re called "materas"). Which size is yours? Could it be a matera too?

  11. ewwwwww! I love your new luggage. Very chic! Your vintage collection isn't shabby either. :)


  12. Gorgeous luggage,vintage and new. Welcome home xx jeanetteann

  13. I too came back to find my new issue of Country Living and love these tags! This luggage is so beautiful. Something so chic about vintage bags. But I would be too afraid of damage at the airports. Love coming by and look forward to reading more.

  14. I am loving your vintage and new Hartman luggage. I have looked at tha set similiar to yours

    I really want Louis Vuitton luggage but everyone tells me the air lines destroys it

    I bought a piece at Goodwill love it bright purple everyone will say OMG who does that ugly thing belong to? LOLanyway the won't want it Lol

  15. Oh, I just love all your wonderful stacks of luggage, they make such a statement!! xoxo

  16. There is nothing like a stack of old luggage to get one's imagination going is there?!

  17. Love the checkered luggage and I just was reading today about those awesome vintage~looking leather luggage tags in Country Living Mag. Great post. Visit me sometimes over at my blog palace. Tiffany


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