Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kitchen Stuff

The vintage look for kitchens is a hot commodity these days. But real vintage can be hard to come by. I love mixing in the old with the new, and have gotten into the habit of stopping in regularly to my local Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma which are next door to each other in Albuquerque. (Anthropologie is right there too!) I thought I would show you some of the things I found while I was kicking around yesterday looking for inspiration.

Mixing bowls by Masons at William-Sonoma. "Praised for its classic design and no-nonsense sturdiness, the Mason Cash mixing bowl is a kitchen icon dating back to 19th-century England. The distinctive embossed pattern has been produced by the company for more than 100 years. It’s enhanced by a white glaze finish—a Williams-Sonoma exclusive."

Matching batter bowl. Yum!

Mason Cash Pudding Bowls
Stacking bowls also by Mason's at WS. I got these last summer.

Here they are in my own kitchen. . . .

. . . .mingled with my vintage stuff. The wooden spoons are antique, and the white bowl here is vintage too.

Kitchen antiques bring a warmth and style that I love. 

I love European influences too, like this French square vintage glass measuring cup.

I hunt down vintage white canisters because I love the classic look. But look what I found at William-Sonoma. . . .

Bistro Francais Canisters, Set of 3

Wesco Grandy Bread Box

They have a pretty cool retro set too.

I love my vintage towels, and don't need anymore for myself.

But towels are fun to give as gifts, and there are tons of classic looking ones out there.

These are my favorites from Pottery Barn that I also use as napkins. They are a sort of in-between size, and very soft. They are still in the store in green and a faded blue. The red was featured at Christmas, but all the colors are probably available online. Four for $16.00! The quilted mat is WS, the stripe cloth underneath, vintage.

 These similar linen towels sell online for 6/$150.00 by  Libeco @Gracious Style.


I love dressing a vintage country table with a mix of old and new too. I often recommend getting a new white linen underlayer for the size table you want, and then layer your odd sized vintage linens on top. That way you get the coverage you need without having to wait to hunt it down, and you get to enjoy your vintage linen more often too.

WS hemmed stitch Hotel linen.

This too.

And just look at what's new at Pottery Barn! Ruffles! Gee, I wonder where they got this idea!  At around forty dollars it was a bit cheap looking to me, but it sure is cute here all ironed out. My store had ruffled napkins, but I didn't see them online. (This is a PB photo from the website. Nice vintage staging, no?)

Are you in the kitchen today?
Wanna go shopping?
Hope you're having fun either way!



  1. You certainly made me want to go shipping after having seen all these pretty things! There are some gorgeous items in your post! :-)

  2. Whatever would we do without pottery barn?!!!! Keep me away! :D :D :D

  3. Very pretty. I like your white canisters better than the ones at WS. You have the prettiest collection of things I have ever seen and I bet you have the best time playing with all your lovely items.

  4. You are making me want to spruce up my kitchen. I am trying to get my cupboards organized and all I want to do is buy pretties like this.


  5. I rather like Williams Sonoma bowls just get stumped at the prices. I went to a very upscale garage sale last year and bought new WS linens for just a few dollars. That lady had more stuff in her kitchen than five of us bloggers on a good day. I did recently purchase the Winter Stag coffee cups, on sale, and love them.

  6. I would LOVE to go shopping but January is pretty much a NO shopping month! Next month is my birthday month, so hopefully...I can pick up some fun things then!!

  7. I love Vintage..and I love Williams Sonoma..and I LOVE those wooden spoons, nothing as beautiful as worn wood! :D

  8. How lovely, white is so perfect. The old looks great mixed with the new. Oh yes I have many a flashback on the wonderful ironstone I passed up in years gone by. I just make due now and occasionaly you find a treature.
    I love your variety the settings look wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. I am visiting from Tablescape. Kathy

  9. Thanks for all the tips, love how you have all your whites displayed!

  10. Jacqueline,
    YES! I was in the kitchen this weekend...and last weekend I, also, went shopping for inspiration! My favorite place for inspiration is My Blog List!!! You, and others I frequent, give me encouragement and inspiration and have the most cleaver and creative ideas using what we all have stashed away! Keep these gorgeous and inspirational posts coming!

  11. All gorgeous I am partial to the retro!

  12. Jacqueline ~ LOVE this post! Love these kitchen goodies and you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE vintage. Thank you so much for the imspiration ;-)

  13. I am wondering about that clear measuring cup. I saw a display of several of those in different sizes in Round Top in a wooden case like drawers. I thought they were maybe something a pharmacist would use. I wish I could figure out to get a photo of the ones I saw to you. Dianne

  14. Oh I love this much eye candy! Shopping at Pottery Barn, William Sonoma and Anthro is one of my favorite things, even if it's just window shopping so I can copy their ideas!

  15. Take me with you! I love the mason mixing bowls. You have wonderful taste. Hugs!

  16. You've inspired me again with this pretty post!

  17. If only I could fit more into my little house. Love all that white. xx jeanetteann

  18. Love all those white bowls, and such great linens. You always put the best table goods together! xoxo


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