Friday, January 13, 2012

A Few Keys to Happiness

I've still got a lot of stuff to sort through and make a place for after the holidays, and after my major cupboard redo. There are little piles here and there that want me to think about them more than I want to be doing right now. I'm awfully cranky for a Friday, and I think I have the post holiday blues.

Good thing a stack of platters can still look pretty while they're waiting for a semi-permanent perch.

And I do a lot of juggling jugs too.

I really just live in a little rabbity cottage with tiny rooms and not much storage. Feels like it anyway.

I was far too enraptured by the look of the kitchens of Brambly Hedge when I was reading those stories to the kids when they were small. (Thank you, Jill Barklem. Where are you today?) But they're just so cheery to me! I overlook that I don't live in the English countryside of another century. (Or different species.)

My first sideboard post had more of a random catch-all spirit to it. I thought it would be fun to line up the different looks that I've shown you over the last couple of years.

Here's the dresser all dressed up. That post is here.

Then redone for Christmas, here. I used a touch of red transferware, and kept my doggies for that one.

My menagerie of canines is one of those piles of objects to be figured out. But I can assure you they will be treated humanely while I do. The new post here.

I need to do a little blog housekeeping here too, and answer a few who asked about the little crystal and silver teapot that I posted yesterday. . . .  It's a salt shaker, with the silver part screwing off for the lid. I also wanted to thank Beth K. for a wonderful" anonymous" comment. So heartwarming, and appreciated. My anonymous settings go on and off depending on how much spam I am getting at the time, and it's been incredibly high lately. I often get comments and requests without a way left for me to answer. I'm finding that not everyone lists an e-mail or even a blog address on their profile page. Maybe you can check yours if you're new. But I surely love the visits and the feedback. Thank you all.

Finally, I thought I would tell you about the rusty key you've seen on my sideboard. I bought my dresser at auction without a key for one hundred dollars. It was intended for sale, so I "housed" the cupboard in my dining room while I spent a little while trying every key I came across until I found one that worked. But by that time I was too attached to give up my "Welsh" cupboard, as some call it. A while later I forgot to remove the key from the door before some very young visitors came, and it went missing. It went missing for months, until one day it turned up in the rusty bottom of a large bird cage on the patio. Where that key started in life, I have no idea. But it's been an interesting exercise in patience. And it brought my Old Sideboard, Welsh Cupboard, English Dresser to me. . . . 


I hope it's all coming together for you wherever you are!
Have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. Your beautiful cupboard just makes me smile. It's soft, pretty and very romantic.


  2. The story of the key is priceless. Never sell that cupboard. I have a Brambly Hedge teacup and saucer somewhere. Must find.

  3. I too love the Brambly Hedge, Beatrix Potter worlds!

  4. It's such a beautiful piece of furniture and you know how to fill it with all your pretties. I always like children's story book drawings of cozy living and dining rooms with overstuffed furniture and dressers of china. I guess you and I and many others belong in a different time and place. :)

  5. Your cupboard is beautiful! Love it!

  6. I love your cupboard and find it so inspiring,

  7. I loved your story about the key! At least you found it, and it wasn't lost forever. Your cubburd always looks gorgeous as do your photos. I love the high chair with the pitcher in it. What a great display!
    Eileen@cottage beach house

  8. Jacqueline, it's fun to see the different transformations. Each look is equally as charming. ~ Sarah

  9. I loved those charming old stories too...what cupboards!
    Your cupboard is beautiful in each arrangement. Isn't it fun to play with all those lovely things?
    And I must tell you that I love your header. All your photos are gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend.
    Laura :)

  10. I have always loved your cupboard arrangements, Jacqueline, and am constantly inspired by what I see...
    pure eye candy!

  11. You're cupboard is always a delight to behold...
    maybe the grumpiness is a little bit about seasonal affective disorder... any sensitive person will feel the lack of light... but, thank goodness, the days are getting longer now...


  12. I love old keys,and when they have a history,all the better. Love all your pics. xx jeanetteann

  13. My dear Jacqueline, Reading your blog and looking at your beautifully executed pictures are the key to my happiness!! Take care, ASD

  14. I have an old skeleton key that I keep as well, stolen from an overstuffed, century-old cupboard I used to live in. It still has the tassle you put on it!

  15. So beautiful ... the story of your Key is wonderful too! Have a great weekend!

  16. January days seem to be melancholy days. I still have piles I need to get to in the dining room. Your dresser/hutch always looks so beautiful.

  17. When my grands come over I try to remember to move the keys up...because they like to hide them too!
    I love your doggies...I hope they made it someplace safe and warm....and push those blues aside!! It will be Valentine's day soon!

  18. Jacqueline,
    Your cupboard displays are just gorgeous...I adore all the layering! Doing a touch of the same...refreshing the cupboards on this sunny Saturday! I always leave with inspiration from your bolg! Hope your weekend is full of "me time" for you, as well!

  19. I have cupboard envy. I have a beautiful cupboard packed away downstairs and we have no room for it at this time. Thanks for the lovely post. I think I will revisit this one often until the time when I can look at my own decorated cupboard.
    You have made my day!!

  20. You have a beautiful collection of ironstone (one of my favorites) and a knack for displaying your collections in such interesting ways. So lovely!
    I'm your newest follower, Mary Alice

  21. What a lovely piece of furniture. Looks really good with all the white. How nice to have re-discovered ur lovely blog......Bonnie

  22. Your cupboard looks good no matter how many different times you change it!

    Love the key story!


  23. I LOVE your cupboard in all of it's seasons and transformations! And, to make you feel better about your little piles...I took off for Virginia to see my little grandson right after New Years and so, now that I'm back, I'm still putting away Christmas. Ugh.

    I hope your canine friends find a cozy place!

  24. Hi there,
    Loved your post as usual. I was so pleased to see your picture of the high chair. I really like the soft white on it and the simple pitcher set in it. I've always loved the story books with pictures of sweet little animal homes, especially bunny and mice, always so cozy.
    Have a good week,
    Nancy @ Two Cottages And Tea

  25. I'm such a fan of your beautiful cupboard! It looks pretty in all its incarnations.


  26. Beautiful photos, I've always envied them:) The ironstone pitchers you have are gorgeous!

  27. Your beautiful cupboard is filled with wonderful treasures!

  28. I can tell you had fun, I love your cupboard with the transferware but your can't beat the white for spring. Simply lovely. Kathy

  29. I love your white ironstone collection all the contrasts and designs—truly lovely! Thank YOU and thanks for participating in our Show Off Your Cottage Monday and bringing us here!



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