Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Season Therapy

My linens are in use every day, but they really get a workout at the holidays. I change beds so often that I do sometimes feel like I'm running a bed and breakfast! But that's a good thing.

I don't always get to the table linens on time, so it can be a long process of soaking, washing, drying, and then almost always, ironing damp dry from the dryer. You would be crazy to do this in this century. But it's as good as a tranquilizer for me.

Everything but the ironing practically takes care of itself. But the drying has to take place when I have time to snatch it all up at the right stage for pressing. That final phase is as good for me as it is for the linen.

It's good think time while I'm busy making something beautiful again. The rhythm, scent, and quiet hissing of the iron soothes my nerves. I mull over recent events and get all sorted out while smoothing out a beautiful length of fabric.

I just happened to have blue in the mix this time; a color I don't use much of. But it seemed perfect for the day. Fresh and bright on a cold, quiet, overcast afternoon at the end of the holiday.

I hope you're getting everything you need too!
Thanks for coming by!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. Lovely photos.

    I get the same feelings about my linens, too. I love the whole scene. I like the gentle washing, the barely drying, the smell from the steam of the iron on the freshly washed cloth. Just love it all. It always takes me back to when I was a young girl and helped my mom iron HER linens. I alwyas had the job of ironing her pretty pillowcases. I still iron all of mine.:)

  2. Just what the "doctor" ordered! Merci..merci!

  3. Your linens are beautiful... Do you have a secret to keeping them so white. I have well water and it's hard. I have a lot of old linens too but don't use them much because of that!

  4. Just beautiful linens. I iron many of mine also, pillowcases too. Hope you're having a great week after all the Christmas rush.

  5. Yes. I agree there is something very relaxing about ironing, especially when you are working with such lovely items...and there is a wonderful fragrance also. You have such pretty linens.

  6. I folded some cloth napkins today and I was thinking the same thing. How soothing it can be to iron them with lavender water and they look so fresh and crisp. Loved this post I can almost smell the sweet scent coming from your beautiful linens,Kathysue

  7. I love your photos of your linens. I do use blue linens quite often so the pictures sooth me even more because of the color. I too like the kind of household tasks that calm and love to look at a stack of clean pressed linens. Since I have not had a chance to do that lately, thanks for sharing this post.

  8. Your Blue & White Linens are lovely and your post Season Therapy shows the love you have for them. If you ever feel you need more extensive Therapy you can come on over to this ole House... *wink*

    Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. I will be glad to send you all my linens to press. I do love pressed linens, but I hate to iron. Once I start doing it I'm o.k. it's just getting it started that's hard. Love those shots.

  10. I think you're right we don't do too much of this in this century.

    I do understand the therapeutic aspect of it all though. I get the same feeling from hanging my laundry on the line and taking it down and folding while standing in the warm sun with the breeze blowing across my face.
    I hung laundry out just last week; here in Texas it was 75 degrees last Tuesday!
    ah the solitude of it all. (nobody else likes this chore around here but me!)

  11. Hi Jacqueline,
    There is nothing, nothing prettier and more soothing than freshly washed and ironed linens.

    I love the smell and always relate it to my childhood when I would watch my Mom iron pillowcases and sheets.


  12. YUM YUM YUM!!!!
    Love it all!!!! Hope you can take a minute to check out my latest post on my blog...just a smidgen of my linen collection :)
    My most favorite thing is to iron them....SO FUN!!! Seriously!!!!
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  13. This is just too lovely. The hue of the blue in the linens is so peaceful and beautiful. Happy New Year to you and yours, Char

  14. Love the photos of your linens, they look so crisp and fresh!

  15. Hello, you clean your linens look so white and shiny in combination with blue, beautiful! I remember my grandmother ironed all the linen and even today is something practical. Greetings, Rose Marie

  16. Oh those lovely linens...that lace! I have a friend who feels the same way about ironing (I am trying to feel ya--but). She hates to cook though and I enjoy that ritual.
    Mary Ann

  17. Just seeing your simple stack of beautiful linens puts a smile on my face. It's a lovely picture, thinking of your ironing away........
    that's something I never do. Don't even own a functioning iron. Mom wants to get me one for the holidays, but we haven't picked it out yet. When I do get one, I'm going to give your "therapy" a try. :)

  18. Your linens are just beautiful, Jacqueline! I can tell they are very well cared for! Hope you have a wonderful New Years!

  19. It shows that you take good care of your linens... their so beautiful!!!
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  20. thanks for the tips -and how lovely- I love to iron...


  21. and I thought I was the only crazy one left who liked ironing.. I find it soothing to the soul. Especially when the linens are old and beautiful.. and yours are just that. Happy New years!

  22. Hey... you are my kindered ironing friend, I love to iron, but wish I was so organized to iron right fron the dryer, I am a piler :-)
    Gorgeous pretties you have!!


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