Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Past

I don't know about you, but reminiscing about my childhood never happens more than at the holidays.

Not surprising. For children there is nothing more amazing than the spectacle of Christmas.

One of my best memories was listening to the Lionel Barrymore dramatization of A Christmas Carol on vinyl. Whatever happened to the record we had at home I couldn't begin to guess. But a few years ago in a fit of nostalgia I looked it up on ebay, and there it was.

It played much shorter than I remembered, but each familiar inflection of the voices was intact in the fuzzy recording.

It was odd experiencing that white noised joy again.   

I almost had to lay on the floor, chin in hands in front of the player, to get the full effect. But no one quite gets what it means. No one, of course, but the kid who still lives in me at Christmas.

Happy holiday memories!
Ciao! for now!



  1. Oh, yes, I love the magic and the memories of childhood Christmases! Your reminiscing is wonderful... Merry Christmas, Jacqueline! I hope to come visit your shop in the new year!

  2. Love Christmas memories! I had a favorite pair of go-go boots, I was 6! LOL So fun! Merry Christmas!

  3. Wonderful memories, Jacqueline! I was in a like mind today! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Wishing you a warm and cosy christmas with your friends and familly.......blessings and love from love love ...xxxxxx......xxxxx.....xxxx....

  5. I always get pretty nostalgic this time of the year too...the kids are starting to appreciate hearing my memories and I love remembering. Thanks for sharing yours with us! Merry Christmas!

  6. Just love your photos....very talented! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  7. Hello, you precious his last post, from the tree on the table with lights in the same table and the last, hiso I remember of my childhood, my grandparents had lps, music with Christmas songs year after year that read, "remember is to live. "blessings, Rose Marie

  8. I am the exact same way...almost every Christmas I tend to sit and think back on the wonderful memories and feelings from childhood when things used to be so simple. It is a good thing we have old photos! Merry Christmas! ~Patti

  9. Jacqueline, this brings back wonderful memories for me. Oh, the magic of Christmas! Thank you for each of these beautiful posts. I didn't take time to leave a comment on each one, but each is gorgeous. You have beautiful style!
    Merry Christmas! ~ Sarah


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