Monday, May 25, 2020

Roses For Remembrance

Our climbing roses were all yellows and reds when I was a girl. They always covered the wide expanse of the stucco walls and hung over in profusion when they first bloomed in spring. 

By Memorial Day there was plenty to gather in honor of those who had passed on, and whose resting places we ritually visited at the family cemetery each end of May . 

Naturally garden roses have a special association for me of this special day.

It is neither the reds nor the cheery yellows which capture my heart these days. But roses of any color belong to the occasion now, because I am certain that not a single Memorial Day has passed that I have not thought of roses right along side of those remembered on this day.

At times through the years remembrance can become a mere gesture. Especially for the young. And at others it is a time for deep feeling and appreciation. And how fresh an occasion for mourning this day arrives for so many this year. 

Wherever you find yourself on that spectrum, I hope it is a day of peace and reflection. And of hope for better days ahead. . . .

From my garden to yours,



  1. Amazing tribute to Memorial Day.Your roses are magnificent!Made my day!

  2. What an amazing collection of roses. It was so nice on this hot Tuesday morning.

  3. Hello sweet friend. Your roses are gorgeous. I am adding more and more roses this year. I have put in climbers for outfront on my arch way on the picket fence. I hope they take and grow and fill in beautiful. I always have had knock out roses for the sheer easy grow and no maintenance but this year I am venturing with other beautiful roses. I hope they all take and do well. Hoping I will see some gorgeous blooms like yours. Illinois can be tricky with roses. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. How beautiful your roses are, I love the pale pink ones and of course the white roses - the color I always associate with you. Such a nice way to honor the holiday.

  5. I love roses. I only have 2 at my present home thouse. Next one will get more.

  6. Jacqueline, what beautiful thoughts for this Memorial Day. Your roses are wonderful and the colors are gorgeous. There was so much to remember and think about this Memorial Day. Thoughts for so many who gave their lives in the past and this year..Stay well and safe..xxoJudy

  7. Jacqueline,
    Hope springs eternal in the Garden of my Heart!
    Exquisite post!
    Love the photo of the tea cup with a rose from within!

  8. I love all roses and your roses are just stunning.


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