Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Homebody Abroad

I'm a hopeless homebody. I can burrow in deep and get lost in my own four walls like nobody's business. That's not to say that I'm not adventurous. Once you pry me away from my domesticity and get me on the open road, I love it as much as anybody else. Maybe more.

But that point of departure is a tricky one for me. Its preceded by a host of rituals where I seem to have to clean and touch everything before I go. It drives my husband crazy. But who wants to come home to dishes in the sink? Or sofa pillows all askew?

I spend a few minutes calming myself at the ironing board.  Nothing soothes me more. I have no fear of flying, mind you. We are driving this time anyway. But a bit of time standing at the open window in the early morning air listening to the birds does my soul a world of good and makes me feel that all will be well while I'm away.  

Ironing the new pillowcases from Rachel Ashwell are just the thing! They come in a little pouch, as many of her things do, and have these delightful buttons as a finishing touch.

I leave the nursery (my ironing room as well) smelling of freshly pressed linen, and say farewell.

Goodybye iron!

Goodbye teddy bear!

Goodbye to all my piles of shop-waiting things.

See you later roosters. . . 

Miss you pitchers and bowls!

Be good bunnies. 

The finches have only just discovered the new feeders. I hope they don't run out of seed!

I took a goodbye photo through the screen. See my Goldies there?

Goodbye fountain! (The Goldfinches love it too.)

Goodbye Swedish Ivy! Stay green!

Bags are packed and ready to go!
See you on the road!



Kamilla said...

Have a great trip!!!

Marilyn Miller said...

Happy, safe travels. I do a bit of fluffing too and love ironing to smooth the edges. This last time I actually had a housekeeper come in the day before returning, so that house would look clean. You see my son live in this house and especially the kitchen is a bit trashed after I am gone. The housekeeper made sure it looked good. Whew!

Delta Landscape said...

I love your blog! Where is that white shirt with the bib front from?

janice15 said...

I love thise shabby pouches her things come in. Love all your good byes. Have a wonderful safe trip. With love Janice

Georgina Malcolm said...

Have fun! Try new crispy snacks! Don't buy too much new (old) linen and china! See you soon.

elizabeth said...

I, too, have strong homebody tendencies and feel a bit hestitant before every trip away, no matter how excited I am to go. Once we're on the way, I'm fine!

Dianne said...

Your photos always amaze me! Beautiful. I don't know where ou are going, but please take more pictures! Dianne

Sarah said...

Happy and safe travels. I know you will enjoy your adventure. No doubt, great experiences await. I'm much like you. I don't like to leave home until things are neat and tidy. ;-)

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Happy Trails, Jacqueline! It's a good feeling to know that everything is neat and tidy for your return. Lovely to see all the sweet things you will be coming home to :) Take care....xx Karen

Pat Cantwell said...

I, too, have a "ritual" before "Mr. Ed" & I take off on a road trip or vacation, dear friend!
The bed must be made, the laundry done and put away, dishes all cleaned and put back into the cabinets, indoor and outdoor plants watered and the trash emptied! It's just what I do! (wink!)
Love the new Shabby Chic pillow cases!
Enjoy the trip, dear friend. . .and may you find some amazing "new" finds!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Have a good fun enjoyable trip. Your pretties will be there when you return
Don't you just love all the shabby Chic linens, I always look for them on sale or at thrift stores, which I never find them there

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I always clean up everything spic-n-span before I travel, too. Coming home to dirt or a tossled mess is not fun at all!

Hello sweet goldfinches - my favvie favs, ya know! Love your new thistle feeder! : - )

Happy trails, J!

Rowan said...

I like to leave everything looking nice when I go away too - it makes coming home a whole lot better. Enjoy your trip!

Anne Birdsong said...

Hi Jacqueline, I'm Anne, and I'm visiting from the Home Sweet Home blog hop. I love this post, you are so funny!I It was so sweet how you were saying "goodbye" to all your beloved things. I can totally relate, especially about wanting to come back to a clean house (but can NOT relate to your love of ironing!). Thanks for the laughter! Anyway, have a wonderful day, and I hope you can pop over to my blog ( sometime to say hi!

The Charm of Home said...

That is a lot like what I do. My Hubs is right on board with this and he will do walk through with me. That's why it's Home Sweet Home right. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

Jeanie said...

Happy travels, my friend. I am far behind in catching up on blogs after a month away. I hope if you have returned that your trip was all too wonderful!

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