Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Inspiration in Progress

Where would I be if I had to wait until a room was done before blogging about it? And what is "done" anyway? I have been trying out a few things for the new guest house though, and thought I would share my inspirations, momentary as they may be.

A vacant space like this guest room is a fun place to try out a few things that might not work for me elsewhere. Besides playing with all the vintage bed linens, a host of accessories parade through helping to shape my thoughts on what I want for this room. A bit of blue trim on an enamel pitcher makes it a little extra special, and is perfect for flowers. A bouquet would be the kind of finishing touch I would like to picture here, but I couldn't wait! The teeny stool with the old green and cream paint (which I found only yesterday) is helping me lean toward the colors I want.

Bedding does so much to define a room and is so easy to change for a whole different look. I'm thinking it's going to be summer cottage style in this corner for a few weeks even though I sort of started with something more formal. More "tryouts" are plopped on top of the bed.

It's still a little monastic at present while I figure out what to do with some major quirks in this rented antique house. Especially the walls. 

There is plenty of room for more on this chippy old ladder next to the bed, but today she wears a beautiful antique apron that just happened to be standing by. It's just the sort of thing that I love hanging around the place. An antique cotton fabric with old machine lace and a woven counterpane pattern. It has a lovely wide ruffle along the bottom, and just begs for something sweet propped inside the pocket.

The angel art I have hung inside the niche (many old adobe houses in New Mexico have them) is a photo by artist Mikel Robinson whom I have featured here before. And yes, there are indeed a few plaster cracks decorating the walls of this hundred year old house, the first school house in my old Albuquerque neighborhood. (The first jail is only two doors away, and the lovely old dance hall, currently up for sale, is just a small jaunt a little further on).

Vintage dotted Swiss may work for curtains. . .

And a darling little quilted glove box complements the soft garden theme that I am leaning toward.

So sweet!

This vintage botanical print Florentine tray with a cream background has most influenced my vision for this space. It will be displayed with other garden themed objects on the built-in shelves on the opposite side of the room. So much to do!

No headboard for this trundle bed in the name of flexibility, and to keep a more spare appearance.

I have fashioned a wide bolster from a plain grain sack for the head of the bed instead.

The antique looking pillowcases with buttons are actually from Ikea. Wish I had more!

The folded sheets are part of my vintage hand worked bedding collection.

A recent chippy night table find has pretty details, including two book or magazine pockets on the ends. I'm still working out what lamp will end up here.

And so that's me thinking out loud! But I don't have much more planned for this room. A spare "spare room" lets you go with your imagination and leaves plenty of space for dreams.

I hope you find time for a few summer daydreams of your own this week!
So glad you stopped by!


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  1. Jacqueline - What a gorgeous room. It is so pretty. That apron is just beautiful. They just don't make things like that anymore, do they? I have a little table almost identical to your little white chippy side table. The dotted swiss would make wonderful curtains. I don't know if they even make dotted swiss anymore.

    Have a great Tuesday.


  2. Yes, really. When is anything "done"? We have been living in this house nearly 7 years now and I'm certainly not done yet. This summer I've been framing a lot of my collection of paper and plastic bags from stores and museums, and cards made or sent by loved ones, and - well, other stuff. Why did I wait so long? I guess life gets in the way doesn't it. But you seem to be coming along just fine here.

  3. I find such peacefulness in just the way it is. The monastic style is one that I lean toward in my own home. The niche is my favorite part. The florentine tray is ever so lovely...the perfect inspiration. You have created such beauty in this barren space. I hope someone will purchase the Old Dance Hall that will treasure it for all it truly is.

  4. Oh My!!! This is the loveliest room ever. I love the linens, the beds, the accessories. You are doing such a beautiful job.


  5. it's all so beautiful, especially that lovely luxurious bedding.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous post!!! Your room is simply perfect and peaceful just the way it is!! The linens and lace are exquisite and make the bed look dreamy and oh, so comfy cozy!
    Loved your previous garden style post, too! I love garden style and have statues and even small bird baths inside, that go along with the a few nests and eggs!

  7. Always a treat to see what you've been up to. This bedroom is so inviting. Love the beds and how you've dressed them. Are you going to use this as a bed and breakfast?

  8. Jacqueline, such a beautiful room. The spareness of it just showcases the details you plan to use. Love the little niche and the cracked plaster. The bed across the room is so elegant with the mosquito netting. The whole look and feel of the room would have your guests waking up with a refreshed and quiet mind. What guest wouldn't love that?..Have a wonderful 4th..Judy

  9. So soft and serene - love this pretty room <3 Every detail is so sweet! You will have very lucky guests! xx Karen

  10. Hi Jacqueline, I been missing from blogging for a while but I'm back.

    You're amazing, when can we come to the guest house? The bed alone spoke to me. All the chippy items and linens are so warm


  11. Really like the bed and linens. You made me laugh as it reminds me of me. Add a little something new - see how it looks. Later move it, rearrange it. You know that is half the fun.

  12. I love it. I'd like to come stay there. I wish I had some of those pillow covers from IKEA too. So pretty.

  13. Your bed linens are vintage and truly gorgeous and they are completely not available in the market these days. Just simple and small things are potential enough to make your home special and your own.

  14. So lovely...pretty thing´s in the room and you share so much inspiration with us!
    Have a happy day!

  15. Jacqueline,
    Ah~h~h. . .and your dreamy decor choices will definitely put guest at rest!

  16. That bedspread is gorgeous! Have safe travels!


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