Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fun With Oklahoma Antiques

Lately Mr. Cottage and I have reminisced about childhood road trips we took across the country in summer. We remembered the family station wagon we both had in the days before seat belts and air conditioning and interstate highways. All good and worthy additions to road travel.

We remembered the joy of a motel swimming pool at the end of a long day's drive, and the excitement of seeing a new and different part of the country for the first time. The fun seemed to outweigh any of the small trials.

We have long wanted to just get in the car and take a long road trip to the southern states. So we finally seized the day and threw our bags in the car, and heeded the call of the south like the swallows in fall. We had actually planned a fall trip. I'm sure the south is just swell in September. But a summer road trip with no agenda has so much allure. And we actually want to feel the southern summer swelter for ourselves!

Our first random stop was Clinton, Oklahoma. And after a good night's sleep we stopped in a couple of vintage shops after coffee. I thought you might like to see what caught my eye at The Mulberry Bush, a small Antique and Vintage Market in downtown Clinton.

Rachel is loved everywhere! Not surprised to find her book here.

Look at this fab farm table!

I just love these chippy details too. . .

One of the very few pieces of ironstone in the whole place. (not the right price for me)


This cafe set was already taken...

pretty sweet.

luuurve this frenchy bed! (sold)

this too.

My shopping partner (of a sort) had already left the building when I spotted this ironstone jug and creamer in GREEN! Since I don't need a thing anyway I scurried back down the stairs without it. 

But not before lingering over this alluring display at the front door! Right up my alley!


So fun for a linen junky! I think my heart belongs back in the thirties like this washing machine.

And so fun to see what's in the market so far afield!

I hope you have some summer fun planned for the weekend too!

Thanks so much for all the bon voyage wishes!



Katie Mansfield said...

How fun. I remember road trips like that but instead of a motel it was a tent! I love the washing area. So cute.

20 North Ora said...

Jacqueline - Don't know when you were in Clinton, but I was there over the Fourth of July weekend. Small world, eh? Love that shop - will have to check it out some day. I took the three great granddaughters to that huge waterpark there - Water Zoo. We had a ball. We watched fireworks and had a great time. Next time you head this way, come to Tulsa. I'll take you shopping! LOL


Sarah said...

Yes, remember the family road trips. My parents loaded us four kids into the station wagon and headed to the mountains of Colorado and on up to Yellow Stone National Park many a summer. No AC, but I remember some type of water cooler attached to a back window. We loved arriving at the motel in time for an afternoon swim. Sweet memories! We also ate most meals at the picnic tables provided at roadside stops along the highway.
Enjoy your adventure. ;-)

Weekend-Windup said...

Nice to see all your collections.

Rowan said...

I don't have these memories of course being from the UK but I have done a road trip from New Hampshire down to Virginia many years ago - air conditioned car and interstate highways though so not the same sort of trip as you remember. Love that white ironstone jug.

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

What a nice place you found to stop at. It's fun to see the collections you find. Living in Michigan with all our lakes and parks we often traveled to a destination in our state. Being a child I didn't mind the heat too much but now I sure love the A/C! Enjoy your travels.

Georgina Malcolm said...

We have a road trip planned for mid-late August (I hope). Across France and into Switzerland as usual. Maybe a trip over the boarder into Italy for lunch. I'm really looking forward to it.

Cindy McTigue said...

Love seeing these pieces. The bed was a beauty as well as that pitcher. Seems like you had a fun trip.


Anne's Attic - Design said...

So many wonderful pieces! They make my mouth water. lol Have a great day. :) Jo

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh I remember those road trips from Michigan through the southern states to Florida. All us kids in the station wagon, no seat belts and the window down on the back door of the station wagon. Such good times.
I am right there with you on swooning over the french bed. Great first stop on your trip.

Victorian1885 said...

It looks like you had wonderful trips and saw such charming treasures! Have a great summer!


Pat Cantwell said...

What an adventure, dear friend!
Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip!
So~o~o. . .what did you bring home with you?
Inquiring minds want to know!(wink!)

donna baker said...

Get your kicks on Rt. 66. Next time you come through OK let me know and I'll tell you some good places to shop. So did you have room for anything?

Beatrice Euphemie said...

My favorite kind of road trip! Love all the sweet 'finds' and the vintage 'laundry'! x K

Marilyn Miller said...

I would have done a little pitter patter of the heart with those linens hanging too.

Curtains in My Tree said...

What a great road trip and love that old white cabinet also

what you left the green pitchers?

Jeanie said...

Wow! I hope you drove a big enough car -- or brought along a trailer! This is a wonderful shop -- I would have completely lost my mind there!

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