Monday, May 30, 2016

Old Roses and Happy Finds

Sometimes you just have to take a moment during your busy day to enjoy a little corner of happiness. There's no bad news here, mind you. Just the endless rush that can leave you feeling empty unless you pause to savor the goodness of things.

I was surprised to see the roses still looking so cheery, for instance. Barely holding on. I didn't dare rearrange them or petals would fall. But there is something so appealing about roses on their last droopy legs!

I lean just this side of frilly, but this perfectly beautiful platter had to find its way home with me.

A lovely spray of roses along the edge. And one in the center for good measure.

The "handles" have a touch of gold. Shabby perfect!

A little shab on the silver topped shakers too, with a bit of delicate etching just like lace.

Won't this make for the prettiest table setting sometime soon?

And need I tell you how pleased I was to find these teeny vintage roosters in the perfect color? I am on the verge of one white rooster too many I'm afraid. But they are adorable, n'est-ce pas?

But then they would make the cutest gift!

It's a good day to appreciate the textures of life, and to be grateful. My granddaughter asks, Grandma, why do you like so many white things, like the walls and the sofa, and the chairs?" They make me happy, is all there is to say. Maybe for her it will be orange, or blue, or purple. Or all together. . . .

It's a brand new week! 

I hope you are keeping your colors happy!


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  1. Roses are beautiful from bud to falling apart. :-)

  2. Love the white roosters:) I'm coming to like white more and more, it alwAys looks fresh and summery.

  3. Love the soft and pretty! That's a beautiful platter and the roosters are so cute. Though I am a more colorful decorator I have to come to add a lot of white in the past 2 years and appreciate it's affect in my home. Always a pleasure to see what you are up to!

  4. Magnifique les Roses ... La vaisselle fleurie beaucoup de charme ... Le couvert avec monogramme quelle élégance ...
    Douce journée, A bientôt
    Laurence Au Coeur d'Autrefois

  5. Lovely, serene!! Your photos are so calming with all the whites, and different textures you use. Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful soft photos and treasures!

  7. Good morning Jacqueline. You know I love the whites too. I am so enjoying getting my new "nest" together with all my whites and chippy's. Love those Rooster salt shakers adorable. Have a great new week.

  8. Your roses and roosters are beautiful! The platter is perfect! How lucky to have silver with a rose and a B! And even though I love some color, I love white, too. Have to have white!! Your post "makes me happy"---and I needed that--thanks!

  9. C'est Vrai! They are gorgeous~ Thanks for sharing these sweet treasures with us Jacqueline. They are soft and lovely; everything. Sets my heart to rest *sigh* : ) Also, I want you to know I'm on the look out for white roosters : ) I'd say the monogram is 'B' for Beautiful~ Have a great week! Karen O

  10. Once again I am struck by our similarities. White, especially white flowers - ANY flower that is white. (Although roses are quite possibly the most regal.) Like you, I also adore transferware (especially brown on white) and can never seem to pass up a beautiful dish. I'm particularly drawn to white with delicate pink flowers at this time of year. My cupboards overfloweth. So much so that I have decided that I need to have a huge garage sale this summer. Hoping to draw some local dealers if I post on Craigslist. Wish you lived closer so you could shop here since we have such similar taste. You blo is my #1 favorite!

  11. Soft and pretty...just like you! You could tell your granddaughter you like white because it's the color of angels. Hugs,

  12. I adore that platter! You have the best pretties.

  13. I know what you mean about not daring to move the roses for fear you might lose the petals! Been there, done that!

    Everything -- as always -- is lovely! Do stop by The Gypsy for my tea!

  14. Oh, your photos are always so lovely. I wish I could learn from you about styling, but I know I could never match your amazing talent. So, I'll just keep enjoying your blog posts. Sally

  15. Oh I do love roses just on the verge of losing their petals. Beautiful! The white with pink touches is always stunning in my eyes.

  16. It is Peony time here, Jacqueline!
    That platter is gorgeous!
    Enjoy your day!
    Linda :o)


  17. My favorite is the little glass etched shakers. tell your sweet granddaughter there is lots of ladies out here who love the pretty white things haha

  18. So much prettiness! My first rose of the season bloomed today!

  19. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous platter, dear friend!
    Love the etched crystal and silver shakers!
    Your response to your Granddaughter is precious!
    Our homes should "make us happy"!

  20. Beautiful roses, platter, salt and pepper shakers, I LOVE both bets! and that B fork...divine!
    definitely beautiful finds!

  21. I always love the treasures you the roses too!


  22. Those roses look like a greeting card. So pretty! Great finds too! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  23. Love all your calming whites and pretty roses, what a beautiful home for you and your grand-daughter to spend precious time together. The bowl you found with the rose border is gorgeous as is the engraved silverware. Too many white chooks....NEVER!!...So cute:-)

  24. All your pretty finds are amazing Jacqueline, but I'm swooning for that gorgeous rose platter. Love, love, love your romantic looking roses and I'm delighted to be featuring them at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow.
    Hope your weekend is relaxing and peaceful sweetie.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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