Tuesday, May 17, 2016

the new blue transferware

Sometimes I feel so lucky when I find a big stash of pretty dishes for a great price. But it really is a numbers game. The more you make the rounds, the more likely you are to get the deals. I even vary the time of day or week that I visit a place. You never know what will turn up. This time it was this beautiful blue Myott English china.

I love all the curves and flourishes.

A number of dings are to be expected with this many pieces, but the far majority of this set was in fine condition.

There were two tureens, and a large platter and vegetable bowl as well.

I adore all the extra detail that old English china often has.

Even a sauce pitcher and tray!

Blue and white is so crisp and cool looking for the warm months ahead!

I found this old ironstone bowl in the same market on the same day. Something tells me that they may have been from the same collector. 

The bowl has a lovely pale blue design on the angular rim.

Sometimes my shots are fuzzy, but this time it's the maker's mark that is out of focus! Pretty anyway.

Time for a little summer farmhouse vibe. . . .

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

I'll be off inventing tablescapes in blue!




  1. What beautiful new dishes. I love the detail on the handles.

    Do you actually use your old dishes or are they just for display?

  2. What wonderful treasures! I am so happy for you!

    So are these keepers or going to your store area?

    They're amazing. And I agree with you about regularity breeds success in the finds. I am desperately trying to stay OUT of the buying till I sell more of what I have already. I am in such need to overhaul the basement and get it organized once and for all, and can only do if the stuff is mostly sold.

    *Sigh.* And just as the season is starting up for the deals, too - ugh.

  3. I use EVERYTHING! Until I don't. Then it may end up in the shop. The joys of selling vintage!!!


  4. LOVE your new stash of fabulous dishes

    That bowl is crazy delicious and it would fit right into my stash of dishes.

    This makes me want to go to a thrift store now however the best ones are 40 miles from me, I think anyway that is where I always find a few goodies

  5. Be still my heart! Love...Love! ;)

  6. oooh gorgeous new set! Just in time for Summer! I hope you tablescape, you are the queen of tablescaping!!

  7. Your week is obviously off to a good start with such great finds. The blue is lovely!!! Sally

  8. What a wonderful find! I love the romantic curves of the set...

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous dishes, with such lovely shapes, specially the tureen. I'm so happy for you Jacqueline !!

  10. Those are lovely and soft - I vote for these!

  11. So lovely, Jacqueline! What a great find! Enjoy inventing! Blessings, Cindy xo

  12. I've always loved blue and white dishes.

  13. That's a great set of china and you are right. It's very curly. I wonder why it was named Lucerne? Which is of course a city in Switzerland. That gravy boat is a top find. I bet they usually lose the saucer pretty early on.

  14. Your blue transferware is fabulous -- just FABULOUS! Oh, I think I love the blue and white as much as the brown and white. And what a treat to get the additional pieces with it, too. That was indeed a lucky find!

    I thought about you the other day when I was at Southern Exposure. There were just a few things in the shop that had Jacqueline written all over them!

  15. Hello Jacqueline,
    Often when I visit here I have this tendency to say (quite out loud) Are you kidding me!? : ) In a Good way, of course!
    When I saw your beautiful 'stash' of blue & white my heart skipped a beat~ Such a special find! And yes, those English details are exquisite~
    The bowel you also found is a vintage beauty and I love how it has aged. Thanks for sharing! ~Karen O

  16. Be still mt heart. What incredible treasures. I love the floral pattern and blue shade on the plates. Will these be for sale?


  17. It seems that some of you ladies have good resources to go to. All the resale shops here have stuff that nobody wants from the 60's or 70's like ugly furniture. I wish I had more for more goods like this because I would be begging to buy those dishes! I think I'm one of many here that would love to buy those!

  18. Very pretty dishes and I really love that big soft blue bowl very pretty... Sure wished I could find things like that here. Happy Wednesday with love Janice

  19. How exciting to find such a beautiful set in great condition, yes it's the thrill of the hunt isn't it, especially when it turns up wonderful things as these. Your bowl looks gorgeous with the vintage lace....hope you have lots of fun thinking up tablescapes:-)

  20. Jacqueline, I would have been thrilled to make these finds! Don't think I could have passed them up. Your photos are lovely.

  21. You come across the best finds Jacqueline
    I bet they are hard to give up. That's the business were in, often more then not we find these treasures and have to pass them on.
    At one time I had 4 sets of dinnerware bone china ranging for 12 place setting to 24. And one set of everyday ware of 20 place settings. I finally saw no more need in holding onto all these sets of dinnerware and sold them off, liberating to lighten the storing of so much China, yet I find myself missing their beauty. I truly had a thing for collecting China for dinning events and occasions with entertaining. My smaller home now does not allow such large parties and truly these days the less is more works for us.
    I bet you really have decision making when you come across such pieces.

    See you soon and all the beauty you create with your finds.


  22. Just beautiful Jacqueline. Love all the curves.

  23. Jacqueline, you sure have a knack for finding the most beautiful pieces. This is a gorgeous set and the bowl is so special. Your strategies are certainly paying off. Are you going to share your tablescape? Hope so..Have a wonderful Memorial weekend..Judy

  24. What a lucky girl you are! So love this, Jacqueline. Very lovely, indeed.
    Wish I lived near to visit your shop. I imagine the treasures are perfect!
    I think I'd be doing a Happy Dance, for certain.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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