Friday, June 10, 2016

Doing June

Hello friends! June is busting out all over, and I feel a little like I have been shot out of a cannon. So far we have already been camping, been on the road to visit family, brought sweet girls back to granny camp, and entertained two sets of family so far with more arriving today. All since Memorial Day weekend! 

We arranged an impromptu Brambley Hedge picinic in the park. All that's required is some wicker hampers, colorful quilts, and a hodge podge of sandwiches, fruit, and tea cakes. A relaxing picnic late in the afternoon satisfies all age ranges. Gazing up awhile at the blue sky and swaying leaves under a bit of breeze just soothes the soul. 

I introduced my young granddaughters to the singular pleasure of a lunch sandwich wrapped up in waxed paper. Something that they had never heard of from an era before plastic. They especially loved tying them up with the baker's twine.

And snickerdoodles are just as fun to bake with a box mix from the grocery store! Yum!

We have hiked in the cool mountain breezes, checked out the local fishing lakes, and done quite a bit of snail hunting right in our own back yard.

 "Every summer, like the roses, childhood returns."
--Marty Rubin

I am even doing some very light summer reading! The Little Beach Street Bakery, by Jenny Colgan. Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique introduced me to the author, and reading it it reminds me of being a girl out of school for the summer and visiting the local library every weekend.

Hope you're having lots of your own summer pleasures!

So glad you stopped by!


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  1. Jacqueline your blog is more beautiful each time I have the opportunity to visit. Sounds like you are so busy too. I help watch my tiny 4 month old great grandboy Harrison James. Oh thank goodness he is on vacation with mommy and daddy. Whew...he makes me use all my energy. Love that tiny boy though. Our oldest son Jeremy married April 30 and we had to rush from Colorado to Kansas to get our youngest Nick home from college. The month of May flew by. Your photos and images are truly delightful. I am playing catch up today. Hugs..xo

  2. Oh YUM YUM YUM!!!!!! Your roses are gorgeous!! I've been bringing mine in almost daily. They don't last long once they're cut, but our extremely hot weather last week (100!), then drop to 69 and rain yesterday and will be cool and wet all week--well, they're kind of beaten, so I bring them in to enjoy them more. Roses are amazing and are my happy place!
    I love May and June, too. Want to live where it's like June all the time!! and yes! sitting under trees, with sun peeking through, and a sweet breeze! Nothing better! "Summer breeze makes me feel fine!"
    Can't believe all you've done already! Wish I'd had a grandmother like you!! Hope they realize how very, very lucky they are!!!

  3. It looks lovely -- and so very cool! Refreshing! Enjoy your time, a good book, those picnics! That's what life is all about!

  4. ooops! I meant our temps dropped to highs around 59! Nights going down to mid 40's. quite the change from the high 90's and 100 of last week. Roses were either frying in the sun or beaten with the rain and wind! But they're surviving and bringing us joy! Whew! looks like Albuquerque is going to be cookin' this coming week, with that gorgeous sunshine and blue sky!! Stay cool!

  5. It sounds as though you have truly 'lived and breathed' in the blessings of these weeks, Jacqueline! Continue to enjoy all that God allows! Blessings, Cindy xo

  6. The roses are gorgeous. I love the idea of a Brambly Hedge picnic.

  7. You lead a busy, full life. I know your grands are having fun at granny camp. The Brambley Hedge picnic in the park sounds like my kind of day. Did you take photos?
    Your roses are stunning. Thanks for sharing all this beauty.

  8. We have have silly wind again and again. It all sounds wonderful specially the picnic in the park. And wax paper I always keep it in stock, i don't believe many people use it anymore. I can hear my mama saying get the wax paper. Your blog is always a pleasure to visit with all your lovely things and photos. Happy weekend with love Janice

  9. We are wrapped up for the cold Jacqueline so I enjoyed reading your Summer post.Everything is so pretty .

  10. Jacqueline you are "doing" June so well. I bet the picnic was fabulous. Love that you wrapped the sandwiches in wax paper and twine. Super sweet. I am looking for a good summer read so I will check that book out. Have a wonderful week end.

  11. Sounds busy but fun. Wish i were mobile and could enjoy myself.

  12. Jacqueline,

    Your photographs are always so beautiful! It's always such a treat to see your photos. Sounds like you have had a really busy summer so far, but fun too. Dianne

  13. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photo's and stories of how your June is unfolding! And perhaps that is why I love Summer so much;
    "Every summer, like the roses, childhood returns,"
    --Marty Rubin
    I love that 'summer feeling' of a bit more freedom and lots more sunshine - I AM a kid at heart.
    I appreciate your gorgeous lay out of images for us to see. You encourage me : ) Have a great week ahead! Karen O

  14. Oh my goodness! This literally brought tears to my eyes. What beautiful memories you are creating with your family... and that quote! I've never heard it, but describes summer perfectly. I love seeing the summer through our children's eyes and I always get nostalgic for my childhood summers as well. Thank you for sharing! Xo ~julie

  15. Your posts are exquisite eye candy and always make me smile.

  16. Sounds like you've already been celebrating summer to the fullest. I'm sure Granny's Camp is a highlight every year for your many wonderful adventures.
    As always, your photos are always mouth watering!
    Mary Alice

  17. Jacqueline,
    Your roses are so~o~o full, I thought peonies at first glance, dear friend!
    I agree, once Memorial Day Weekend rolled around, Summertime fun began!
    I well remember "waxed paper" sandwiches in my metal lunch box!
    School days gone by!

  18. Hi Jacqueline,
    It's been awhile, we have had one traumatic thing after another going on in our lives, and now my step-dad I'm the hospital with surgeries to the leg after an infection got the best of it after a hip replacement due to a fall.
    Now I am day and night carving for his home and cats. Monday should be my last day after 10 days of this baxk and forth caring.

    I am back to my regular visits and enjoying catching up, loving to vintage garden setting and your foto's of whites. As for days gone by and lunch sandwiches I am that child who opened the bag lunch for school or a lunch pale to find that wax paper folded securely around a sandwich like a tightly folded gift. You know I should introduce the same wrapping of lunches....there are just so many iconic things bygone days that need to be carried on, if for nothing else then nostalgia, and lessons of days before us now!

    Have a great week ahead of you.



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