Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hanging The New Bed Canopy

Late afternoon is prime time for taking photos in this west facing room where the freshly painted bed has been placed.

We have just barely begun to put the room together, but I was eager to try out a few looks and linens on the new bed anyway.

I knew that I wanted the new ruffle canopy in white from Simply Shabby Chic at Target. I had to visit two stores to find it, and it was the last white one in stock where I shopped. But it was worth the trouble!

The newly painted bed looks wonderful in the space even minus a full dressing out.

And the canopy gives such a romantic look to the room. . . .

The sweet floral closet door pulls.

On the same day, I went looking for a tall night stand to accomodate the tall mattress and found a rustic garden style stand that may work for me. A stack of books hides the cord and an odd six inch  pipe protruding from the floor. There is a lot to work around in this old house!

I already had the antique marble lamp, and I like how it relates in style to the metal table.

The rustic top helps keep things more casual.

So much more to do! But I plan to keep things simple.

I'm so glad we decided to paint the bed!

So there you are for a first look! 

I hope you enjoyed having a peek at how the bed turned out.

Have a great weekend whatever you're up to!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Pure beauty, Jacqueline...I love how it turned out! Who wouldn't want to curl up for a nap there?

  2. Oooohhhh loving it so far - what an AWESOME room and the pieces you are so carefully selecting are just aces. ♥♥♥

  3. Oh yes !!
    It all looks so inviting, and restful. Love the simplistic feel and that tall plant stand /turned nightstand is fabulous with the piece of old weathered-ness to the wood surface.
    Enjoy the beauty you create.
    Happy weekend.


  4. What a romantic...dreamy sleeping room! Your choices are perfect... enjoy your weekend!


  5. This is so very, very beautiful. I love how such simplicity can at the same time be gently romantic. I also think that room would make a fabulous place for taking photographs! :-)

  6. The room looks lovely and restful now. What a beautiful place to spend the night.

  7. I love the bed and the bedding, the canopy and the sweet side table with the lamp. You are slowly creating a beautiful, serene room.


  8. It's all gorgeous. Like you, I love all creams and whites.

  9. Well, I love this first look. And I do like the rustic top on the table -- you're right, it does bring a bit more casual air into what could be quite formal. Looking very good!

  10. I envy the guests who get to stay overnight in this beautiful room. Total charm! I agree, the painted bed is perfection.

  11. Absolutely love everything!! Gorgeous! I love white
    Thank you for posting

  12. I love the bed and the canopy. So ethereal and romantic looking.

  13. (I'm so glad you decided to paint the bed too : )
    Thank you for sharing these inspiring photo's Jacqueline!
    Beautiful differences you have made; transforming this space with
    all your lovely white touches. So unhurried and fresh~
    Vintage loveliness~
    Karen O

  14. your furniture ... your linens ... your style ... LOVE it all!

  15. Your bedroom is a vision in romance and fantastic to find the last canopy left, some things are just meant to be. Gorgeous night stand and looks perfect there next to your bed.

  16. Hi J,
    The bed is wonderful!!... and the little tall table is darling... I like the combination.... Those canopy.... the were impossible to find here, I really wanted one, but realized I don't even have a place where one would work, but they were so darling, I lost sight of that for awhile... so I am glad to have the chance to enjoy yours :-)


  17. Absolutely gorgeous, Jacqueline. All that white is just stunning and so inviting.

  18. I love white embroidery! The room looks great!

  19. It is so soft and quiet...Jeanne d Arc Living style...everything that I love. The bed in all white with the canopy is breathtaking. You have created a beautiful place.

  20. Oh this room is so serene. The bed and side table are fabulous! I look forward to seeing when it is completed!

  21. Oh, WoW! Just WoW!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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