Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Changing Shops & Spring On the Street Where I Live

Hello again ladies and gents! I've been off the blog for awhile visiting family and changing shops! There is much more to show of the beautiful French Vintage shop Je L'adore!  in its brand new location in Albuquerque that I have just this minute set up shop in, but here is a small sneak preview of my little space inside. . . .

I am tout simplement ravi to be here, and hope you will make a point of coming by for a visit!

I am all set up with soft colors for a joyful spring celebration. Please enjoy having a petite look around. . . .

On a different note, I am once again including shots of my Albuquerque neighborhood this time of year. The sun is every bit as bright in springtime in NM as you can see in these photos. It's warm. Near seventy five degrees. The wind is calm. Unusual for spring here.

The winter here is this colorless brown. These are old cottonwood and Chinese Elm trees that line the road. Although we are within the city limits we are lucky to have a few fields that have not been turned into developed real estate. There is not a day that I take this walk that I don't appreciate that fact, because I know it can happen at the drop of a hat.

A tall adobe brick wall once enclosed this space. You can see a portion of it in the foreground. It was waist high when I moved here twenty years ago. Every year a little bit of the earth wall is reclaimed by the elements.

A view of what remains.

Blue tiles and a mailbox embedded into a stucco wall.

A nicho is a common feature in the local architecture both indoors and out.

You would not likely notice the roadrunner perched on top of this neighbor's wall. I didn't notice him myself until he dropped down after I snapped this picture. I encountered two of them on this midday walk. Not an unusaul occurance.

Finally, a bit of blossom outside of an old farmhouse. . . .

Well, it's so great to be back visiting again!
So much catching up to do!
I hope a new spring is just lovely for all of you!


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  1. You're shop looks absolutely beautiful. Love that wonderful Edwardian gown! Nice to see that there is sun shining somewhere in the country!

  2. Ah so lovely as expected good luck in your new shop..Im doing the same switching over to a new location with some fun women in a great shop called Gatherings by the dennis Ma
    love your displays....big hugs Lorraine

  3. My gosh, you've been one busy gal!! I hope you had some help with all that all looks so beautiful and inviting!! Wishing you much luck in your new spot.....xoxoxo

  4. Hi Jacqueline, the new shop looks lovely and I'm admiring those blue and white plates in the dish rack. It is nice to see your neighbourhood in spring and I'm sure things will green up a bit soon there. Much sooner than here! Pam

  5. Congratulations on your new shop, Jacqueline! I adore your new space...would love to be able to shop with you!
    Mary Alice

  6. How exciting... a new store. the photos made me wish I lived closer b/c I would be visiting tomorrow! I love your style. Dianne

  7. Wish you were in Houston. What is the pattern name on the blue and white plates? Your selections are perfect!!

  8. How exciting to have a new shop. If I get to Santa Fe this summer I hope to get over to Albuquerque.
    Love seeing shots of your neighborhood. '-)

  9. Would love to shop your shop, then to bump into you would be a real treat.
    Your cottonwoods, and elms are a big part of out landscape, as well as Joshua trees and sages. Our landscape looks much like yours. I love the Adobe feel to the homes and the walls.

    Our springs days have been in the high 80's yet we are exspecting colder days again with high winds so typical here on our Southern Ca. Desert.

    See you soon for more of the beauty you share here.


  10. Hi Jacqueline,
    Congrats on your new shop. Everything looks so inviting. I would love to visit one day.
    Happy Spring.
    Hugs, CM

  11. How I love your new shop, Jacqueline! And it looks like you are enjoying some beautiful weather as well.
    Happy, Happy Spring!

  12. Jacqueline,
    Your new space looks beautiful. Love seeing all the pretties you have for sale. Love the pics of your neighborhood. Ahhhhh 75 degrees how wonderful. We will not see that for a couple of months here in the midwest. Soak up some of that warmth for me.

  13. Congratulations on your new set-up at this lovely shop Jacqueline! I love your wares and am crushing on those blue and white dishes. I would shop there in a heartbeat if I lived near you! Thanks for taking us on this lovely walk, too. Having spent all my life in New England, it's such a treat to see other states 'virtually'.

  14. White wicker. Those lovely white with blue plates. Gorgeous. And I really love seeing your environment, too -- and the lovely nicho. Your white is such a lovely contrast to the adobe.

  15. Congratulations on the new shop. I saw many things I would snatch up. Wish I could shop


  16. have fun with the pretty new spot:) wish we had 75 degrees!

  17. Beautiful shop and neighborhood. Now if I were nearby I would definitely stop by.

  18. Hi J,
    You are all moved in and it looks BEATIFUL! That's a lot of space and a lot of work! You really do make such wonderful and plentiful finds! LOVE those hat boxes:-)
    It's always a treat to look around your neighborhood too, good news on the water... I haven't seen a Road Runner in many many years, aren't they fabulous!!
    Thanks for the look around!!

  19. You have some great things! Unfortunately I am far away in Oregon...

  20. Oh, what a pretty shop!! I wish I could visit AND meet you! Beautiful items to bring home! ~Zuni

  21. I meant to also wish you the best in your new shop! ~Zuni

  22. I enjoyed the peek at your neighbourhood! I have never seen a roadrunner - except in the cartoons!
    It would be such a treat to visit the new shop - so many ideas, such inspiration and so many temptations there!

  23. How exciting to set up shop-it looks amazing!
    I loved seeing the roadrunner (I wouldn't have noticed it!) and other pics of your neighborhood. :)

  24. how nice to be able to set up such a pretty shop. Lovely goodies in there. You live in such a pretty neighborhood Jacqueline.

  25. Boy if I miss a day on the computer some of the most beautiful blogs(like yours) I follow get lost in my bog roll.

  26. Love the beautiful transfer ware dishes.
    Your booth is lovely, I wish you the best at your new location...

  27. Hallo Dear!
    What a lovely photos ypu show us!!!!!
    Whish you a Happy Easter!
    Hugs Kathrine

  28. Your space is gorgeous and filled with all of the things I love, too.

    I thought of you yesterday as I was working and expanding my space at one of the shops I am in. When I was working on a vignette, I wondered how YOU would put it together.

    All the best in your new place!!! I am sure they are happy to have you there!!

  29. Jacqueline,
    Your new la petite shop space is charming, dear friend!!!
    I adore your blue dinnerware!!!
    The matching cream and sugar are exquisite!!!
    Wishing you much $uccess with your newest endeavor!!!
    Have a blessed Easter!!!

  30. Your shop is fabulous Jacqueline! Looks every bit as inviting as your blog! Thanks for joining HSH!


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