Monday, July 7, 2014

The Summer Mantel

There hasn't been much time for decorating and styling so far this summer. But that's the good news! We have been blessed to have a lot of family in, and a bit of travel. But my mantel has been the same since winter, and I had to take the time to update it at least a little.

An overcast morning was opportune for taking a few photos, as this room gets very strong light throughout the day in all seasons. The change in light can be dramatic, and it was so soft and light this day.

I kept the books, but added a bit of eyelet lace that I found at a flea market this spring to lighten things up. A few sea stars are perfect for the season too. Covering the dark surface of the wood makes such a difference. I'm not quite finished with the arrangement. I have a spot to fill with something. But I will be keeping it simple.

A leafy veil covers the window glass in summer. And plantation shutters are wonderful for controlling light.

I'm really enjoying the softness of the white.

I've taken a few more shots of other areas in our rooms in the soft morning light. We have bright sunshine nearly every day in New Mexico. Great weather, but not necessarily for picture taking!

Now it's off to the great outdoors again!

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Like fairy tale.Kiss from Serbia,

  2. So peaceful, calming, and lovely!!
    Mary Alice

  3. Everything is lovely, as usual.

    I am finding myself making each of my flat surfaces lighter and less cluttered for summer. It makes for less work cleaning them.

    Enjoy your family and the New Mexico sun.

  4. Thank you, for your beautyful photos.

  5. Love your charming mantel vignette!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. Thank you for your beautyful much Inspiration ...
    Greetings from Germany

  7. I love glimpses of your home -- a touch of New Mexico with your impeccable style. Sally

  8. It's so nice to see how you have used all these beautiful things in your home...I get so inspired by your arrangements.

  9. Jacqueline! So beautiful! And my favorite sentence, "This room gets very strong light throughout the day in all seasons." Aahhh! Don't I wish!!! Love the lace close-ups and the plantation shutters!! Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

  10. Hi J,
    So quiet and calm...
    LOVE the eyelet! Pretty, pretty book ends, have you been crafting?
    I always love seeing your sideboard too I am crushing on all the lacy edges:-)
    I never thought about your light being too harsh, we have opposite problems, haha!!

  11. Very Calming and just perfect......blessed


  12. Jacqueline,
    Your mantel is so pretty and serene. Love how the light is soft in the room. So beautiful.

  13. Your summer mantel looks very pretty and cool and calm for a hot summers day! xx

  14. Your mantel looks so beautiful and inspiring! Cool for the summer days too. Very pretty! ~ Vanessa

  15. Beautiful how you captured the light coming through the shutters. Love all the white against the dark wood. Beautiful!

  16. Hi Jacqueline,
    Such a pretty mantel for summer and the whole room is just charming, cozy and relaxing.
    Enjoy the day!

  17. your room must be a cool, soothing place from the heat outside:) beautiful, jacqueline!

  18. How gorgeous, Jacqueline! I love the pieces you have brought so beautifully together...and the starfish and mantel books seem collected over many summers. Restful and lovely! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment!

  19. I swoon every time I come here.
    Your home is gorgeous.

  20. Jacqueline, so beautiful, serene and inviting. It makes one want to step right into the picture and settle in with a nice cup of tea!

  21. Jacqueline, every inch of your home speaks to me how could I focus on just you summer mantel when you have such beauty surrounding you. I hope when you hear my words you know that I am speaking the truth, and words from my heart! :)
    I could move right into your home and be happy for all the days to come, your white painted brick walls a favorite, the floors another, the mirror over the mantel, the darker contrast to the white in your woods yet still feels so neutral is all music of soulfulness.
    Love the covered pieces as if you are covering them for a long holiday leave, just like the Europeans do.
    The side table next to your fireplace screams beauty, loving the storage underneath and so much more.

    Must I go on to convince you on how your home speaks volumes to who you are and how you love to live sharing your home with beauty.

    See you soon, and now I need to go see what I can tweak in my home, see how you inspire beauty making me second guess my style :)

    An inspiring visit here with you.


  22. Beautiful summer decor J. Everything looks so fresh!

  23. Beautiful, Jacqueline! Love the collection of white ironstone against the brown of the cupboard.
    Happy Summer!

  24. Love the open shutters! I could sit right there with a book and a good cup of coffee.

  25. Le tue foto sono davvero un incanto!


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