Friday, July 25, 2014

Nursery Linens

We have a family reunion coming up next week. For some time now I've been thinking of the old nursery and needing to find more room. The youngest "babies" are now five years old, and the beautiful oak crib has fulfilled its reason for being.

For a while now it's been the dolly space, the domain of stuffed rabbits and bears, and a landing for stray pillows. 

I was already a grandmother when our youngest left home. So we freshened up the paint and got nursery furniture for the vacant room. The only thing we kept were the flourescent stars that my son had left on the ceiling overhead.  

We dubbed the room "the nursery," and many times little visitors have gazed up at the stars after lights out to begin their starry dreams. But yesterday the little oak baby bed went to a new home. . . . 

I got busy rearranging and changing things up. It's funny how suddenly the same four walls can feel so different! 

Most of the mementos in this space are not from my own love-lings. They are merely ceremonial. A nod to the joys of mothering. I love the way these old worn white leather baby shoes are in vintage fashion these days, for instance.

A few remnants of the old nursery will stay here for a little time more. (A wee seersucker pinny, pink rick-rack on handkerchief linen, a little pearl button.) 

But the girls want a dressing screen. And I'm thinking of a wide gilt mantel mirror hanging on the wall over the bed, with ladylike vintage things hanging on hooks underneath. An elegant Frenchy style for the girls to grow into. . . . 

There will be new carpet, new furniture, new paint. After all of this time, a few of the stars on the ceiling fall off now and then. But we will leave them still faintly glowing overhead for dreams. . . .

So nice that you stopped by!
 Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I love the sweet pink and white baby things and the pretty lacy linens. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Happy Weekend to you Jacqueline. Sweet linens. Your girls are so fortunate to have you as their grand.

  3. A lovely room ready for new memories!
    Have a great weekend , Anita xo

  4. I love every single picture.

    I know this frenchie new space is going to be awesome.

    Love these sweet pinks. Hope you shared them for Pink Saturday.

  5. Very sweet! Lucky girls!!

  6. What wonderful vintage children's clothing you've collected! The room will be a sweet place for your sweet guests, I'm sure. :)

  7. Such a sweet room. We had a ceiling full of those stars. I loved laying down with the grandchildren and looking at them. When we listed our home a month ago the realtor said they had to go. Oh no not my stars. They are gone but the memories are there. Good for you keeping them.

  8. So very pretty! I always enjoy your posts,


  9. Oh... all the pretty things!! The makeover sounds tre chic, the girls will be delighted!!
    Happy Dreams under the stars :-)

  10. Hi Jackie girl !
    I went through this myself with getting rid of all the young to a room of all grown up. It was hard to pack away all the sweetness and find new homes for pieces my daughter didn't want anymore. I still create small wonders and try to sneak them into her room (age 21) and she will say you are making my home room away from home a little to young again, yet she does like the touches, I tell her they are for her daughter some day. :)
    Of course style change and things we love now we out grow and change makes for new memories.

    I do love the direction you are heading with the designs of the nursery room to little girl grown up. The gilt of gold, the dressing screen and all the fun this new room will take on with designs.

    Thank you for taking the time to admire my 2 new French baskets. I will enjoy finding places for them to inspire.

    See you soon.
    Looking forward to all the room will inspire.


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  12. Love the old vintage linens and the vintage children's things. Life's changes when we no longer need the crib. I need to find a new home for my vintage crib, but not sure how to go about it. Just thinking for now, but soon I must act.

  13. Hi Jacqueline,
    Such pretty pinks and vintage linens. Life has a way of bringing us changes when the nursery gets put away. Somehow I know you will bring this room it's own new special look. Have fun when all the family arrive.

  14. I do hope to have a room like this someday. Though I think we will just begin with a daybed and have some type of portable crib for when the grandbabies come to stay. Your room is so sweet...the photos and your words describing it are just so dreamy. You bring beauty to Mothering and Grandmothering. xx

  15. so sweet! my son had those stars in his room-and they are still there:) such charming pink and white linens and i love the pretty quilt--almost a pastel watercolor look. have a great week, jacqueline!

  16. This room is beautiful Jacqueline! Was it hard to see the crib go? I had a hard time getting rid of the things my six children all grew up with and in. I still have the little shoes like yours that every one of them wore as babies. A little shabby, but I look at them and get a flood of emotion.
    I love all the lovely touches in your room and know that it will be a favorite with your family.

  17. What a dear post, Jacqueline, and I know it is difficult to say goodbye to those precious baby years, but you have some young ladies to think of now. Your ideas for their room are wonderful and I can't wait to see the final results. Lucky girls to have such a creative Grandmother! I just love the rose prints on the walls, the screen and the little bed lamp - so darling. Enjoy your make-over, I'm sure it will be swoon-worthy. xo Karen

  18. I have been on vacation and away from blogland for 10 days. And how lovely it is today to be in blogland looking at your beautiful linens.

  19. simply beautiful Jacqueline. I'm sure the transformation will be just as lovely in its way. I have my baby shoes on my dresser; much more scuffed than yours. always love to come visit here; such a restful, lovely spot.

  20. The girls are blessed to have a Grand that has such beautiful things...and knows how to use them. :)

  21. I love your beautiful rooms...and photography! I am hoping for a grand baby someday, but for now, sigh, I dream...
    I have my baby shoes, which look just like your vintage ones. Does that make me...'vintage'? I might like the sound of that, in some respects! =)


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