Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hunting For Ivory

Honest to goodness, the moment I laid eyes on these canvas covered leather suitcases the first thing I thought of was "safari." I've seen luggage covered like this in a movie or magazine somewhere. Maybe a Ralph Lauren ad. But, come on. This is Albuquerque.

London. Chicago. New York. That's what these babies say. But now they are saying it to me!

Now I want to go right out and have covers made for all my luggage. I would show you the pristine leather underneath but you've seen it all before. And anyway this is a post about ivory! Hunting for the COLOR.

In truth, I am hunting for white and ivory every time I go out. It's a thing of mine. Perhaps you have noticed. And I had a lot of luck yesterday!

One of my happy finds was vintage string. Just a little bag of it for three dollars. But I have never seen this kind before. A large spool of flat woven ivory cotton. Beautiful.  

For now I have my slipcovered luggage sitting near my slipcovered furniture. I just want to look at it a while.

And while I do, I'll model a few other ivory finds on top for you.

A new ironstone pitcher and cereal sized vintage bowl in creamy ivory.

I am always on the hunt for these ivory and black marmalade jars, and I found one yesterday. It was the only thing I found to bring home in a very large and very iffy market. Five dollars.

An ivory still life.

Mr. Cottage says these would be fun to drink from. I think he's catching on to this vintage thing!

I also fell for these handsome ivory paper bags from Jeanne d'Arc Living. I wish I had a ton of them! Nice for gift giving or any old thing. Maybe I will frame one. Looks good just hanging!

There are two sizes.

And finally, I turned up three lovely grain sacks in ivory, though it took a good soak to get them clean. They are the size of a standard size pillow, and of heavy muslin with a wonderful texture. (They would be sensational on safari.)

An old toss away jar of crockery.

A bit of old rugged cloth.

And a bundle of string.

Almost as good as safari! (Well, not really. . . .)

But I hope you enjoyed hunting for ivory!

Bon voyage
 & happy hunting!


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  1. Love those black and ivory jars. Your husband seems to be getting onboard. I wish my would! I'm visiting my daughter in ABQ soon. Wondering if you might list the great shops in the area in a blog post some time soon?

  2. Wow I've never seen fabric covered luggage! That's pretty high end I imagine! The spool of flat string reminds me of shoe string. It raises curiosity as to what it would have been for. It's been a long time since I've seen jars like those. I love those paper bags!

  3. Oh how I'd love to go on a safari with you, Jacqueline! The canvas covered leather suitcases are amazing! Where or where did you find them? Talk about gorgoues!!!
    Have a happy one.

  4. Ooo, I LOVE this. Brings up images of the British Raj. So glad I stopped in today. I'm needing some ivory in my home - lots of it! :-)

  5. Don't know what I love most here -- the Marmelade jars, the great luggage or those fabulous bags! Love it all!

  6. What a wonderful bunch of treasures! Who would have thought in Albuquerque? Sally

  7. What a lovely ivory post! The covered luggage is something I have never seen before and I love the bags so much... Have a great week.


  8. Those canvas covered suitcases are amazing! I have never seen anything like them before. Love the worn leather straps. Out Of Africa is my favorite movie and living in Africa was my dream for many years. I even have a minor in African Studies from University. I was stationed in Ghana with the Peace Corps but never made it.

    I want some JDL bags!!! I have not been able to come across any shops that sell JDL yet. I have never seen those bags available on line either. So you are so very lucky. They are beautiful.

    You really know how to hunt for Ivory! Happy hunting. xx

  9. What a treasure trove!!! Good for you!! Never seen the covered luggage before...great find!! The flat cord is wonderful, never seen that before either, looks like shoe laces, love how it is wound on the spool. Love the paper bags too. And the mustard jar, been looking for one of those for years now.....enjoy.....

  10. What fabulous finds! Love all of it!

  11. Jacqueline, I can't tell if you just have a great eye or are just lucky! I'm betting on the first one! The first thing that popped into my mind was Out of Africa and then I scrolled down! There also was an article in one older Victoria magazine that I remember that reminds me so much of your luggage covers. Everything is beautiful and so not ordinary. I would love to follow behind you on a shopping trip..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  12. Oh my golly what awesome treasured finds, Jacqueline, WOW! Well done, ma'am.....there isn't a single thing there I wouldn't love owning.

  13. Jacqueline
    The covered cases are fabulous. What elegance.
    I am guessing that the flat cord is a knitting year.
    Some years ago I carried this yarn in my store, although differently packaged. It was a German made cotton yarn.

  14. Oh my goodness, I enjoyed all of your creamy ivory whites!! Love Love Love, those suitcase covers are amazing. Beautiful post that spoke to my soul.

  15. Jacqueline, what a fabulous find! I've seen those cloth cover suitcases only in the movies, they are gorgeous! Love your other white trappings as well. You really know how to bag a winner!

  16. Oh Jacqueline....what a find ! now everyone on the blog that loves those suitcase covers .....keep the pics so you can make some in your spare time....OMG
    they are to die for and I would not sell them ever !!
    cotton shoe laces that is why our laces dont stay tied does anyone know that ..the laces now are not cotton.

    I look forward to your blog all the time....these are the best Ivory spotted items in my eyes....and I can spot ivory..... Im going to share with my cape cod friends....need to figure out that suitcase keep me inspired and on the hunt..if you put those cases up for sale LMK.....thanks so much ~ looking forward to your next treasure hunt.....Lorraine

  17. You always manage to find the best treasures!
    Tell you husband I love the idea of using the Dundee jars as glassware. Very clever!

  18. Ahhh! Well, he wasn't Robert Redford, but he'd do! ha ha!! Pretty amazing ad video. Of course, reminded me of Out of Africa. Your finds and photos are amazing also!! Just gorgeous!

  19. I do love the marmalade jars and the flat string is lovely too. What fun to be on the search for ivory.

  20. What an exceptionally beautiful post today. I have never heard of canvas covered luggage before. You hit a gold mine there!

  21. You find the neatest things of anyone I know!! I love it all.


  22. Jacqueline, I cannot get enough ivory! So glad I didn't miss this post - I'll take one of everything!

  23. Hi Jacqueline, I am in love with your slipcovered luggage. What a find and the bags are fantastic.
    Lovely whites~
    Have a nice weekend.

  24. I love all the different textures of your ivory finds! That slipcovered luggage is divine!!
    Mary Alice

  25. Love all your ivory finds! So pretty and calm!

  26. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous covered luggage, dear friend!!! Loved seeing all the detail of the snaps and stitching!
    The wide string appears to be vintage cotton shoestring. Remember those vintage white cotton tennis shoes we all had for Physical Education classes??? A "true" non~fashion statement! Ha!
    I adore seeing all your white "finds"!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  27. Your white/cream finds are lovely!! I had to smile when I saw your "cereal" bowl. My Dad inherited a bowl like that from his Mom, because he had used it all of his life to eat saltine crackers crumbled in milk. I believe that he used the bowl for most of his 82 years....
    It now sits on the shelf in my kitchen so I can smile at it on my way by :^)
    Thanks for an extra smile from you!!


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