Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little Pink Transferware & More

Do you know this Staffordshire pattern by Adams called English Scenic? I don't think I have ever noticed it before. I found this jumbo cup on my last junking foray and am completely charmed by the little cows on it. The cup is more the size of a latte bowl.

I have passed on a lot of my red and blue transferware, but this cottage scene is a new favorite. I can imagine having a large steamy cup of hot chocolate in it in the morning, especially at Christmas. I am also fascinated with how often a theme comes up in the purchases of the day. This time it was pink and blue!

I found this sweet little huck towel with delightful raspberry pink accents in some out of the way place I have never visited before. The mixed pastels and embroidered details just enchant me. And then there's that monogram! I like how the piece shows its wonderful texture all rumpled up like this.

The pale blue is picked up by this tiny vintage beaded coin purse that I found that one of my grandgirls would adore with its beautiful butterfly motif. It must have once been someone's special keepsake.

These days I try to collect only linen pieces that are in the best condition or that have qualities that really stand out. This one has them in spades, right down to the little pink crocheted edge. To me, vintage is all about the fine details that make up the story of an object.

In researching this transferware piece I found that it is sometimes referred to as "pink" transferware rather than "red", and I can see why. Here is a closer look at the narrative for you. . . .

It really is scenic!

Doesn't the pattern tell a wonderful story? Like a fairytale romance of cottage living. . . .

Even the new Country Home magazine I picked up same day has these colors! Don't you just love that cover? There's a Rachel Ashwell Prairie feature inside.

I hope something lovely crosses your path today!

 We have another overcast morning with a few light showers. So wonderful and so rare here in summer. We are getting the moisture that was predicted and so hoped for this year.

I'm so glad you took time out to visit today!
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  1. What great finds those are. I also like the scene on the cup. I guess that is because we own a farm and raise cows.

  2. I love pink, I really do, that is such a lovely cup, I found one at the thrift store too, a cup and sauce, I must go check and see the patten, the tea towel is beautiful, you just don't find such lovely work today, I worked at getting the stains from a lovely tablecloth I found at the thrift store yesterday, I succeeded! A big pot of hot hot water on the stove, baking soda and salt, 24 hours late, still thee, I soaked it again in Borax, still a little visible, I poured peoxide on the last faint stain, and presto gone, it is just like new, I'm like you, I try fo non stained linens but this time I loved it so much, thank goodness it worked!I enjoyed your treasures today,

  3. I love the towel with the pink edge. It's quite different. The country scene on the teacup is really sweet too. While in town yesterday I looked at a couple of places for the Country Home magazine but didn't find it. I will have to go to Chapters next time. It may not even be available up here. :( Enjoy the day. Pam

  4. The transferware mug is beautiful. I would be thrilled to find one. It has the perfect roundness to it and the pink shade is so pretty. xx

  5. When I visit I usually always stop and comment because your posts are so thoughtfully, beautifully and simply composed.

  6. I have a real love of transferware and just started collecting. It's just so much fun to use, especially at Christmas! Cathy

  7. Love all the Pink and Pretty's you have shared with us today. I like the detail on the linen towel; and the transfer-ware is precious with the cows. Your grandgirl will be lucky to have such a special purse.

  8. I love all your finds! The pink transferware cup is beautiful. Love the shades of pink.


  9. I found some very old yet it looked brand new old tick material with many of those same colors in it! I found it while on vacation back east. I think they used it to make pillow cases out of it. Not really sure, but that is what a lady was telling me. I felt happy to have found it. I will most likely make an apron from it!
    I still hope and pray to find a box filled with red and white transfer ware.
    We have had rain for days, I am so happy to see this drought diminishes after every rain drop!
    Blessings, Roxy

  10. Jacqueline
    from what I know they said these were farmers porridge bowls..they got up in the early am with this big mug filled with oatmeal out to the barns to tend to the animals ....I had and have several ones but not transfere ware ..... I put bars of soap in mine ....if one owns a soap store these look so pretty with bars of soap as a display ......they are so beautiful

    but I would rather have coffee or hot your linens too......ah you must come to cape cod I have a cottage for well as lots of linens .....happy middle of July

  11. Hi Jacqueline,

    Isn't it nice having a reprieve from the usual heat of summer? We have had cooler weather in Tulsa since yesterday morning and I am loving it!

    I have long admired the English Scenic pattern. I used to have the prettiest dual handled sugar bowl in a teal color. I think I wound up selling it but I displayed it in my bedroom for several years. I like just about any pattern with cattle.

    Some of these big cups were also called joke cups or breakfast cups and as one reader also mentioned they might have been used for porridge or oatmeal. I have a few and one of them I use as a flour scoop.

    As always, thanks for a lovely post!

    Nancy's Daily Dish

  12. Beautiful post!
    I'm gonna take you in my blog today!Hope you will like


  13. I love all the pictures .. beautiful
    The cup is very detailed and like it very much.
    And the cloth is very sweet and very special.

  14. Your blog is very nice!!! Full of great ideas!

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  18. I have never seen that pattern and I would have been thrilled to find it. I am now on a hunt. xo Laura

  19. Love the transferware cup. I've never seen that pattern before. And the coin purse is precious! I must look for one like that for my granddaughter! :-)

  20. love the little huck towel so much!
    and the country home magazine looks like a goodie:)

  21. Lovely Jacqueline. We call it pink transferware here not red. I love it'and the little purse is so sweet and will make your little grandie so happy.x

  22. Beautifully serene scene on that cup and a lovely post !

  23. Is it possible that beautiful vintage pieces are drawn to you, Jacqueline, rather than the other way around? As if they know how much you will love them and find a special place in your home for them? I think so. :)

    I love your new pink cup. Now you have me looking around, wondering if what this little cottage wants next is something pink!

    As always, a gorgeous post.

    Wishing you & yours a beautiful weekend.

  24. Stopped by to just say Hi! Love your cup..... I have a question??? how do you know its transferware? I see cups with a similar design with no markings on the bottom. I just found a McCoy teapot and then saw a tiny pitcher with no name on the bottom. How would I know if it is McCoy or not. Same with the transferware. I'm just wondering??
    Love all your colors!

  25. I saw your red transferware on silver bunny's blog. It's beautiful, I love it. It looks vintage looking to me.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  26. I'm loving that "pink" transfer ware cup. Those cows and sheep are absolutely wonderful! I think I would actually use it for my soup! Terrific finds~~~

  27. I just love your transferware ~ it's one of my favorites, too. I have a very old purple collection that's been handed down to me. Beautiful post. Visiting from Pink Saturday ~ have a lovely weekend!

  28. That cup is a fantastic find! The cows pictured on it are great! I would have snagged it too! Thanks for sharing!


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