Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Linens

We get a lot of visitors in summer so our linens get an extra workout. Thankfully there's a good stack of pillow cases already ironed because there hasn't been much time for that lately! I like to rotate my vintage collections so that they get less wear and can last longer.

Even so, some of my newer all cotton sheets are wearing thin. Time to look out for more!

These are some of my mix and match favorites of which many of you have seen on the blog before. I am always adding vintage white pillowcases with crochet trim when I can find them, especially in singles. They are delicious together, and I love a white bed!

Love finding pretty designer patterns at the thrift store too. These are RL.

Love just a white chenille bedspread as a blanket for hot summer nights. Perfect to pull up when it gets cooler in the ealy morning.

A one of a kind find. So cheery.

I'm probably boring, but I use mostly the same colorways in all the bedrooms.

This is a nice summery damask tablecloth with a pink stripe. Love the flower design.

We're already saying goodbye to June. We have guests all weekend to celebrate, so the clotheslines are getting a workout. . . .

The linen dries so fast in the intense dry NM heat that the sheets almost appear to have been already ironed. Nice bonus! Finished and smelling delicious in no time!

The top sheet shown here is a vintage Dan River rose print. Love it when I find one of those!

A fifties print tablecloth with cherries and strawberries. What could be sweeter!

When there is plenty of time to get ready, preparing the guest rooms is a nice ritual. Even the very young enjoy a cozy bed!

Finally, I am showing a couple of my favorite tablecloth arrangements for outdoor dining with some pretty china mixed in. . . . 

Love a table with a sweet petticoat! Hand crocheted lace underneath and a vintage curtain panel as a table cover on top.

A similar treatment with a woven lace tablecloth underneath. This is a good trick for old laces that are less than perfect. The extra frill adds so much!

I also like showcasing lovely smaller handworked pieces on top. Makes for such a pretty and interesting table. This was a table I did for breakfast on the lawn early one summer day. This pink damask stripe has a different pattern with birds which (sadly) I no longer own. (You can't keep it all. . . . Really.)

This time it's a twin bed skirt that peeks out underneath.

Vintage linens go such a long way toward making a summer memorable. For me, it's one of the real joys of the season.

The weekends are so full in summer!
 I hope it's a nice one for you!

 Enjoy these last days of June!


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  1. so enjoy the last days of June too :)

  2. Love it!!! Beautiful pictures, have a great weekend:)

  3. Beautiful pinks! I just love the look of crisp ironed sheets, and pillow cases in the summer, makes you just feel cooler.

  4. Dan River sheets were the best! Why can't we buy decent cotton sheets now at a reasonable price? I really struggle buying new sheets for our bigger beds. Your linens are lovely, and bring back memories of my youth and early married years. Sally

  5. Your collection of vintage linens is extraordinary!

  6. Lovely ~ as always ...from one linen lover to another
    happy weekend ~ Lorraine

  7. Such gorgeous linens! I too LOVE collecting vintage linens as they are all cotton and were made to last and made well. Your collection is stunning and my favs are ones with pink roses. I noticed the round Shabby Chic accent pillow as I have 2 of them myself.

    Thank you for sharing your beauties and have a great weekend.

    Hugs, Lynnie

  8. So pretty Jacqueline! It must be such a sweet treat to stay at your house. I love all the pink and white. I don't think I'd ever get tired of it.

  9. You have lots of lovely linen, as a child I often stayed with my aunt she had lots of old and lovely linen and I loved to go to bed at her place the bed smelt and felt wonderful maybe there was a method in making children liking bedtime.

  10. I love this post. I am a vintage linen lover too. I am always looking for things to add to my stash. I find them at thrift stores, estate sales, church sales.... and the prices are very reasonable.

  11. Well I sure wish I was coming to stay at your place this weekend those linens look so inviting~

  12. As always Jacqueline,your vignettes and linen are scrumptious.
    I'm looking through all the lovely photo's while cosied up in front of a lovely fire listening to cello music with my laptop on my lap and it's pouring down outside.
    Alas it all will be over in an hour as we have to venture out into the night to my son's for dinner. I love going there,but not to leave such bliss.x

  13. You mentioned you may be boring, but I think you must be very charming! Everything on this blog is just beautiful, and I get so inspired when I see your pretty things. Makes me want to run out to the yard sales and find some good stuff. Great job, and please keep up the good work.

  14. Simply gorgeous Jacqueline, Linens so fresh and pressed just speak to my heart. There is nothing boring about the same linens in all the rooms. It gives more opportunity to change things up.

    Have a wonderful last of June weekend.

  15. Anything, but boring. I love your style. So Romantic and so peaceful. I am sure your guest sleep blissfully.

  16. I love how beautifully crisp your linens always look! And love the colors you have!! Love it!! Have a blessed weekend!

  17. Jacqueline,
    Your linens are gorgeous. Love the chenille white bed spread. Beautiful. Those lace trimmed pillow cases are gorgeous too. Went back through your pictures a few times. So pretty.

  18. Sooo pretty! I love the first quilt with the sweet and charming flowers on it. Have a wonderful summer. It looks like you are off to a good start.

  19. I have been painting in my kitchen today and decided to take a break and catch up on some blogs. I just love seeing all your beautiful pictures in this post. Especially like the white pillow cases with the crochet lace on it.

  20. Jacqueline, everything looks so pretty. You know just the right pieces to look for and I envy you all your gorgeous finds..Happy end of June to you..Judy

  21. Dear Jacqueline,
    I am drooling over every picture. I can just smell the fresh linen smell from those pretty, pretty, pretty pillow cases hanging on the line. I love every single picture and the way you arranged the beautiful items. I have a thing for old linens and floral patterns-all of it. You have such a wonderful collection. Inspirational!

  22. "lovely" is always the word I repeat over & over as I read your post & look at the pictures!

  23. As usual, EVERYTHING is GORGEOUS, but that chenille spread is amazing.

  24. ...and those sheets that are almost worn out are so soft and perfect for summer. Lovely.

  25. So much beautiful-ness I can hardly stand it J!!!! Oh my have so many amazing linens. Your company is so very lucky to sleep in such a beautiful bed!
    sending hugs...

  26. lovely, lovely, lovely, all of it! Would it be too creepy if I asked you to adopt me? ;) I would love to sleep in those beds with sun-dried, beautiful smelling linens and lace!

  27. So many gorgeous photos! I LOVE a white bed also, but all of your prints are simply beautiful. Whites and vintage florals- summer perfection. Love seeing your lovely china pieces, too!


  28. Came back for another look because I enjoyed it so much the first time. Love the china and tablecloths too! I am smitten with this charming world your showed us.

  29. Your linens are lovely. No wonder you have lots of company.


  30. I'd love to spend a day just loitering around your linen cupboard Jacqueline. It must be full of so many pretties.
    As always, I'm delighted that you share on Shabbilicious Friday and I will be featuring this post at tomorrow's party.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne xx

  31. I adore those pale shades of pink. My next decorating project will be a pink and white bedroom so I am gathering ideas. It will be awhile yet as I have someone staying in that room at the moment. If I see chenile bedspreads at garage sales I get them. Those in not so great shape make nice pillows. I have copied some of your pictures I hope that is OK.

  32. Lived in Alamogordo years ago--When I hung clothes on the line, the far end would be dry by the time I got to the other end. Coming from WA where it is always slightly damp, I was fascinated but loved how fresh they smelled.


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