Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Monday, Tuesday, & White Wednesday!

It feels like an age since we were winding up for Easter, doesn't it? Or maybe it's just me. We were away for the long weekend, and I always like to get in a bit of digging around into new places. It makes me feel like I've been gone longer than I actually have. 

I thought I would bring you out onto the spring patio where the light is best and show off a few new thrilling finds.

The "herbes" painted box is a local find from a great dealer who does a terrific job of dolling things up, but still manages to keep prices low. And the new ironstone pitcher was a find from my trip before last in Lubbock, TX.

I discovered a wonderful newish shop in my daughter's town with a dealer that loves linens like I do. Finding this old cotton dress just made my day!

Plain and simple, and no-frills beautiful. I just love the look of old garments hanging in a room.

Nearly worn to shreds, but with plenty of nobility still left in its folds. In the loosest and most general way possible it reminds me of the gown that Keira Knightley wears in Pride and Prejudice when she first visits Mr. Darcy accidently at Pemberley. Love that scene. (Her dress is long, with long sleeves, and crosses in front. She wears it with boots. . . . But I digress. . . )

A different booth had this wonderful ruffled apron. The body and ties are a crisp organdy, but the waistband and ruffle are of a luscious soft handkerchief linen.

The ticking stripe pillow underneath was another Lubbock find, and fits perfectly on my old French rush seat stool. Love the farmhouse vibe! 

The ruffled white Victorian parasol is the big star of the weekend (from the same shop). How can something so ragtag make you so happy!? But there truly is nothing quite like finding wonderful pieces of old.

All silky, delicate, and water stained. . . .

Just look at those feminine curves!

And now time for a wardrobe change!

The last thing I'm showing is a perfect and delightful antique lady's blouse like something Mrs. Selfridge would wear. (If you don't already know about the PBS series Mr. Selfridge, you need to find out asap! OMG! The clothes!)

I don't know what the wonderful light woven checked fabric is called, do you?

Hand-worked buttonholes.

The back is even prettier than the front!

The sailor collar of handkerchief linen comes to a gentle peak at the center.

Cotton tape ties and tucks. (I just bought some of this at LaurieAnna's in Canton, TX.

The cuffs are meant to be folded up and fastened with pretty cuff links.

Now that my grandgirls are getting older, I'm passing on some of the smaller vintage things and stockpiling for the future. It's such a pleasure finding fine old things for them to dress up in. I hope you enjoyed having a look!

Wishing you a wonderful White Wednesday!


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  1. Oh, I especially like that white crate and white trunk! Your blog is so inspirational. Gives me lots of ideas. :-)

  2. Love all your finds. They look so good together.

  3. I love baskets, crates and boxes, especially whitewashed. I love the feel of worn fabric. The apron is soooo pretty. Much too pretty to use. Great for display. As usual, I enjoy your photos and your posts.

  4. What pretty finds! I love the old dress and blouse. They are really special. Do you think you would wear the blouse? It looks to be in great condition.

  5. Oh these ARE thrilling finds and great pictures!!! That blouse is wonderful(no idea on the fabric). But, I think the parasol edged it out of 1st place...what a beauty~~~

  6. Love watching Mr. Selfridge! Your photos are as beautiful as ever...

  7. Such wonderful finds! I'm loving the parasol and beautiful ironstone pitcher.
    Mary Alice

  8. I collect parasols and vintage umbrellas. Love the one you have there! Such beautiful finds you have here, Jacqueline!

  9. I love all you great finds! I recognized some of the booths that you showed a few posts ago from your trip to Lubbock...we go there at least once a month. The Train Station is one of my favorites...Lots of stuff has came home with me from! Hugs, Penny

  10. Jacqueline,
    Amazing finds, dear friend!!!
    Gorgeous fabrics and the apron still hasme swooning!!! My beloved Grandmother, MoMa and Mother~in~law all wore aprons, as do I to this very day!!!
    I am quite smitten with the soda bottle crate all dolled up!!! Intriquing idea!!!
    You are neaarly always my last post visit of the day. The tranquility is so calming. A perfect ending to my day! Thank you, dear one.

  11. Hi J,
    Such lovely finds! Love all the fashion... I rarely see any here... you have a knack! You know I am completely dying over that parasol, amazing!!

  12. Lovely finds Jacqueline. The pretty blouse is probably patterned voile
    It's so delicate. I love the clothes in those series too.

  13. Don't you wish we all dressed like this today? So very beautiful. I am tickled to have recently learned how to sew French seams - the details in older clothes are an art form.

    The parasol is so very romantic as well.

    Oh, and anytime you want to digress into musing about anything Pride and Prejudice is just fine by me. :)

    Have a lovely day, Jacqueline!

  14. You've been having fun! And the effort shows. Beautiful!

    I, too, am a "Mr. Selfridge" fan -- I thought it was great last week when his wife took over and had the women workers' clothes designed to be functional -- but still, they looked great! And the gowns!

    Beautiful display!

  15. Oh my goodness, Jacqueline, what marvelous finds! I would wear every single one of those items to the beach or around the garden in the summer, AND carry the parasol. (You can ask my neighbors if you don't believe me! haha) Seriously, they are exquisite. And you show them all to their very best advantage with your painterly eye. I, too, love having odd items hanging here and there. An old nylon nightgown of my daughter's (which was already an antique when she wore it) hangs on the back of my bedroom door and looks so lovely, and always makes me smile. Things gotta make ya smile, right? Or what's the use of them? :)

  16. Well, of course, the ironstone is my favorite, but it's all dreamy. The clothes! I never find vintage garments around here. Lovely vignette you've created! Have a wonderful day and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog :)

  17. What a beautiful vignette you have created by putting them all together. Such wonderful finds. You have a great eye!

  18. Great finds especially the basket and trunk. Love to see others's finds. Inspires me when i go looking. visiting from Wow US Wednesdays.

  19. I love your blog and how wonderfully displayed!
    simple and sweet

  20. love the umbrella, esp.! beautiful inspiration, jacqueline!! weekend is coming--enjoy!

  21. Could it be lawn? Per Wikipedia: "Characteristics

    Lawn is a lightweight, sheer cloth, crisper than voile but not as crisp as organdy. Lawn is known for its semi-transparency, which can range from gauzy or sheer to an almost opaque effect, known as lining or utility lawn. The finish used on lawn ranges from soft to semi-crisp to crisp, but the fabric is never completely stiff. Lawn can be white, or may be dyed or printed.

    The term "lawn" derives from "Laon", a city in France, which produced large quantities of linen lawn.

    Lawn cloth commonly is used for dresses, blouses, nightwear, underwear, lingerie, curtains, collar cuffs, shirting, infant wear, and handkerchiefs.

    It is also commonly used in liturgical vestments in the Anglican churches, such as the surplice and episcopal rochet...."

  22. Oh sigh!
    The ironstone pitcher is just lovely,
    but I do have a weakness for old linens and clothes. Do you have pictures on your little ones dressed in vintage clothes? My grandson is just growing into a couple pieces I have and soon I need to photograph.

  23. You really do find the best treasures and you hit it out of the park with that pretty little parasol!

  24. Hi Jacqueline, Love the old linens and the parasol is a real treasure. Your photos are always gorgeous. You are such a talent with your camera.
    Thanks for the white beauty.

  25. OH MY GOSH! Those are amazing, wonderful finds! That parasol is just so gorgeous, and just look at the curves on the pitcher! I just Love the simple cotton dress too. I swear i would wear all of it, and carry the parasol and be in hog heaven. Oh yeah, and the rust hydrangea looks stunning against all the creamy whites...


  26. Love love all your great finds. I love that umbrella too. How sweet is that! Love the vintage dress too. Glad you had a great treasure hunt. You found some great things.

  27. Oh, your finds are fantastic-love that 'herbes' box! Such a pretty display of 'lovlies'! :)

  28. Such girlie goodness, Jacqueline! Love all the sweetness. xo Karen

  29. What lucky grand-girls to have a dress-up closet at your home. I'm swooning over both that gorgeous blouse and the white pitcher. Glad they found you to love and appreciate them as they deserve. A good friend is at Winterthur this week to see the collection of Downtown Abbey costumes. ;-)

  30. Everything is so beautiful! I love vintage white nightgowns and tops -- that blouse is beautiful! I would definitely wear it!! You found some wonderful things.

  31. Okay, I'm stuck on the parasol! Can you just imagine where it's been, who carried it, what it could tell you about it's history if it could speak??? I Love it! Great finds! Blessings, Cindy

  32. My Mom was just telling me about this show tonight. I must check it out online soon. They really don't know how to make clothes anymore do they? I love the parasol and the apron.

  33. blissful and so soothing on this drizzly dreary monday. merci for this.

    hope you'll stop by the blog for creativity, inspiration and the unexpected soon.


  34. I have the most perfect women's shell cufflinks for your blouse!

  35. I don't mind telling you Jacqueline that my heart missed a couple of beats just eyeing off your new treasures. The clothing is exquisite and I can never help wondering about the ladies that once wore these items.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  36. Sweetie, I'm just popping back to let you know that I'm featuring all this gorgeousness at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow.
    K xx


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