Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Too Many Books

Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage just posted about bookstores, and is my inspiration for today's post. Don't miss her apropos comments here.
  I took these photos of Ken Sanders Rare Books shop while traveling last summer. The place didn't fit in with my blogging plan then, and the cold months seem more bookish to me anyway. . . .

Ken's book shop is a rabbit hole of a place in downtown Salt Lake City. Do you know it? We had never heard of it before, but we brake for bookstores! There's no such thing as too many books, of course. Only, perhaps, for a single blog post. But the space is too impressive to show anything less. I wanted you to get a hint of the thrill we got stumbling into the inner sanctum of a space so loved and "lived in" by the local community. All the covetted accessories for bibliophiles reside here too, like this vintage book press. I have been fortunate enough to find two of these lovelies myself in antiques shops. They occupy the rooms of my son and his wife who both make and restore books as an occupation.

The book lined stairs leading to Ken's office.











 A portrait of Ken as he looks today hangs in the shop. He was more than happy to talk shop with us.

 I think snow covers the sidewalks today. What a fabulous place to snuggle down in for an hour or two and get away from the weather!
I hope you're keeping cozy too!


  1. Books...books everywhere!!!!
    The third photo down...the oak bookcase on the left with the retractable glass doors....I have the same one...from my parents...I have made it into our CD holder in our living is a lovely piece...mine has 2 doors, whereas the one in your photo has 3...
    That certainly is a packed place...probably pretty darn dusty as well...

    Enjoy your day..

    Linda :o)

  2. Oh, I love this!! I agree, you can never have to many books!! Would love to just spend hours in Ken's store!! And what an awesome occupation for your son and dil!! I just can't bring myself to buy a Kindle because nothing beats holding a book in your hands! Love, love, love the pictures!!

  3. What a wonderful place. Other than the library, I can't think of a better place than an old bookstore to spend an afternoon.


  4. Wow! Love this~I don't think you can ever have too many books. I love old bookstores and can get lost for hours in one.
    Great pictures~we've read some of the Burgess animal stories.

    Have a great day!

  5. I could spend hours there easily. Loved the stairs.

  6. We love books, but I think we have reached the point of too many books at our house. When two English majors get married and then inherit the library of a drama professor -- that's a LOT of books. In the family room, my office, husband's office, kids' bedrooms, our bedrooms, the attic, the basement -- they're everywhere!

  7. That is absolutely incredible! WOW! You could get lost for hours in there!


  8. Oh Jacqueline....what a wonderful share with us. The Independent bookstore is almost a thing of the past......and this one, my friend, is a beauty.



  9. Thank you for sharing! Wow all those books.My daughter how is a big time reader her favorite thing to do is to sit and read would be in heaven visiting with all those books!

  10. Hi J,
    Wow that is alot of books! You seem to find the best of everything on your journeys! Love those stairs...

  11. I have many loves in life...and two of them are RARE books, and cozy little book stores....and beautiful art.
    I love this little book store in Yellowstone.
    I love quaint little places, cozy and meaningfull, where the books reach out to you...not like a Barnes and Noble.

    IF...I could make a little dream come true, it would be to own and run a cozy little book store where people gathered and chatted...with a little coffee shop in the corner.
    It would be named.
    (my nick name is bear)

  12. Loved it all - every single picture.

  13. "An hour or two..."?!?!?!?

    Lord love a duck ~ you'd NEVER get me out of there!! Good thing I live a ways from there!!!


  14. I live about 2 hours away and have heard of his shop, but have never been. I just love the shot of the books on the stairs. What a great, cozy place. I bet he and his employees know where to find each and every book, although it would seem like they couldn't. Joni

  15. I could spend hours in that bookstore. As a lover of books and reading I can never have too many books.

  16. Dear Jacqueline,
    What a treasure trove of books Ken has.. my gosh, its as you say. One would just loose oneself in there and forget the hours on a cold winters day.
    I love the chairs and the sofa..
    He must have started very young to have such a collection. The old press is impressive.

  17. Hi Jacqueline,
    WOW~~ I feel like I visited heaven in the pics of your rare book store visit. I love all things books and this place is amazing. What a treasured spot to find. Love all the old and worn inside, the book press and the old sofa worn from those sitting to relax and read. The perfect place on a cold autumn day.
    I will have to visit Claudia too. She and I lived only a couple blocks from each other growing up. We went to the same schools and I found her blog through Where Bloggers Create a couple years ago. She is amazing! Very small world!!

    Thank you for sharing this inspiration. As a book lover, I never get enough of these rare shoppes.
    Have a special day.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  18. This is a fantastic book store!!! I love spending time in bookstores and can barely resist the temptation of buying books... I would love to visit this place one day and I am putting it on my list. Claudia is right; unfortunately, many bookstores struggle today and the space for books is shrinking and shrinking..., but I believe, the community of book lovers is growing.
    Thank you for the inspiration and these wonderful pictures of yours!

  19. My husband is a huge reader and he would love a place like this to wonder and look at all the books. Thanks for sharing.


  20. What an incredible place! An hour or two? I could happily spend a weekend in there. My lifelong dream was to own a bookstore, not a huge one like that, but a tiny version of it. One where I sold enough books to make a frugal living, but not so busy that I didn't have time to read, and write, inbetween customers.
    Thank you for sharing this treasure of a place.

  21. What a great shop this is! Oh my goodness, I can see spending hours of time here. Love it and thank you so much for sharing it with us.


  22. Oh my goodness!! What a magical, delicious place. My heart is racing, Jacqueline. I think I have to sit down....


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