Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ready, Set . . .

 I want to kick off the "official" decorating season EASY. Mostly because easy is my middle name. But I also like the signs of the season to evolve. I like too many different things, and get tired of looking at the same thing for a whole month so things will change a bit along the way.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a holiday mood is with vintage linens. I brought out just a couple of touches of red to transform the whole sitting room. A fire, a few candles, and you're there. I'm talking five minutes here! 
This is the vintage book I used for the graphics in my last post on PINK for Christmas. I copied the page in black and white. I always bring out the books first for inspiration. And if you're going to get the old favorite tales in by Christmas you have to start early.

 I was thinking of Scrooge when I began in this room because I tend to the curmudgeony at times myself during the holidays! Scrooge's commitment at the end "to honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year" reminded me of how ready my rooms always are for just a nudge toward Christmas embellishment.

A quilt, a cloth, a holiday book. . . . Even my vintage fireplace tin has a snowflake on it year round! Bringing in the plants from the frost provides the first holiday green. 

My Swedish ivy has thrived since I brought it in after being picked bare in front of my shop last year!


I'm over the first hump already, and have plenty of time left for my reading chair! By the time the Macy's parade is over, and black Friday (sorry, but no thanks), I'll get to digging out a few more things. But it won't take much.

I'll take Scrooges advice and try to "live in the Past, the Present, and the Future . . . and will not shut out the lessons that they teach." I'll keep adding a bit of cheer here and there, like I did with this vignette from last year, and the same vintage quilt.

And I'll try to follow this advice!

Busy times!
 Happy times!
Family times!
Hopefully a little of all three at the same time!
And all my best to you, dear friends. . . .
Enjoy the process!
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  1. Oooh I would love some red and white quilts like those. Lovely touches Jacqueline. I've started too. I keep trying to keep it simple,but it just gets bigger and busier. x

  2. Such lovely red touches! I think your home is so warm and inviting!

  3. Lovely post and adorable pictures...
    Kind Regards

  4. Simply beautiful. Like your post title, ready and set. Love the touch of red. I, like you, am trying to keep it simple and easy, but with a holilday look. Each year I seem to scale down a bit with a "less is more" outlook.
    Black Friday is out of the question for me too. That's the day I stay home and begin to decorate with a kick off to calm and peaceful. Your post has given lots of inspiration.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  5. Lovely post Jacqueline..
    The colours in my lounges are red's ,burgandies with suttle yellows and off white.. I do agree that the reds give a nice feel.
    I light my candels every night. burn my aroma's to suit my mood..
    I start my decorations on the 12th december a family tradition.
    It is nice to see all the shops with the lovely atmoshpere of christmas.

  6. Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours. May you find all the blessings overflowing. You bring my life so much joy during the year, Thank you for that. I'll start decorating about ... oh after the T-day dinner and nap! xo marlis

  7. I totally understand the "no thanks". I opened my store on Black Friday 1990 and gave my all for 18 wonderful holiday seasons. It was "the" place to shop. Interestingly I don't miss it at all.

    Thank you, Jacqueline, for all the incredible inspiration, enjoyment and peace Cabin and Cottage provides, year round. You are a gift.

    Happy Thanksgiving. xo

  8. Red does tend to liven things up a bit. I have never seen the book Winter Story before it looks really sweet. I love children's books, especially at Christmas. The illustrations are so wonderful. Joni

  9. Happy thanksgiving my dear friend. I adore your home - so warm, welcoming and inviting. I love that delicious red quilt!!

  10. Always fun to change things around even during the holidays.There are no rules! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. You are off to a good start ~ he room looks lovely. The red and white is georgous.

  12. Isn't it something that some of the most beautiful decorations are the simplest? I have gotten away from the commercial "hallmark" decorations the last few years and embraced the old vintage familly ornaments, photos in little frames hung on the tree, simple white angels here and there and a big basket full of Christmas books from when my kids were little. Now we read them to our grand babies! I'm about ready to start my decorating and am very excited to get an earlier start then usual! Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs, Leena

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

  14. I'm planning to start the process in the morning...thanks for the inspiration!
    Hope your turkey day was wonderful!

  15. Jacqueline,
    Blessed Thanksgiving, dear friend!!!
    I'm already on the...GO of your Ready, set!!! This year we host Christmas On Crooked Creek. I started early so I can be finished and enJOY the Reason for the Season. Always a flurry of activity in our Church, community and home and I'm wanting to embrace all the things I've missed in the past when I was employed full time!
    I will add the "soft touches" at the end. I adore that you begin with them...such inspiration!!! Enjoy the process, indeed!!!

  16. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Jacqueline! Yes, I do like to enjoy the process and I am not a black Friday shopper either....maybe cyber Monday! Thanks for joining me at HSH!

  17. Hi Jacqueline, Love your red & white look, winter book stack, and photographs. I pinned several pics:) Following your blog. Follow me too. i posted "dolled up" to common ground:)

  18. You have the most beautiful books! And isn't it amazing how the quilt with the touch of red, and the little sprig of green with red berries totally makes things look Christmasy, so easy and cheery. I've missed several posts, and i see there is one right before this about Pink, so you KNOW i have to go back and read that one!


  19. This post definitely has me in the mood to start getting festive! Loving that beautiful red quilt!

  20. Love the cozy look you are creating. I thought about going all out....or maybe not. I think I'll take it slow and see where it goes!

  21. I like to do the same, Jacqueline. I'm slow to add the Christmas things after Thanksgiving. I don't want to rush the season. I'll add a few touches here and there and then put the tree up later.
    I so appreciate my visits to Cabin & Cottage. I always feel inspired after my visits here. Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit and for your dear friendship. ~ Sarah

  22. Love your style, J. I'm featuring this post at Vintage Inspiration today!! XOXO

  23. Yes, it's the process that I find so enjoyable too, Jacqueline, adding decorative touches little by little, here and there around the house. It's lovely how just a few bits of red and those lovely winter books transform your space into "Christmas is coming!"


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