Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rachel's Shop~Part Two

Rachel Ashwell's Santa Monica shop is a soft world. If the first impression is of beauty, the last is of all the gorgeous cotton and linen fabrics in the place. The first post on my visit to her shop can be found here, where I gave you a glimpse of the first of her three luscious shop spaces. This middle room is the cash wrap area, and where many of the custom fabrics are offered.   
All the details of these simple rooms follow Rachel's design philosophy from head to toe.  They are spacious, with wonderful features like the lovely tin tile ceilings and chandeliers. Throw in a charming architectural element or two, furnish with cushy seating, and chippy tables and chests, and you are almost there. 
There is so much understated drama here. And a complete absence of the endless do-dads and mindless merchandise that can be so overwhelming. I felt utterly inspired to pare my decorating down to a few soothing and gorgeous essentials.
The fabric selection is out of this world!
No shortage of ruffles and pillows either. 

The check out counter and accessories of this middle space make it the working center of the shop. I was delighted with the mix of vintage collections mixed in with the new stuff. Seeing an item you have already scored from a flea market gives you a pleasing sense of validation and reminds you of how accessible this style really is.
 This is a vintage candelabra, for instance, and I have one with just two arms, minus the crystals, at home. Everything in this room is pure inspiration! And of course it's almost all available online too. . . .




 Two down, and one more to go! My final post on Rachel Ashwell's exciting shop space finishes up the tour with beds, and more linen. Coming right up! 
So glad you stopped by for a look!


  1. YUMMINESS!!!!!
    You are one lucky girl, Jacqueline. I could envision many of those gorgeous fabrics on your table. :)

  2. What a fascinating place! I think nowadays such shops are rare to find. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  3. A visit to R/A is like taking you to a romantic cottage shop in England :)
    Her european flavor is breathtaking.
    you captured her beauty divinely.


  4. Wow,here was a lot things I love. Here in Norway I have a problem to find anything with ruffles. If I want some, I have to make them myself.

    I was so happy that you visit my blog

    Wish you a nice thursday


  5. I was looking forward to this post. I think this might just be my favorite part of the shop! The fabrics are just beautiful. Yes, it makes me want to pare down in my home as well!


  6. WOW -perfect and beuatiful!!This is my dream!!!
    Greetings! Vicky

  7. Yummo! How lovely to be able to visit; love her fabrics! Thanks for taking us along and Happy Autumn!


  8. I think that had I been in this shop, my Visa card would have had a good workout.

  9. Looks like a nice shop to stay at for a while. Lots of pretties! Love the white tin ceiling and that chandelier. Happy Autumn! Gina

  10. Oh my gosh, that was so fun. I think it's interesting that even though it's Shabby chic, it's not cluttered, and you found it pared down, i like that... makes me want to go home and clear out some stuff in my house now!


  11. Lovely Jacqueline...
    Can't say that I have visited many shops so dazzling...
    I should get out more!!!

    Linda :o)

  12. How beautiful her designs and fabrics are to behold. I'd love to visit one of her shops some day.


  13. Your blog photos are always extra special and these ones taken at Rachel Ashwell's shop are wonderful! Can I be nosy and ask whether you used just the existing light in the shop or did you use any flash? I love the hazy light in your pictures. It really suits the merchandise. Thanks for sharing them!

  14. Your doing an excellent job of showcasing Rachel's shop.

  15. OOh it's hard to resist anything here. Pity it's so expensive,but it certainly gives one ideas and inspiration. :)

  16. so beautiful!! i had the pleasure of visiting her flagship store in NY last spring. it looks much like your Santa monica store. sooooo divine!! TFS! ;)

  17. Oh my.... can you hear me sighing all the way from the East coast?? Such lovely items and so beautifully displayed. (And photographed! well done, you!) Those little zippered pouches in her chintz fabric are so pretty. Everything there is just so inspiring, Claudia. Thank you so much for this vicarious shop visit! (Looking forward to the final trip...)

  18. OK it would be too fun, and I could never leave... Gorgeousness everywhere... and I am excited to see the bedding, best for last!!


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