Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rachel's Place

Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic shop is mecca. Even if you've been here before, it's the pilgrimage that you want to take again and again. And it never disappoints.

I was lucky enough to take too many pictures, and this post is the first in a series of three. Because Rachel's Santa Monica shop has three large warehouse type rooms organized into loose themes of living/dining spaces, fabrics/accessories, and bedroom/linens, I decided to show each separately.

Whether you are a fan of her particular style or not, there is undeniable beauty everywhere you turn. I walked through the front door to be met by a cluster of gorgeous fluffy pillows shown in their best light, and was already overwhelmed!

 Just look at these combinations! The pink toile is my new favorite.
 Everything is soft, soothing, and exciting all at once. The spaces are open and spare and show all the furnishings off to the best advantage.
The varying finishes of the mirror frames coordinate exquisitely.
Graceful chandeliers adorn each room.

A few expertly selected vintage china and accessories add warmth and depth. 

Come on in and have a look around. . . .
Snowy velvet pumpkins.




Vintage alabaster and new lace.


This vintage china and silver in the front window takes my breath away! I was so stunned I forgot to check the mark.

It all leaves you a bit speechless don't it? This room was my personal favorite, and I was tempted to leave my best for last. But there's plenty of gorgeous still to come. Stay tuned!
I hope you're having  a lovely week!

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  1. So could spend a whole day there just looking at all the lovelies!!

  2. So soft and feminine... looking forward to the other installments.
    Thanks for sharing Jacqueline.
    Cheers, Gee

  3. Oh my. I am speechless. I love Rachel A things sooo mouch. Wish I was there with you. Maybe not, because you would have a big problem to get me out from there.

    Have a great new week.

    Hugs from me

  4. You are right...there are no words! Wow.
    Thanks so much for the tour...I loved it! Hope all is well...L

  5. Rachel's shop looks like an alladin's cave.
    So many lovely things to choose from.
    I love the chandeliers and the lamp with the lace shade.
    The china is to die for.
    such a nice post Jaqueline..
    thank you for showing me around.. I loved it.
    happy sunday

  6. just so beautiful! thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos. love rachel ashwell's work.

  7. Wow, it is all so beautiful Jacqueline! I wish we had a Rachel store near me. Such gorgeous china - I would want to take it all home with me. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. Hello Jacqueline
    So lovely and inspiring blog you have :) Lots of great pictures here with you ... Hugs, Mette

  9. Love those velvet pumpkins! Yep, she set the shabby standard all right.

  10. I hated shabby chic when it first became a decorating phenomenon and now I love it so much I can't believe I ever disliked it!! So funny how trends grow on us over time.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. What a gorgeous shop!

  11. Jacqueline,
    Simply divine!!! Although there is much to see,doesn't leave one feeling over stimulated. A tranquility about the entire shop! Thank you for sharing!

  12. RA has gorgeous things but most of the things she sells are way out of my budget...lovely eye candy though:)

  13. Jacqueline: You are having too much fun. And seeing so many beautiful things. Can't wait for next installment but will probably be speechless..Happy Sunday..Judy

  14. You are is absolutely heavenly! So many wonderful things to see, and perhaps buy...

  15. What an experience to be in a store like this, so many lovely things.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. Love the pillows most, but then I'm a lover of pillows because I think they make the room and give it so much character. Her linens are my second choice. Looking forward to the next two installments of pictures. I could live through your travels.

  17. How dreamy! I need to make a trip one of these days! Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful pictures!

  18. I have enjoyed this look through RA shop and I am looking forward to the rest. Living in Australia this is as close as I will get to going there so thank you.

  19. This was a wonderful tour! Her pieces are looking a little less shabby and more elegant and sophisticated. I could spend hours in her shop!


  20. Exquisite photos. It's better than I remember it. Gorgeous job.

  21. Sigh...
    do you live near the best shops in the world!!? Good lord, you've shown some amazing places. Anyway, it's all wonderful. Shabby chic is where my heart lives, i would die and go to heaven in there...


  22. And how many hours...or days...did you spend in that GORGEOUS room?? It takes my breath away!
    Mary Alice

  23. She used to have a beautiful store in Soho in NYC but the last time I was there it was gone. I'd love to visit this location, every picture was beautiful! Laura

  24. What a stunningly beautiful shop, Jacqueline. Your photos are like a gentle safari through a luxurious landscape. The closest I've come to her shop is thumbing through the pages of her book which I bought several years ago. Is her store near you? I would be there once a week, just for a restful dose of pleasure.

  25. Oh how I would love to visit in person!!!
    Your photos are gorgeous as always, Jacqueline. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us! :)

  26. Oh to have a gift card for this wonderful place. I've always loved Rachel's style. Great photos. Thanks so much for sharing!

  27. Looks like quite a place, love the ceiling! I'm with you, that china is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Gina

  28. I love her shop, Montana ave is the best street to be on with its chic inspiring beauty. I also love Cathouse and A Room With A View. Santa Monica has the best places to shop.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Your site is so beautiful.

  29. Oh Jacqueline!!! Your photos of RA's store were a complete joy and treat for me today!!! I've never had the opportunity to visit any of I was complete heaven when I saw your post today! :) Thank youuuuuu! Beautifullllll!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  30. Oh my goodness--if I ever get to go there they may never get me out. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. Makes me feel like I kinda got to see it for real :)

  31. Thanks for taking me along... truly stunning. I would be overwhelmed! The china! the chandeliers, the velvet pumpkins... pure delight.

  32. So cute,so cottage:)))


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